Worst Things About Being an Adult

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1 Having to Have a Job

Honestly, yes. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat (forgive me, I was raised like one by both parents), thank you so much, Mother and Father, for giving me the gift of life - a gift I have to literally work for until the day I die, or I'll be homeless and miserable.

I would like to just collect money for free.

2 Having to Pay Bills

Bills, bills, bills, and more bills. Get used to seeing them in your mailbox.

3 Having to Pay Taxes

Honestly, yes! Who even decided this was a good idea? The government gets money from my hard work!

Everyone's least favorite word in the English dictionary.

I'm not looking forward to being an adult.

4 Being Expected to Act Like an Adult

Me in eighth grade: *Cries because Dad won't let me go to Walmart*
Dad: You are not eight years old. You're in eighth grade, the oldest year of middle school, and you shouldn't cry over something so small. It's not as bad as Grandpa's death two years ago.

Me as an adult: I'm not going to Walmart because I'm afraid Dad won't let me. I don't want to be banned from Walmart or severely punished when I get home.

Not going to Walmart was one of my childhood punishments, but now it's become a goal and a blessing in my adulthood.

5 Never Having Enough Time

My life goes by way too fast because of all the homework I get in college. I also sleep a lot, and my parents make me go to bed early.

Tell me about it! My job always keeps me busy, and I almost never have time to go on *The Top Tens List* website anymore.

Between work and other stuff, most adults never have time to watch movies, play video games, or do anything else fun.

6 No Summer Vacation
7 Having to Be Responsible All the Time

As a kid, you mess up and it's no big deal. But as an adult, everything falls on your shoulders.

8 Getting Thrown in Jail When You Break the Law
9 Worrying About Getting an STD
10 Relationship Pressures
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11 Metabolism Slows Down
12 Physical Appearance Deteriorates
13 People Telling You that You're Too Old for ________

Honestly, at 25, I get stares for playing Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but to them, I say, Mind your own business! If you want to be boring and miserable, be my guest, but I will always enjoy watching SpongeBob and playing video and card games.

If someone ever tells me I'm too old for amusement parks and roller coasters, they'll feel my wrath.

Honestly, screw anyone who says I'm "too old" to do things like trick-or-treating.

14 Not Being Able to Party Anymore
15 Always Being Tired
16 Lose Touch with What's "Cool"

Think of what Abe Simpson said when you reach an older age: "With it."

17 If You Don't Do It, No One Else Will
18 Life is More Boring

That is definitely true. As you get older, life isn't as fun as it was when you were a little kid. Whenever it snows and school gets canceled (I'm a teenager), I feel really stressed, irritable, sad, and depressed. When I was younger, I would get so excited whenever it snowed, but I no longer feel that way. I live in Lynnwood, WA, and I'm just glad that the snow isn't as bad as in some states, like Chicago.

When I was little, my life was fun. I could do whatever I wanted, like playing with toys, playing in the snow, and missing school due to the weather (I didn't like school back then). But now, whenever there's a snow day, I realize how boring it is.

19 Having to Raise Kids
20 No Field Trips
21 Growing Hair in Places
22 Mid-Life Crisis
23 Hangovers
24 Being Closer to Death
25 Parents No Longer Fix Your Problems

For example, I'm an adult, and my mom is overprotective, so she won't let me go out alone. But when I asked her to take me on more vacations, she said she no longer has to care about my problems since I'm an adult, and I have to deal with it myself.

I mean, it's part of life. Being independent is way better than having to rely on others to spoon-feed you.

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