Top 10 Holidays That Should Be Created

What if we had the power to decide and designate our own holidays? Imagine getting a day off to celebrate "Global Pyjama Day," or perhaps the ever-enchanting "International Day of Fairy Tales." Well, fellow dreamers, we're here to fuel those fantasies and foster the fun with this unique selection of holiday suggestions that we think ought to grace our calendars.

Before we start, let's just clarify: this isn't just any old list. This is an opportunity for you, for us, and for countless others worldwide to cast a vote on the holidays that we believe should become actual, recognized celebrations. Perhaps you're an ardent aficionado of avocados, longing for a day dedicated to this versatile and nutritious fruit? Maybe you yearn for a "Tech-Free Tuesday," a whole 24 hours where we all disconnect from our devices and reconnect with each other? Or, it could be that you're eager to commemorate the unsung heroes of our society with a "Garbage Collectors Day" or a "Teachers' Appreciation Weekend." Whatever your preference, we want to hear from you.
The Top Ten
1 Fun Day

Fun Day is June 29th. The best day ever.

2 Big Brother Day

Well, I am a big brother, and my younger sister and I are both pretty kind to each other. Where is Younger Sister Day?

I'm sure the entire population of Airstrip One celebrates this.

Who came up with this? This is actually a great idea!

3 Sleeping Day

I created a similar holiday when I was 8, called "National Nap Week". Yep, I've struggled with insomnia for a while!

There is actually a Sleep in Public day in February (I forget which day) or something like that. Look it up.

Sounds like the best holiday ever!

4 TheTopTens Day

Maybe the birthday of this site? Thing is, I'm not sure when that is.

The birthday of TheTopTens, but I've got no idea what day it is.

By far the best idea! This would be awesome!

5 Total Drama Hate Day
6 South Park Day

South Park is one of the greatest shows, and it is mainly because of Eric Cartman.

7 Candy Day
8 Rock and Roll Day

Rock and roll music is awesome!

9 Camping Day
10 No School Day

The simplicity of this is hilarious because it's the only reason we ever actually cared for the holidays. We got to skip school.

The Contenders
11 Anime Day
12 Rush Appreciation Day
13 Free Gift Day

People should show people how much they love them and give them a gift.

14 Minecraft Day
15 Video Game Day
16 National Kill Dora The Explorer Day
17 Cancel Crappy Shows Day
18 George W Bush Day
19 No Homework Day

It would be really good for most students. Holiday >>> ...

20 Regular Show Day

Yes! Best cartoon in history. Beats SpongeBob and, of course, South Park.

21 National Fangirl Day
22 No School or Work Day
23 Breadwinners Fan Day

The show isn't bad, but I don't consider myself a fan even though I made an OC.

24 Childhood Memories Day

That's pretty much every day for me.

25 SpongeBob Day
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