Top Ten Interesting Things Revealed from the JFK Files

Gather 'round, fellow conspiracy theorists. The Kennedy files were released yesterday. Let's go over what we have learned.

The Top Ten

1 The CIA was questioned about the assassination.

Possibly the most important and frightening thing revealed in the files is that the CIA was actually questioned on if Oswald was on the CIA's payroll. As soon as the question is about to be answered, the page cuts off. Talk about the worst cliff-hanger ever. - Alpha101

Lol. Not only this, but there is so much disinformation leading up to and following this that it makes it next to impossible to come to any logical conclusions. Just the way many intended I fear. Including the CIA. - Ned964

2 A British journalist was warned of the assassination twenty-five minutes before it happened.

Twenty-five minutes before Kennedy was shot, a journalist received an anonymous call. The caller stated that there was going to be big news in the U.S. soon. - Alpha101

3 The USSR believed Lyndon Johnson had something to do with the assassination.

The USSR strongly believed that LBJ had something to do with Kennedy's death. - Alpha101

4 The USSR feared for its safety after the assassination.

Even though the USSR hated the U.S., they feared for their safety after the assassination. They were scared that a general would be appointed as president, and want to invade Russia. - Alpha101

There's no getting around this. In fact I would say it was the intention of the power base of the US government at the time to instill this fear. - Ned964

5 The CIA stressed the importance in convincing the public that Oswald was guilty.

CIA members stated that it was important to convince the public that Oswald really did it. They could probably sense that they would be blamed for it in the future. - Alpha101

Yep. Oswald was involved and I don't think anyone can really argue otherwise. The bigger question has always been at what level was our own government involved. Not just the CIA. But alas, what we now know is probably the extent of any meaningful information we will be allowed to see, and so we are left right back where we started, to guess at what really happened. - Ned964

6 Lyndon Johnson called the assassination "justice."

He claimed that it was justice, because Kennedy allegedly helped kill the South Vietnamese leader Diem. - Alpha101

Really he was JFKs vice President he should have not be glad Kennedy was dead he would be a terrible vice President then.

7 The FBI were concerned about Oswald's safety.

The FBI was worried about the possible assassination of Oswald, and they repeatedly stressed that he needs security. Obviously, their warnings should have been heeded. - Alpha101

Yeah, funny how Ruby was allowed access to Oswald with a firearm isn't It? Not to mention, if Ruby was, as the public was asked to believe, simply angry that the President was shot, then how is it that Ruby was clearly in cahoots with anti-Kennedy factions before the assassination? I think any reasonable person can see where that leaves us, but again, we will probably never know much more than that. - Ned964

8 A man in a bar predicted the assassination.

A drunk man in a bar made a $100 bet that Kennedy would be assassinated in the next three weeks. Kennedy was assassinated a week later. That must have been one difficult bet to collect on. - Alpha101

9 The FBI wished to get a confession from Oswald before he died.

Before he died, the FBI hoped that he would confess his crimes. He never did. - Alpha101

10 After the death of Oswald, the FBI tried to find a stripper.

The FBI tried to track down a stripper named Kitty, who was rumored to be associated with Ruby, Oswald's murderer. They eventually did find a stripper named Kitty, but she had committed suicide. - Alpha101

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