Top 10 IoT Startups of 2015

"Internet of Things" in simple words is a concept where we try to make better connectivity among all the things we use today. The companies that are now working with IoT (Internet of Things) have started to make their presence felt. Gartner has predicted that by 2020, iOT will generate $300 billion in revenue, with estimated connected devices ranging from 25 billion to more than 200 billion.

There are many innovative IoT companies now, so it is difficult to make a list of Top 10 among them. Below is a list of startup IoT companies that are taking care of different industries with their innovations.
The Top Ten
1 Theatro

From the user feedback, Theatro not only simplifies in-store retail operations, it optimizes them through a connected workforce that can communicate effectively in real time.

This is a ground breaking to technology and user experience. It will fundamentally change retail - both for the employee and the customer.

No better way to connect enterprise employees and measure the productivity gained. You grow and you know.

Truly innovative product with unlimited potential. If you are a retail organization I think this might be the most empowering tool your on-floor employees have. Omni-channel services should be integrated for easier and faster door to floor/floor to door processing. I look forward to watching the team grow in the future.

2 Chui

Security system in doorbells that uses facial recognition, turning your face into a universal key .

3 Sensoria

Socks infused with textile pressure sensors that tells you when you are striking with your heels or ball of your foot.

4 Pubnub

Provides solution to iOT connectivity problems with global real-time network.

5 [x]cube Labs

Developed a full cycle 'Internet of Things' platform - MobiusLoop consolidating experiences gained from developing and deploying over 50 Internet of Things solutions.

6 Humavox

Humavox is based on RF technology enabling it to overcome a lot of the barriers experienced with induction technology, such as the ability to integrate into small IoT devices. Given the need for wireless charging in such devices and their close link to IoT, Humavox is definitely the gateway/an essential pillar in the IoT world.

Wireless charging solution that fits into the smallest of electronic devices.

7 Adheretech

Developed Wireless Pill Bottles, that can help patients to take their pills at the right time.

8 Neura

IOT open platform that will bridge all objects, locations and people using the web.

9 Tempodb

IOT platform for data collection, visualization, realtime analysis, alerting, historical reporting and full reslolution storage.

10 NinjaBlocks

Home control and automation platform that simplifies the process of building web & mobile apps that can 'talk' to hardwares.

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