Best Birthday Dates Possible

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1 December 6th

How on God's green earth is this the top answer?

That's my birth date!

It's my Birth day

2 April 25th

Who knew my birthday would be so high on the list. AWESOME!

3 February 29th

Then, let's say, a twelve year old would be three.

It never gets old and neither do you.

4 April 6th

I was born 10 days after. Is that close enough?

My mom's birthday

5 April 20th

Smoke weed everyday!

6 October 31st

It would be so cool if I could have my birthday be on my favorite holiday and share a birthday with Frank Iero.

My dads birthday

7 December 9th

My son Aryan born day

The day I was born ;-;

8 March 24th
9 May 4th

I'm jealous, because some people have their birthday on Star Wars day.

10 July 15th
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11 May 28th

My birthday is literally 2 days earlier.

My birthday is on the 26th of May!

It's my birthday on May 28th.

12 February 19th

This is my birthday and since my city does a week long break usually I get it off almost every year. It's also National Mint Chocolate Day.

Same thing with me

13 October 8th
14 March 5th

Best birthday ever

15 August 25th

My younger brothers birthday is August 25th. He likes it.

16 March 3rd
17 December 25th

You'd only get gifts once a year though.

18 November 1st

My brother's birthday

19 December 31st

I was also born on this date. It definitely has big perks. Get lit on New Year's Eve.

Imagine being born on December 31, 1999 at 11:59:59 PM...

Its moms birthday

20 January 4th

That's my friend's birthday!

21 July 5th

Is the best day to born.

22 December 24th
23 January 28th
24 June 25th

You get to wait exactly 6 months to get Christmas presents and 6 more for your birthday. I think that's pretty sweet.

You'd get birthday and Christmas presents equally distributed throughout the year.

That's my birthday

25 September 1st

Every time this birth date is the best because it is my birthday

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