Most Embarrassing Presents to Get for Christmas

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1 Underwear

If I get a pair I say I won't where it so my parents say I have to. Then I will poo or wee in them to not where them and they will take them away but then they make me where a nappy. But I think that is better than some under where.

Oh god!
Back To School Day
Boy: I'm going to take off my pants so you could see my Dora underwears
Everyone: No
Boy: *takes off pants*
Boy: You want to see my Dora stickers on my butt
Behind Boy: We already see it!

What are you supposed to say in front of everyone when presented with a pink lacy number from your uncle Cecil?
"Well... They'e not actually my size... Unc. But thanks anyway..."

That's a private thing that parents, or if the recipient is an adult, he or she should address. Getting underwear from a friend is the worst.

2 A Sex Education Book

No kid should be knowing that kind of stuff, that can lead to them being addicted to it and it can cause harm to them.

Yay! Just what I've always wanted! How did you know?!?!

Who'd want this for Christmas! O-O

Do I even have to explain...

3 Coal

This is what your parents used to warn you about if you kept misbehaving. I wonder if anyone has actually gotten coal for Christmas.

That would be a very good present to get so you can throw it at your enemies!

I don't actually mind if I got coal.

Getting a piece of coal in a box, as a prank, that passed to me last Christmas for not passing year

4 Diapers

Oh that would totally be embarrassing! If you know how to use the toilet, why would you need to wear these?

My brother stoped using diapers when he was seven or eight. I was four wearing underwear.

You have may had got this when you were little.

5 A Baby Show DVD

Especially if it's from a show I hate like Caillou and Barney.

Oh god don't get me started with caillou!

Worst of all...if it was Caillou

Makes sense to be on this list.

6 Condoms

Yes, if you're a single dad with five divorces and seventeen kids, this may be complimentary.

That is so wrong, like why would your kid want to do this even without that thing?

Should be number one

7 Deodorant

A lot of people stink & that's a very good present to give to them!

A complimentary gift, I'm certain.

8 A Baby Nappy

There's a mean bastard named Bobby Vanpoppin from Team Galaxy & that's his main present!

I got this once

9 Justin Bieber CD

Just what I wanted. I'll play it once and throw it into the fireplace to show how much I love it.

If my parents gave me this for Christmas, I'd take a hammer and immediately smash it outside.

Why does Justin Bieber have to be on every single list I see. This is getting repetitive.

Due to a coal shortage, Santa Claus now gives Justin Bieber CDs to naughty children...

10 Ticket to Fat Camp

If you're overweight, you're more likely going to get this.

This is super embarrassing.

Fat camp still exists?

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11 Roadkill

I don't want a dead animal but thanks...

Good for taxidermists!

12 A Razor

Not so bad if you're male. If you're female, it's an insult!

13 Mouthwash

That's kinda like saying they have bad breAth. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings if you got that?

14 Dora the Explorer DVD

Whenever me and my sister go to our grandma's house, she makes us watch Dora.

I'm 12.

Get the hammer and destroy it! Its easy!

15 Subscription to Voluntary Euthanasia Society
16 Book On Weight Loss

I feel sorry for you people who are fat. If someone gave me a book like that I will yeet it at a grill and I will burn it

I would throw it at you, then get something to eat.

Basically an insult

Do they even make these? its kina obvious on how to loose weight

17 The Teletubbies on DVD

Worst show to get on DVD.

Destroy it then.

18 Poop
19 One Direction Concert Tickets

I don't like or hate One Direction, but I wouldn't care if a item like this was on a list.

I would throw it away

I would tear them up

20 Caillou DVD

I don't think my family is evil enough to give me a DVD of my least favorite show for Christmas.

I would just destroy it.

I would throw it out

21 A Dildo
22 A My Little Pony

Why? I am a girl but I have just passed that age being over 8! Oh it's very nearly Christmas!

Not bad if you're a girl, but if you're a boy or a teenager, than you're going to have a bad time.

This one is very bad if it's something like a huge Twighlight Sparkle doll/figure.

My little pony
Smells like baloney
Tripped on a wire
Fell in the fire
And died!

23 Tampons

Well, thanks for reminding me about my useless uterus that serves me no purpose other than to cause me unnecessary pain every month as a childfree female.

If you're a man, than that's very embarrassing! Men do not get periods so why would they need this?

Believe me, you don't want to get those for Christmas, and you don't want to give them to someone.

Oh God and in front of my brother...

24 A Pair of Socks
25 A Dead Bird

I will put you in jail if you do that.

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