Top 10 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Thinking about getting a home security system, but not quite sure if you need it? This list will provide you with some help making up your mind. After all, it's not always going to never happen to you.
The Top Ten
1 Monitored Fire Alarm Decreases Losses in Home Fires

Whether the loss is property, memories, or life, having a home security system can prevent those losses entirely, or prevent them from being severe. As soon as your security system attached fire alarm goes off, the fire department, as well as yourself, are notified. The chances of life, your possessions, and ultimately your home being lost are decreased significantly.

A burglar can take your stuff, but a fire will take everything

2 Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detectors Decrease Lives Lost to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Significantly better than just an alarm you buy from the store. Like the Fire alarm, if carbon monoxide is detected in your home, the authorities are notified, bringing you help immediately.

3 Door and Window Sensors Let You Know When a Door is Opened.

Even if your alarm is not set, most systems will tell you when a censored door or window was opened.

4 Door and Window Sensors Will Go Off Upon Entry When Alarm is Set

Letting you know immediately that your home has been invaded. As well as scaring away any but the most determined of invaders.

Many peoples houses get broke into

5 Police Respond When Your Alarm Goes Off

Your local law enforcement will be on their way to help you when your alarm goes off

If it takes 10-15 or more minutes for police response, then the "protection" is useless!

6 The Alarm Company Calls the Police for You

When your alarm goes off, your home security company will call you, immediately, if there is no answer, or if you answer that someone has broken in, the alarm company will call the police for you. When your fear and adrenaline is spiked, sometimes it's hard to focus on what you need to do.. They do it for you.

They're so slow in arriving, this may not be an advantage at all. I know too that many of them don't even walk around the house---the most they do is a drive-by.

7 You're Less Likely to Be Broken Into, Just by Having an Alarm System Sign in Your Yard

Actually, most burglaries in the US occur in daytime, when the criminals don't know you if have a security system, and with a swift kick to the front door or through open or unlocked doors and windows. And, it happens all too fast foor law enforcement to stp them usually, since they're in and out in just seconds to a few minutes. Locked, sturdy doors, watchful neighbors, and a dog are better than any alarm against burglaries.

A yard sign makes them look elsewhere

8 You Can Sleep Well Knowing that If Someone Breaks Into Your House, Someone is Watching Out for You
9 Motion Detectors Can Protect Areas that Can't Be Monitored by Door and Window Sensors

They can also be good as a back up system, or for a closet with valuables, or a basement.

10 Glass Shatter Detectors

If some sneaky thief thinks they can bypass your door and window sensors by breaking your windows, they are going to be surprised. These monitor vibrations, and set the alarm off accordingly.

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