Top Ten Worst Things to Touch In Public During Cold and Flu Season

The Top Ten
1 Door handles

Everybody touches them, what ever you do, keep your hands a way from them.

2 Public toilets

This item is pretty obvious.

Do I really have to explain?

3 Restaurant menu

Everybody touches them, and they never wash them.

4 Other peoples hands

Never touch there's hand, if they have a cold.

5 Trash cans
6 Handles on the subway
7 Taxicab door handles

Again, everybody touches them.

8 Somebody else with a cold or flu
9 Tables at a restaurant
10 Shopping cart handle

Although it may taste good, it can be deceiving

The Contenders
11 Office desk
12 Money
13 Elevator buttons
14 Phone
15 Sink tap handles
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