Top 10 Worst Things to Say to Her on a Date

Dating can be an exhilarating experience full of fun, laughter, and the potential to build a deep and meaningful connection with someone special. But there's a caveat: knowing what to say and when to say it is absolutely critical. One wrong move, one misplaced joke, or an inappropriate comment can turn a lovely evening into a dating disaster.

So, you might be wondering, "What are the worst things to say to her on a date?" The possibilities are practically endless, with some offenders more obvious than others. From making unsolicited comments about her appearance, to overstepping personal boundaries or disregarding her feelings, there are plenty of potential pitfalls to avoid.

Remember, this isn't just about what not to say, but it's about learning to engage in a thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful conversation. It's about understanding that your words carry weight, and how you wield them can significantly impact the progression of your relationship.

It's also about recognizing that no two women are the same. What might be a red flag for one may not necessarily be so for another. However, there are universally inappropriate comments that can bring a date to a screeching halt. These could range from objectifying remarks to flat-out insults.
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1 Excuse me, my girlfriend is calling

I'm a girl, and so I'm just going to tell you, if a guy said this to me on a date, then I would hate him. Seriously, what knucklehead would say this to a girl on a date?

What the hell? One, he's an idiot for saying that to her, and two, why the hell would you cheat?

I think the worst one would be, "Hey, let's go to the strip club," but this one is just as bad.

2 Let's have sex!

I'm a girl, so I know that this would just turn my whole body in the other direction. From the waist down, my shields are up, and you are not getting anywhere near them.

I don't know. There are several girls at my school who'd love to be asked that.

Say this to her dad and watch what happens.

3 Did you fart?

Yeah, this one was probably the absolute worst thing you could say to a girl on a date... I could understand if, however, a dude said it because he was just too damn nervous, but it would swiftly and effectively kill the mood.

Guys at school ask this after they themselves have dropped one. It is a horrible thing to say to a lady.

Ah, no thanks, no comment for me. I'm not going to tell them about the time that I farted when I tripped.

4 Do you like porn?

If you do happen to say this and don't know her at all, prepare for a tattoo of her handprint across your face.

Metts would be in for a REAL cold and hard rejection if he said this to his date.

5 Can I touch your boobs?

Do not ask that, or else they will think you are touching her breasts, and you will get kicked out.

Laugh out loud! Only a perverted idiot would say this.

6 How about we meet next at my wife's funeral? She's still alive.

This is horrible. If some girl I was dating said this to me, I would dump my entire plate of food over her and storm out of the restaurant, leaving her to pay the bill.

I like this option, this is the funniest one.

7 After dinner to you want to go my wife's house
8 Maybe try to lose that weight...

This is what would happen if you said that to someone you were dating:

1. The date looks up at you, confused, and tries to get you to repeat yourself as if they did not hear you correctly.
2. The date grows angry and accuses you of thinking that they are obese as you try in vain to defend yourself.
3. The date explains to you that they run 3 miles a day and were on American Ninja Warrior once, while you try to take it back.
4. You get mad at the date for making a scene as the entire establishment is watching, while the date grows angrier.
5. You and your date begin cursing at each other as more personal things are brought up.
6. Eventually, the topic gets to the point where your date ticks you off so much that you call them something horrible.
7. Your date breaks up with you, and you follow them out the door trying to convince them otherwise. After following them up to their car, they finally lose it.
8. You wake up in the hospital a day later, unable to recall any of the above.

9 I'll show you my wife and kids tomorrow
10 Hey, I know where you can get a cheap abortion

If you say that to someone, your head will be found impaled on a weather vane, thousands of miles from the rest of your body.

I couldn't have put that comment better myself.

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11 He-e-e-e-e-e-e-ey, sexy lady! Op- op- op- oppan Gangnam Style!

Hey! It's not that bad. I'm a girl and I find this totally funny. I would just laugh and change the subject. I would never turn down a guy just because he said something inappropriate on the first date.

I think this one's a bit weird. What's she going to think?

If a guy said that to me, I would laugh and walk away.

12 All that I told you on the phone is a lie.
13 But first, let me take a selfie
14 I am only on a date with you to get in bed with your friend

*Audience oohs* Trust me, you really don't want to say that if your date's friend finds out. It equals a bullet to the head.

15 You pay for the dinner

I went to a movie with my boyfriend, and he was getting snacks, but I didn't want any, and he didn't have enough money because his friends used it all. So he asked me for some, and I didn't know what to do, so I handed him a $10, and he never paid me back... At the beginning of this, I meant to say EX-BOYFRIEND.

A man should always pay on a date unless he's truly poor!

Yeah, that will get her to go out with you again.

16 Can I give you a spanking?

I don't condone spanking a girl on a date. Who would say that to a girl in the first place? Slapping a girl's butt is perverted and creepy, even if they are older.

17 Look at that stripper
18 Can I marry your mom?

You have to admit that Stacy's mom has got it going on.

19 I wanna lick you

Well, this is unsettling. What perverted pedophile would say that?

That's actually a little sexy in the right moment, I guess.

20 Get breast implants
21 Nice boobs

Only a perverted idiot would say that.

I would laugh if some guy said that to me.

22 Oops, forgot my pants
23 Do you see that woman over there? Yeah, she's my wife. Do you want to meet her?
24 Put on some makeup

Just natural beauty is fine, and if you want to have sex and it's fine also.

25 Sorry I'm late, my wife has been having an affair on me.
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