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1 Clash of Clans

Requires thinking and strategy, you can't just put a bunch of troops down in a random place, to build a good village you need to think about how the AI works and how you can stop your enemies from destroying it, you need to think about your army composition, what is suited for you to take down specific villages, think about what needs to be upgraded first and where you should place defenses and traps, pick a target that is weak and has lots of resources, you can chat with your friends in the same clan as you and you can request troops from your clanmates, you can play completely for free without spending a penny but if you are an impatient one, you might need some gems to speed things up, you also have a campaign mode for when you have a shield after you lost/won a battle. There are so many things you can do! Best strategy game out there, and overall my favorite game (you can probably tell)

So darn epic. Clash of Clans is a great game for strategizing, as it will put your wits to the test. Many people play it which gives you an even greater experience for the raids! Your clan mates will also help you out, after you rebuild your broken down clan castle! This game will keep you in knots, while fighting to try to become the best out of your friends, then your clan, then the whole game! I really recommend this one for anyone who is bored, or likes strategy based games! Oh, and plus, it's FREE!

Actually there really is no strategy all you really do is place down troops in a random place and hope they attack the right thing without dying

Clash of clans is awesome you buy your own stuff then go out and raid people to death! How awesome is that?

2 Angry Birds

Sick game with levels that put your mind to the test with birds, with cool powers such as bombs speedy birds and the three twin birds to end this comment I will say that Angry Birds is the best Ipad iPhone Itouch game ever

Angry birds is so dope that even hawking plays angry birds while rap battling albert einstein

I play this app everyday and I say to my self " this is the best app ever "

3 Minecraft Pocket Edition

I love this app! I already have a huge mansion with 6 floors, a ladder that goes up to the sky, an underwater lair, a volcano exit to the underwater lair, a wacky-colored sheep park with floating roller coasters, a really long water slide that goes all around the world, a park, an underground farm, a gargantuan tree house, a haunted house, a diving board that goes all the way up to the sky, an underground nature field, a nursery for baby animals, an underground pig house, a pig-themed underground party room, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, and more pig. :D

Yep Especially with the new update

So good, I like all Minecraft every version.

Pretty darn impressed that they can push this far for an iOS version of Minecraft! Bravo, Mojang!

4 Crash! The Most Stupid Race
5 Doodle Jump

Very easy to play, I know I do when I am bored! With amazing updates and new multiplayer, it may just be the best app out there!

so basic yet so addicting!

6 Candy Crush Saga
7 Flappy Bird
8 PapiWall
9 Safari

Safari is way better than bing! Safari is easier to use and only crappy computers can use bing, where as safari is a better search engine and is higher in class. It keeps you more entertained, like a Mac. LeBron sucks!

10 IQ Test
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11 Hay Day
12 Falldown
13 Boom Beach

This is an awesome game made by the same people as clash of clans and instead of training all your troops to die the troops that aren't killed in battle actually survive to use again at full health so basically this is just clash of clans improved hold on my BOOM BEACH troops are done training time to lead them into battle... Maybe they'll survive

14 Rat On Scooter
15 Subway Surfers

This app should definitely be in the top 10!

So addictive and fun

Should be higher

16 Froggy Jump
17 Scribblenauts
18 Game of War: Fire Age

Dude how is game of war not #1 it's clash of clans... But better

19 Apple Shooting
20 Infinity Blade II

WHY isn't this on the list? Without doubt the best iPhone game ever made, it has stunning graphics, a very good story and extremely addicting gameplay!

21 Stick Bo
22 Top Eleven
23 Traffic Rush
24 Fruit Ninja
25 Cut the Rope

Best physics puzzler of all time, on any platform.

This game is love, this game is life

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