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1 Cancer

Cancer is scary and horrible. Many people get it, either at old age or young, and it is very emotional to see someone die of it, the worst stage of cancer is stage IV, which isn't curable which is what makes cancer terrible. I wish there were cures for cancer, many people hate cancer. Cancer should be taken seriously because it kills people, especially stage IV, cancer shouldn't exist.

My grandpa died of cancer. When he was diagnosed with cancer, all I could was cry. The last time I saw him was at the hospital, surrounded by cables. The next day, I hoped he was getting better. But he wasn't. He never got better. I was so depressed I didn't go to his funeral. I hate cancer so much, I still wish that there are better treatments for it. I don't want to lose someone again.

Cancer seems terrifying. Thankfully, I don't have it, but my gym teacher did. She had breast cancer, but thank god she survived. I lost my grandma to cancer, and she died 36 years before I was born. Then, I lost my uncle to lung cancer, leaving behind two sons and his wife. Cancer is probably thw most deadly because it destorys the bodies cells and then attacks other body parts. Cancer truley is the worst on this list.

My grandmother has cancer, it used to be really terrible sometimes. She's just so tired all the time- but now she's switched from chemotherapy to mistletoe therapy and she's doing lots better. When she first got the cancer, I was 9 now I'm 11 and she's living life to the full, I'm hoping she will go into remission soon. Fingers crossed.


The worst thing about it is that you don't know if you have AIDS until your immune system is almost or completely destroyed. So AIDS can basically weaken your body so that a mere cold can kill you.

Tens of millions of people killed by it. It can't be cured. Besides sexual contact, it can be spread through needles. The most heavily affected country is South Africa. Be careful.

AIDS is horrible. Once you have it, it NEVER goes away. Cancer is more deadly, but AIDS stays with you forever.

Freddie Mercury died of it. But there's no cure for it so if you get it it's basically your death sentence.

3 Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever

I really think Ebola is bad. Possible, you can die in just 2 hours once you get it. Now there is a cure though. Black seeds and honey. In Africa, the sickness is spreading. I hope everyone gets cured. I consider ebola worser than cancer. I mean, cancer you have better chances of surviving. Ebola?! I don't now if people agree with me. You now in the Islamic religion, Mohammed said that black seeds and honey are the cure for every sickness but death. That could be the cure for aids as well.

I must be really brave - I've read the Hot Zone while eating despite all the blood and gore of it. Ebola seems not only to be extremely lethal, it also seems to be quite fascinating. But of course, I always find the more deadlier germs/diseases more interesting than the milder ones.
Don't forget Ebola's sibling, Marburg - It's not as deadly as Ebola, but it still has a very high mortality rate and the same sort of symptoms. Nice or what?

All the haemorrhaging, vomiting, and severe pain with a 90% fatality rate (60% with the best treatment in the world) would make this an excruciating disease to have. If I were to get this, I would not want to bear the pain for a small survival chance, vomiting up my now liquid stomach and now liquid intestines and kidneys. I would rather put myself down the second I received this disease

The most trolliest disease in the world history. It makes you bleed inside out, sweet like a fountain, and the when you think you are cured, it might be on your eyelash. The sweat is sure to make it so that ebola can go from one person to another by contact of skin. OH it actually goes through skin, so wash your hands right away if you got contact.


Let me paint a picture for you: one day you go to pick up a pencil but you realize you're having a difficult time holding it. Eventually you realize you're having a hard time holding your fork to get food and your own mouth. You start having trouble walking so you need a cane to be able to walk. However, sooner rather than later you are no longer able to walk even with the help of the a cane. Your voice starts to fade as you find it difficult to be able to talk. The only thing you can do at this point is ask for people to take care of things like taking you to the bathroom or feeding you. Even then seemingly in the blink of an eye you are no longer able to swallow food. Being able to say one word becomes nearly impossible. Unable to speak eat or walk the last thing you are finally unable to do is to breathe. And this is how ALS kills you. It takes everything from you that makes you human. It leaves you with nothing. So yes this is my vote for the worst disease known to man. I wouldn't ...more

With cancer, there is hope that chemo or surgery will work and eradicate the cancer. With ALS, there's no hope at all. The only drug available is one that slows down the diseases progression, giving the patient a few more months of life. ALS is absolutely terrifying as you become trapped in a body that doesn't work. You feel isolated because there's no way to communicate with others without the help of a computer or other device. You can't move at all, and no one survives. ALS takes everything from you and even makes it impossible to control when you laugh or cry. It's the worst disease, and it's unstoppable for now.

ALS/MND is the cruelest disease out there...especially when there is not a lot of research funding to find the cause and or cure!
Patients usually contract Pneumonia or some other sort of respiratory illness in the last stage of this disease in which they already can't eat or swallow because they have lost their neck muscles, (so they starve), they can't breath or cough up phlem because they have no diafram muscles and lungs are too weak to breath, (so they constantly breath with a crackle from phlem in their chest) Pain is experienced at the end in which morphine is the only comfort...Death is so horrific at the end!...I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy!

This is a horrid condition. A few friends had/have it. There are 4 types of Motor Neuron diseases out there 2 of which are fatal, one of which is not and one which is not fatal unless it mutates into one of the fatal two. ALS is one of the two fatal ones and unfortunately the most common motor neuron disease. In a few cases, ALS is not fatal and in a few other cases, people with ALS live longer than the usual 2 to 5 years (Stephen Hawkings being a famous example). But in most cases, it is a cruel and horrid death.

5 Rabies

Everything else on this list has some kind of redeeming quality. Cancer can be treated and even cured, ebola lasts no more than a few days, aids and conditions like Parkinson's can be somewhat managed by medication. With rabies, there are no redeeming qualities, it is a slow agonizing death that lasts for days or weeks. Once your symptoms start showing up, there is no cure or treatment. The disease causes intense physical pain, but has an unparalleled emotional component that causes even the most rational human being to lose their grip on reality and devolve into being a rabid animal.

This is a literal zombie virus. Spread through bites and it makes you avoid water and be more aggressive

ANYWAYS, Foaming mouth. Increased aggression. You're forced to be tied down just to stop the spread, and then get several painful shots, unless it's too late...

This is legit one of the worst ways to die. Even though there is a good chance of surviving rabies nowadays, it's still one of the worst animal-related diseases. If you get bitten or eat the raw meat of the animal, you can contract it. The virus can cause an inability to swallow, you start foaming at the mouth, and you die from excruciating pain. Thankfully, there is a cure, such as vaccinations.

Could you imagine being tied down and forced to go thru agonizing pain until your body shuts down? Choking on your own saliva? Having the worst seizures where your eyes go back into your head? The doctors can do nothing but document how you are dying day by day.

6 Alzheimer's

My friend has a grandmother going through this. His grandmother has dementia and on the day of his grandfathers funeral, she didn't know what was going on. Just told them they had to be quiet because otherwise the Russians would find them. And that her dad locked the barn so they wouldn't find them. (She grew up in Germany, WWII)

She would ask for her husband a few times and my friend would tell her that he went for a walk. They would just make stuff up every time because immediately she'd forget it.

Then, when they were at the cemetery during the ceremony, when she saw the picture of her dead husband, she realized finally what was going on. She realized the man she loved for 60 years had died.

And 5 minutes later, she was back to normal. The man she loved for 60 years, he didn't exist anymore. He never existed. Erased from her memory.

And she was back in the barn, hiding. Being quiet so the Russians wouldn't find her.

My mom was recently diagnosed but I already feel like she is in the mid to late stages. She can't finish a sentence, often gets confused about where she is, and has started to forget her family.

I always thought that I would one day lose my mom to cancer. Which isn't any better than Alzheimers but I at least thought I would be able to have a good, coherent goodbye with her. Because Alzheimers can't be officially diagnosed until an autopsy after the patient has died, this diagnosis came really late for us.

At this point, she doesn't really understand the disease that she has and it's too late to say my goodbye.

On top of that, knowing it's only going to get worse, more painful every day for years, is almost more than I can bear. My heart aches for my step dad and what he has to go through every day and my heart aches for my mom. I always wonder about what's going on in her head and how confused and scared she must be. And there's no one in the world who can pull ...more

It is a hopeless disease. There is no cure, no treatment, very little help or understanding. It strips the person you love of every dignity and ounce of themselves, reducing them to a vegetable. Not only that the people left behind watch this helpless. In any other disease medicines or food might be withdrawn if there was no symptom control. In this case you watch as they become childlike. Husbands and children become carers, carers with no hope or relief. Just when you think it can't get worse it does. My mum has had Alzheimer approx 6 years she is 61 she will die old, 70-80 but really she die died years ago. Now we just watch and care as best we can as the depression, agitation, hallucination and language reduce as well as incontinence and other physical symptoms.
This person looks old, not like the picture I see in my head when I think mum. This person looks at me like she has never seen me unlike the mum I remember. There is so much more to say but I do not have the words to ...more

Alzheimer's is unrivaled. Although these other diseases are awful, victims will remember the good moments they shared with family and friends. Alzheimer's robs patients of everything-dignity, memory, and life. It leaves them with nothing to hang on to. You should remember your life on your death bed, as well as those who you love. In addition, this disease has no current cure. What many people do not know is that this disease can also take people in their late thirties or early forties. How awful!

7 Fatal Familial Insomnia

Prion diseases such as this one will always terrify me. Fatal Familial Insomnia is an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes progressive insomnia and dementia until the person dies, usually within 18 months from the onset of symptoms. FFI is autosomal dominant, so if any of your relatives have had this disease, you have a 50/50 chance of also having it.

There's a reason why this is said to be the worst disease you could possibly get. Being diagnosed with this horror most be the most terrifying feeling ever as it's completely incurable as of now - what's worse than being doomed to slowly die, facing paranoia, hallucinations and dementia along the way?

Fatal Familial Insomnia. What can I say. Its incurable as of now, paranoia, insomnia, dementia... it's a horror. The lack of sleep will drive you mad, insane, make you hallucinate, and slowly drain the life out of you as your touch with the world and people around you is lost. Utterly Horrific.

With this, it seems there is no escape, even temporarily, from the reality of your imminent end. One can usually sleep and momentarily forget the disease which ails you, but with this, you're awake for the whole thing, at least to a degree.

8 Schizophrenia

I have a severe case of schizophrenia. I have really scary hallucinations of all the five senses that are just as real as any real person or thing. The voices especially are so tormenting, derogatory and frightening often yelling and screaming, commanding me to kill myself and how to do it. I am often trapped in believing I will lose everything because of plots against me, that I am being poisoned or the like. The antipsychotic medication I take is poison to my brain and body though without it I would be in the psych hospital long term and even with the meds, I still suffer from symptoms as well as side effects. I can't trust my senses, thoughts or emotions to tell me accurate information about other people or other things in the world. I have gained over 100 pounds from the meds, have parkinsonian side effects as well as other side effects and other kinds of poor health, not just from the meds but the disease as well. There is a lot of stigma and not a lot of support.

Your in a world conspiracy, your memories shot, voices surround you, your in hell. Life is a dream, each day is strange, scary, everyone is demons. Can't tell if your alive or dead, all your senses messed up, your número uno target, insomnia, depression/joy. Conversation is weird, big shun from society, can't make friends, no one wants to date you, your mind isn't "yours". Many suicide attempts, aliens, demons, ghosts, psychics, jinn, demons, no truth, only schizo on planet, cursed, hated, people want to abuse you and take advantage of you. Generally have to collect disability. Like a life long LSD trip that you can't escape from, and no guide book or help because the voices don't really speak intelligible English. Basically it feels like you died and the world is waiting to collapse of you, your family, your neighbors. No escape, 5 suicide attempts, can't die, God's curse, infinite hell AKA Schizophrenia.

I don't blame people who don't understand it. I think each disease is horrible and cancer or ebola etc sound extremely painful. Suffering shouldn't be a competition and Schizophrenia along with other mental illnesses aren't the same type of pain as physical illness although it can have physical effects. Schizophrenia is something I never could've imagined the horror it caused me. I figured it was an excuse for criminals to escape jail or just druggies. I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! The horror is unimaginable from someone who hasn't experienced it. When it onset I heard someone outside screaming my name, I saw shadowy figures outside and I was convinced demons where after me, as embarrassing as it is I peed myself and started pacing and I attempted suicide because I thought demons where trying to send me to hell. It's very horrible, embarrassing (to explain to non understanding people), and drains all your senses...

So many people don't understand this mental illness but I do because I have it.
It is HORRIBLE. I continuously believe very extremely evil supernatural things are after me. I mean, maybe that is somewhat true but a majority of it is not. The only facts that I do know is that the kuchisake onna, Jesus Christ, and some of his minions/followers ARE indeed after me and have always been; BUT, strange shapey things? I mean really? Then not truly knowing what is real and what is not is also not funny. I HATE this mental illness!

9 Diabetes

I've had the real Diabetes (type 1) for over ten years now. Since I was seventeen I've been injecting myself on average 5 - 6 times a day and pricking my fingers and forcing blood out of the end so to test the sugar content of my blood. If I tally the total number of injections then I would estimate it to be almost 19, 000. Now remember that in those ten years I have not had a day off. Every day, more injections, into already bruised parts of my body. The bruising never goes, the humiliation of your own body turning against you and coming very close to killing you is too much. I've woken from the warped nightmares of hypoglycemic comas more times than I can remember and every new day is a test to prevent the next episode from being the last. There is no end to this disease, it will get you eventually.

I've had diabetes since two weeks after my first birthday, and I wouldn't wish this on the worst person on earth. I've taken over two hundred thousand needles from it, have three diseases caused by it, and have developed chronic depression due to hating my life with it, and extreme anxiety from being bullied as a child for having it. My body is just a big pin cushion, and I'm covered in scar tissue. When my bloods are low, I hallucinate, and when they're high, I feel so much pain that I want to die. It's the reason behind five suicide attempts, and the reason I have to go to therapy.
I've lost two aunts to diabetes, and my third is in the hospital, blind, paralyzed, with kidney failure from it. I've died four times and I'm not even twenty-one.
There is no cure for it, and my children have a fifty-percent chance of getting it. It weakens my body to the point that a small shove will bruise me, and I'll get sick at just the tiniest thing. Cancer at least has a cure, and get's ...more

I have this disease, type I, since I was 5 years old, now I'm 18 and couldn't be happier. Yes, I would prefer not to have this problem, I can't say it gives me no boundaries but comparing diabetes with cancer is not fair. Cancer does not have a cure, just like diabetes, but treatments for cancer are far more destructive, more difficult. As long as you do all the treatments carefully, you will have an amazing life, believe me. With cancer you have a much higher possibility of dying. I was lucky to have all the support from family and friends. I feel I can do whatever I want, and if someone asked me to choose between finding out diabetes cure or cancer cure, I would choose cancer, any time. It's not easy to live with diabetes, I know, I have lived the same reality you have, every day, for 13 years, I have cried and suffered with pain many times, but I live and I can experience everything, just like everyone. Don't let yourself down because you have diabetes, there isn't anything you ...more

I have type 1 diabetes and I'm offended when this kind of disease called "juvenile diabetes". The word "juvenile" made me feel like I'm a criminal or something….

10 Malaria

It may not be the strongest, but in terms of how many people it kills, Malaria is a disease that might as well just have been created by the Grim Reaper. Of all the humans who died, it is believed that about 50% of their deaths were attributed to Malaria. So to put things into context, the animal that causes more human deaths than any other aren't elephants, not crocodiles, not hippos, not even the HUMANS themselves. It's mosquitos. They cause more than a million deaths every year. Let the embarrassment sink in.

Even though there are tablets against this, many people who cannot afford these drugs easily die of malaria. It is worse then any other disease because the parasite injects the disease in without you knowing so you could get it and still not know.

Guys.. Half of the people who has ever died, has died from malaria. All should vote this as number 1 unless you're voting in that form of how much it ruins your life.

This disease kills more people than any other disease.

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11 Bubonic Plague

Imagine, you're in the Middle Ages. You wake up during the Black Death and you see large buboes and black marks all over your body. You realize it's too late, lie back down, and wait to die, hoping you were a good man. tat's what it was like. I can't imagine the terror that ravaged Europe, when 30-60% of people in the world died a hopeless death.

I know that there are lots of other scary diseases out there, but in my opinion "The Black Death" has to be #1 out of all of them if you were to do research on how exactly this horrifying disease would kill you. (Warning: there are THREE different strains of this disease, and if you were to get every single one of those strains at once, you'd literally decompose while you're still alive!).

Yellow fever would be #2 worst diseases in my opinion regarding the symptoms because it is basically "The Black Death" just without the formation of the buboes.

And Ebola would be the third worst disease in my opinion regarding the symptoms.

I know this old couple that was on Monsters Inside Me that had the Bubonic Plague. They live in Arizona and are okay now (THANK GOD). They got the disease from a FLEA. A FLEA. It scared me so much when I was at the hospital with them. The doctors refused to let me in, so I couldn't see them. I'm just so glad that they survived...

Honestly, this other guy is right. Autism is a mental condition like ADHD. I have ADHD. I know this isn't about ADHD but there is no cure for this kind of thing. We persevere, and we try our absolute hardest to make it in life. I know ADHD interferes with your ability to concentrate and isn't all that bad, but it still causes problems especially in school.

12 Cholera

Yeah it sounds like the worst, losing up to 2 gallons of water a day through diarrhea and if that wasn't bad enough if you aren't hooked up to an iv the salt shock will kill you before the dehydration does.

The scientist who found out the cure tested it by actually infecting himself with cholera. Obviously it worked or else there wouldn't be a cure. That takes guts.

They have found a cure to it but you can only get it in North America.

Imagine taking a sip of water, getting sick, and dying.

13 Parkinson's

My grandfather died of this disease. There is a sort of cure. If you fight and they get the dosage wright then you live longer. It a genetic thing and is actually passed through the mother but normally a man gets it. Early signs are hands shaking when you sit down and aren't doing things with your hands. I watched a man who could put me on his shoulders and laugh all day die on a hospital bed in a coma like state. He wasn't even alive long enough for the doctors to figure it out. It's bad, really bad.

The victims of the disease are not at fault for their condition and there is no cure, only symptom management, as far as I know. I don't know why rabies is ranked higher/worse than this. But then again there is a lot I don't know.

It makes you scared to walk, and you freak out around people as you think they may crash into you. Small children who used to be a delight to watch are now a constant threat that they may trip you.

Horrid disease - an ongoing bereavement...

14 Huntington's

I have Huntingtons Disease. I've watched my family members deteriorate in front of me. I am 29, was diagnosed at 24. My CAG repeat is considered high.
I was told it's terminal, I am also constantly refused government assistance even though it affects my abilities to work and think and function as a regular part of society.
My biggest struggle is getting the assistance I need to provide for myself, health coverage, food, etc.
Not to mention, I've been caring for my father who is 64 and has progressed through dementia. I still can't get a home to accept him as per his own lack of lifetime income or savings he never worked.
I've never felt more alone or helpless.

I watched my mother deteriorate over 17 years before this destructive cruel disease killed her off. Now I am watching the same thing happen to my younger sister and it's heartbreaking. She can only lie down day and night and is now starting to choke even on the milk shakes she can only feed on. She will soon have a tube through her stomach to feed her. This disease affects the nervous system and shrinks the brain. No one can be cured from this. It is a slow and awful way to die.

This is very tough it was between this and ALS for me but Huntingtons is worse the ALS because you lose cognitive function at least with ALS the mind doesn't go away. This disease makes you gradually become a vegetable and lose your brain in the process and it's genetic too. If someone is affected in your family, you can easily get it too, it only takes one match of the gene. It's so devastating that some people don't want to know if they have it or not. It is by far the worst in disease in my opinion.

Someone I know has this disease and it's frightening for him, he simply doesn't know what to do with himself as his motor functions disappear and his moods fluctuate. He's such a nice man, I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.

15 Coronary Artery Disease
16 HIV

This list says "worst diseases" not deadliest, so who knows schizophrenia might be worse than hiv in that sense.

How is schizophrenia above this...?

17 Leukemia
18 Smallpox

It's an often fatal disease that spreads like wildfire!

Worst disease in my book have you seen the pictures!

Killed one third of the people that got it.

Thank goodness we exterminated it.

19 Epilepsy

Epilepsy turned my friend's neighbor into a vegetable with no memory, cognitive abilities and mobility. Every time after an attack, he is pretty much a newborn child, you have to learn everything again, and he has these attacks on a daily basis. He actually used to be a really smart person before epilepsy. It's horrible when you come to think how such a disease can turn a person into a nobody. Sounds rough, but it's just like that.

Heartbreaking disease that people of all ages, races, and genders can have whether from genetics to a lack of oxygen in the brain at birth, severe head injuries or as the result of neurological damage from brain tumors and strokes. The thought of your own brain turning against you and causing you to do things out of your control is terrifying and sadly most people with this disease can end up severely injured.

I knew a 30 year old that died from a seizure during his sleep three months ago. He got epilepsy from a serious head injury as a child. Everyday was a million times harder for him and a challenge getting through day after day. People were shocked after he died that you could die from a seizure they didn't realise you can die from a seizure. My aunt has epilepsy also.

I have epilepsy myself. I haven't had them since I was 10 I had like more then 20 in one month which was in april. 5 a day. I am 16 years old right now. So it's been 6 years sence I had them. I take medication to make not have seizures. I hope I don't have one soon or even never again.

20 Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease is a traumatic illness because of its unrelenting pain driven inward for the symptoms rarely are visible from the outside. As a sixteen year old female I dropped forty pounds in only a few short months, and my entire body was rendered weak and immobile at a mere 87 pounds. The pain from a Crohn's induced stricture felt like that of a labor contraction that lasted for over a month, and after being admitted to a hospital and undergoing surgery for an ostomy (intestines pulled through the abdominal wall and attached to an outer bag), I attest to the humility this disease has put me through in sentencing me to wear a poop bag. Not only that, but sepsis from undergoing a ileostomy that came unstitched (the most riskiest surgery in itself above even a heart transplant) left me in unbearable pain to the point of sedation, for even I to endure, for I have an extremely high pain tolerance! It suppresses one weak, arthritic, anemic, fatigued, blotchy, pale, malnourished, loss of ...more

My boyfriend suffers from Crohn's disease, and he has since he was 12 years old. He is now 25. This disease has spread from his mouth, where his lips swell, and he has ulcers and blisters that keep on reoccurring. Then it moved down to his chest and lungs, where more ulcers appeared, and he was unable to breathe properly without being in pain. After it traveled down into his stomach, it gave him multiple stomach ulcers, which were unbearably painful when eating, therefore, malnutrition began, and he drastically lost weight. To treat the Crohn's, he was on steroids, which allowed him to gain weight, but too much, and for a young boy in secondary school, it was really difficult.

He eventually came off the steroids and got back to a healthy weight when the Crohn's then moved to his anus, causing terribly uncomfortable abscesses that continuously came back after being drained. The doctors were at a loss as to what to do as he began to lose all appetite, developing chronic fatigue, ...more

I actually do have this one. It's not that terrible compared to a lot of the diseases on the list thanks to treatment but it's surely annoying and would've killed me if treatment didn't exist. A have tons of sores in my colons and it's annoying. Thankfully, it's not too much of a suffering thanks to treatment.

I cannot pretend that Crohn's is worse than the other diseases in this list, as on its own it is rarely fatal. However, it is incurable and should be better recognised as a disease that can completely ruin lives.

21 Swine Flu

Oh, come on. This disease was blown WAY out of proportion by the media. The swine flu is just like the normal flu. The only people that have died of this so-called "deadly" virus are people with terrible health care and terrible health in general who are living in close quarters, babies, and old people.

People underestimate this disease, it is VERY bad and serious. I learned that the hard way.

Lol, swine flu? I had this when I was 7(in 2009, where it was an epidemic). My friend also had it. You only die of this if you're old, an infant or baby, or have poor healthcare.

Even a great country like Japan got infected with this disease screw this one

22 Yellow Fever

I got bit by a mosquito in Brazil and caught this, thank god that I am still here.

I'm glad that my dad recently took a vaccination for yellow fever.

It's irrational fears and it is bad untreated it can kill thousands of people

23 Polio

I thought there was a cure for this.


This disease has no causes, no preventions, no treatment, no warnings. If you get it, you will not know it. If your friend gets it, they will not know it, and neither will you.

Basically you die when you sleep. Don't search this disease up, just don't. It'll keep you up at night.

Is that the disease SpongeBob got?

25 Tetanus

Tetanus A bacterial infection by Clostridium tetani that affects the nervous system. This causes muscle contractions in the jaw and neck. when an open wound is exsposed. Puncture wounds from splinters, nails, body piercings, or illicit drug injections
Gunshot or surgical wounds
Fractures and burns
Animal or insect bites
Ulcers in the foot
Dental infections

Why is some brown stain on metal so deadly?

It's does not explain

I also got tetanus

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