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21 Polygraph

Murr takes a polygraph exam in front of his old High School class, and the entire faculty in his old High School! - Raono19

22 Captain Fat Belly Joe

When Joe says suck it I laugh so hard I cry laughing and I also fall to the ground

My favorite punishment! SUCK IT!


Captain Fatbelly (AKA Joe Gatto) saves cats, and saves the people of Staten-Island from other New Yorkers and dangers from around the world! Then he tells them to "suck it".

23 Joe Magic

Best. Punishment. To. Date.

24 Down in the Dump
25 Baggage Shame
26 The Great Nose-ini

Joe doesn't know magic, yet he has to perform an escape in a tank of water, in a straightjacket, while handcuffed! Joe never accomplishes it and ends up in the tank of water for who knows how long! - Raono19

27 Tied and Feathered
28 Sal's Worst Nightmare

Sal must find his new phone... In a garbage barge! Knowing Sal is a HUGE germaphobe, sal's gonna have one hell of a time! What's worse is that the barge begins to move! Bringing Sal to the middle of the sea! Once Sal has finally found it, he gets put into voicemail! - Raono19

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29 Sal's Senior Playground

By far the funniest punishment ever! May trampoline terrace live forever!

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30 Murr's Exposing Interview with Danica McKellar V 1 Comment
31 Sal Pissing In Pants

Holy crud this is embarrassing. "Mom, Dad, change the channel! "

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32 Do Something to My Face
33 Murr's Wheel of Piercing

Murr had "Sexy" on his belly button Piercing. LMFAO

34 Human Pinata V 1 Comment
35 Murr's Confessions

Murr is taken to his high school where in front of students, his own family, his own high school teachers, he is put on a lie detector test.
Oh and the questions ate written by the three guys. ! - a7xrules

36 Announcing That Sal Has To Go Pee V 1 Comment
37 Sal's PiƱata Bat To The Nuts
38 The Broken Elevator

Sal was stuck in a broken elevator with a cat and a sick person

39 Toothless Selfie Drama
40 The Love Expert

Joe has to answer questions about love and must always say yes.

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