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1 Violet Parr Violet Parr Violet Parr is a fictional character from The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. The movies follow her and her family as superheros, living in a world where superheros are known as destructive and must abide only by their secret identities. Violet has the power of invisibility (reflecting her quiet personality) more.

She's just amazing! Best power so far.

Yes! She is so cool and she has the best powers. She has a strong opinion, too. When I play with my cousin, we had a hard time deciding who is Violet!

I have a soft spot for Violet. It's not every day you get a rendition of your "average teenage girl" who's dealing with those familiar teenage problems and angst (something the super thing can only double) which does not forget traits of caring, kindness and intelligence. For some reason these days it's target group which is easier and therefore more often presented as purely a punchline or literal punching bag. Violet is treated like a human being in the minds of the Pixar creators and therefore she feels more like a human being we strongly can relate to and it goes a very long way.

Violet looks cute and cool also of her powers.Violet is a good teenager and tall.

2 Bob Parr

I have a soft spot for Bob because he reminds me a little of my dad! Mr. Incredible, the titular character, is cool, good-hearted, passionate, and just a little arrogant. All those traits--especially his inability to ignore anyone in trouble and how much he loves his family--make him such an endearing character. I wish I could vote for both Bob and Helen, though, since Elastigirl is also such an awesome super who I think is criminally underrated (though hopefully not anymore after Incredibles 2).

I love Mr.Incredible a lot

I like Mr.Incredible the most too.

3 Edna Mode Edna Mode Edna Mode is a fictional character from Pixar's Incredibles Franchise. She is a well-known suit designer for super heroes of all kind. She has a slightly spunky attitude and firmly believes that your costume should be powerful, while still looking good.

Best character ever

Such a funny character - iliekpiez

Edna is amazing. Heck I'm watching the movie right now and she's my favorite. - Anonymousxcxc

Not what she say but the way she say it! All superheroes need her!

4 Jack Jack Parr

He can do pretty much everything. When he grows up, he would stop the villains with his eyes shut. - EchoX0

Became the best in Incredibles 2

Jack Jack is the strongest as you saw in the first one you saw all of Jack's powers the new Incredibles movie that will be released in the summer of 2018 anyway if you saw the trailer you see Jack uses all his powers

Jack jack is so powerful I wish I had his powers but I wont be able to handle all of them but he can

5 Helen Parr Helen Parr

Helen it's so sexy!

Deserves number 1! But I won't complain because at least violet is number 1 - Ninjago_Fan

I would've put elastigirl in #1 because she's my favorite character from the 1st film (don't spoil the 2nd film because I didn't watch it yet) - Matias20

Helen deserves a higher spot than her husband to be honest. She is the reason he got his confidence back when fighting the robot and plus, she always cares about her children anyway possible. I don’t understand how rash is #4.

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6 Dash Parr

Best character in the movie.

I watched this in Spanish class last week coincidence huh anyways dash was my favorite character the son in the family and he reminds me of Bart Simpson. Athletic an exiting fun and overall awesome character.

My favorite character in the movie. He and Edna were the best.


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7 Lucius Best

It means it's hot! And I've dehydrated, Bob! What's your excuse, you run out of muscle?!

How is he so low on this list? When this site was loading, I was expecting to see Frozone at number one, but instead I saw Violet.

Cool powers with the ice, humorous sidekick, and good best friend

Where's my super suit!?

8 Buddy Pine

Is this meant to be syndrome - Aaronwahed

9 Bomb Voyage

Everyone can relate to the time when he said “ I think you are going to get a bit hungry after that ham”. This quite helps me get through life

I think everyone can relate to the time when he said, “ I think it’s about to get hungry, my friend.” This quote helps me and gives me inspiration 🐐🐐🐐

10 Frozone Frozone

Frozone: Where is my super suit?
Frozone's Wife: What?
Frozone's Wife: Why do you need to know?
Frozone: I NEED IT!
Frozone's Wife: Uh-huh.
Frozone's Wife: "Greater good? " I'm your wife! I am the greatest good you are EVER gonna get!

so funny! - CedreticFomento

Frozone is completely hilarious! I mean, I'm watching the movie right now and surprisingly on the ''Where is my supersuit? '' part and I'm cracking up!

Four words

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11 Gilbert Huph

AKA the Donald Trump of Pixar Animation Studios. And that's what makes Mr. Huph a badass villain who was infamous for taking way too much power over his own worker Bob Parr despite being WAY physically weaker.

12 Syndrome Syndrome Syndrome (born as Buddy Pine) is the primary antagonist in The Incredibles. He wanted to be super like the others, even though he had no powers. He was Mr. Incredible's #1 fan, and dubbed himself "Incrediboy," but he was rejected by Mr. Incredible. Angered after being refused, he developed an evil plan more.

Best one :D

13 Honey Best

I always wondered if that was actually her first name.

14 Mirage
15 Screenslaver

She has great plot twist and who wouldn't want hypno powers

16 Winston Deaver
17 Voyd
18 Apogee

She's cool

19 Frozone's Wife
20 Gamma Jack
21 The Underminer The Underminer
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