Top Ten Best Things About Having A Home Security System

I love having a home security system. Here are a few reasons why.
The Top Ten
1 Peace of Mind

There is no price tag or equivalent value for "peace of mind. " Like life insurance, and although we wouldn't want to put it to use, we should have peace of mind knowing that it is there all along.

This is definitely the biggest reason I got a home security system.

2 Less Likelihood of Being Burglarized

Just having a sign in your yard is a deterrent to criminals.

3 The Alarm Deters Burglars From Staying Long Enough to Do Any Damage

Have you ever heard the sound a home alarm makes? DANG.

4 Fire Department Automatically Notified In Case of Fire Alarm

Regular fire alarms are all well and good, but what if you aren't home? What if your pets are locked inside? It's so nice to know that if you aren't home if a fire happens, that you don't need to rely on neighbors or passerby's to notice smoke or a fire, which might not be in time to save your pets or valuables.

5 Authorities Automatically Notified If Your Burglar Alarm Goes Off

When that alarm sounds, things can get pretty intense. It's nice to know that you don't have to worry about calling the police. The security system calls you, and the police.

6 Glass Shatter Sensors

Some Burglars who aren't deterred by the sign, will simply try to break a window, instead of opening it. These sensors will set off the alarm if too much pressure or vibration is put on the glass.

7 Motion Detectors

If you have large pets, this won't work for you in the home, but it's a great thing to put in a garage if you do. If someone manages to get through your perimeter, they won't be able to sneak past one of these.

8 Your Home Owner Insurance Rates Go Down

Almost all home insurance companies will lower your rate - some as much as 20%, if you have a home security system.

9 Authorities Automatically Notified In Case of Carbon Monoxide Alarm

By the time your store-bought Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off, it could very well be to late, or you might not be home, and it could harm your pets.

10 You Can Now Go Wireless

Wireless sensors, and wireless monitoring is now available. No drilling, and no home phone needed.

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