Best Things to Do On Christmas Morning (Besides Presents)

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1 Wake Up Really Early

When me & my brother were kids we would always wake up super early Christmas morning like 5am or 6am we would be so excited! We'd run downstairs into the lounge see all the presents, We had TONS & our jaws would just drop & our faces would light up at the site of all the presents, We would run back up the stairs into my my parents bedroom shout at my mom & dad "IT'S CHRISTMAS! " Jump all over there bed until they got up then once everyone was up we'd all go down stairs & open the presents. My parents spoilt us rotten every year but we were always Grateful & knew we were very lucky to have all these gifts as both of my parents had fairly paid jobs. We knew the real meaning of Christmas though. In the end My parents banned us from getting up until the sun came up on Christmas morning, they got sick of being woke up at 6am On Christmas day lol In the winter the sun rises later. I'd be up early as usual but I'd sit by my window waiting for sunrise LOL Used to get so excited when I was a ...more

If I woke up early which I do on Christmas morning, I would always just go and turn on my fireplace or turn on a Christmas movie in the living room, while I admire the beautiful tree and presents underneath it while I drink hot chocolate or tea. Oh, and I'd ALSO probably just wake my mom and siblings up maybe about 30 45 minutes later.

A few years ago I woke up REALLY early and I just laid there and I saw a red shooting star that I confused it with Santa.

One time I woke up at 5:00, and couldn't go back to sleep, so I just played video games and wondered about what I got.

2 Wake Up Before Everyone Else

I just absolutely love waking up before my mom and dad and sisters and brother, because I get to be the lucky one waking up my little brother and seeing that huge grin on his face. Also you get to be the first person to open your presents(if your parents let you! )

Every year! Love Christmas so much, Even though we're in August... I'm in the spirit anytime after July!

This is the best option to get to open the first present!

I do this every year.

3 Eat a Special Christmas Breakfast

I always wake up early on Christmas morning and make food for everyone and take a shower when they are eating and when family is showering I clean up after their food messes! It's the beast way to start the day with a good nutricous meal!

Am I the only one who doesn't eat breakfast on Christmas Day?

Bacon, eggs and toast

4 Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie

The Backyardigans episodes The Secret of Snow and Action Elves save Christmas Eve.

I like to watch polar express on Christmas morning!

A Christmas story is the best movie to watch on Christmas Day (in my opinion)

5 Just Sit There In the Quiet While Everyone Else Is Sleeping

That is always cool because it gives you time to think about what you got. I am always the first one up

6 Wake Everyone Up With Some Sort of Loud Annoying Noise

What better way than to get everyone up to open presents with a startling noise. It will be such a startling sound that they won't realise it's christmas -they just woke up- and then when they do, they will be excited about presents and won't care who just gave them the biggest fright of their lives! Plus, it's funny for the person who did it

With my brother it is Face ID into my dads phone and go to the Nest app and test the smoke alarms they all go off!

My family doesn't like my death metal growling. It's time...

My parents HATE loud noises and would be upset though.

7 Honor When Jesus Christ Was Born

Jesus Christ wasn't born on Christmas day, despite the name it's pagan, and I am a Christian, but you should still celebrate Jesus any day and every day, or at least think about him and discovering God if you're atheist.

Christmas is obviously about Christ it is literally in CHRISTmas. I get people don't like looking religion and the eyes but you are going to worship a made up Santa Clause who gives materiel gifts rather then the true God who gives you life and breath literally holding you together at these moment.
I know Christ was most likely not born on December 25th but that is no reason not to celebrate Jesus' birth.

It is not about the fun in all the gifts and party but for Jesus christ.

That is what Christmas is really about not the presents but Jesus Christ

8 Sleep
9 Shower

Shower before you go bed on Christmas Eve and a shower to end Christmas Day

10 Sing Christmas Carols

Who sings on Christmas?

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11 Watch the Queen's Speech On TV
12 Take a Christmas Morning Walk
13 Carry New Presents to Your Room

I always do this! As soon as I have opened my presents, I carry them to my room

14 Wear Something Special
15 Watch the Christmas Parade on TV
16 Listen to Christmas Tunes

To pass the time.

17 Play a Board Game
18 Prank Your Family
19 Go to the Waterpark
20 Have a Nice Drink
21 Go Downhill Skiing
22 Play with Pets
23 See How Many Presents You Have
24 Try On All Your Clothes
25 Eat Candy
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