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1 Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

I think that Samsung is the best smartphone company in the world as apple have less features than Samsung. Samsung have features such a heat sensor, pedometer, accelerometer and fingerprint.

Another reason is that apple have a less quality camera so therefore that would he a disadvantage for apple.

Another reason is that Samsung is cheaper and affordable than apple. This means that if apple's phones are expensive less people will buy it. As a result of this people will go to competitor such as Samsung. if people got to Samsung apple will make less revenue which could lead to less profits.

Samsung is actually the best. Just because Apple has a better camera doesn't mean you should spend 500 extra dollars for crappy service and battery for a better camera.JUST go buy a camera!
Samsung is a lot better battery that lasts longer and it's more durable!
And you can't say you're just saying that because you don't have enough money for an Apple because I have used Apple product I know. SAMSUNG IS BETTER!

Man I love Samsung, it's my favourite Android smartphone brand ever made. they're very innovative, functional, technological and make the best phones with the coolest OLED Displays. They're phones are always built to last and to perfection!

I've always loved Samsung with all of my heart!

I first had the Galaxy Fame, then moved on to the Note 3 and now the S7 Edge! All those phones are amazing and great functional devices with awesome displays and cameras. love all phones from Samsung

There's simply nothing wrong with the South Korean brand Samsung it's now dominating the smartphone market.

I also love Galaxy A8, J5, Note 8, S8 and S9! All great phones with capacitive SD memory!

I love Samsung Forever baby!

I am very proud of myself getting a samsung galaxy S3 instead of the iphone 5! This company knows how to make the most lightest and active phones! It also has android, the best software for phone yet. Very good camera and settings! This phone can hold you whole technological life!

2 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

I have an iPhone 5S, my dad has an iPhone 6 but is going to upgrade to iPhone 7 soon. Apple phones have progresse much further than other companies such as Nokia and Motorola. And at least iPhones don't explode like Samsungs do. I have an iPad Mini 2, (3 years old) an iPod Touch 3rd Gen (5 years old) and an iPhone 5S (1 year old) and have never had any problems with them. They feel so good to hold and look amazing, they may have a simple design and be easy to use but there is more storage on them than most other phones (Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia) and have the widest range of downloadable apps, both for free and paid. For example, the latest iPhone, the iPhone 7, comes in 64GB, 128GB or 256GB. It is also smaller than some phones such as some of the latest Motorola phones. If you are looking for a new phone, I would suggest an iPhone 5S, SE, 6 or 7.

I have used Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola before using an iPhone. So in short I have used Android, Blackberry OS and windows OS. But IOS stands out to be exceptional. Lag free (no matter how much space is left in your phone), display is vivid(I use iPhone X) and with that comes new features every time apple launches an upgrade. Just exceptional product.

Samsung has more market shares but that only happens because it produces from low end budget phones to high end flagship high tech phones. If we talk about high end phones market shares, I can say that apple rules over every other companies, including the samsung.

I think Apple is awesome. My first IPhone was a IPhone 8 and I'm glad I got the iPhone 8 instead of any Samsung, Android, Lg, etc. Apple is fast and smooth it very unique over everything else. It is very simple and easy to learn. I highly recommend you getting a IPhone.

3 Nokia

Totally indestructible.

My uncle sat on my 3310 and it survived, then I dropped it out of a hot air balloon when I was in one and it lived.

Nokia is my favourite mobile brand... I'm using Nokia lumia 800 these days... Nokia have some good things which other brands can't do... There is a Nokia care in every corner of world.. It is making costly and very very cheap phones also. As in using Nokia lumia 800 it is having some problems but its not nokia's problem its Microsoft's problem as HTC and Samsung windows phone are also having same problem.. Nokia has best display, screen, looks... And I'm taking new cell... This time I will go for Nokia lumia 920... =)

I want a good Nokia phone like N95,N 72,ie free from Microsoft Windows and Android. But when I like, Microsoft Windows and Google's accounts can set up for internet search.
Facebook should be free from Microsoft Windows and Googled. Like Nokia N72 N95 etc.So that Microsoft Windows can't block my facebook account. As I am getting trouble now...I will never purchase any windowsphone in my life and inform my all friends.
Prince Ca.

Nokia is very good and it has good features, good quality, and it is very fast. It absolutely better than Samsung. Even I hate Samsung because it makes all same kinds of phones but nokia makes all different phones and they are quite good.


Here's why HTC is not on the top:

Normal people prefer Samsung (admit it, most or their technology is un-original).

Mainstream people prefer apple (stereotypes who don't know anything about technology).

Dumb people prefer nokia (user-friendly is for idiots who don't know how to operate a phone).

But only people with a class and logic prefer HTC (who actually prefer original technology and innovation over stupid trends and looks or even expensive phones and copied, plagiarized tech).

Htc is better than best. It's totally cool all the way. Every single hardware components of it contain the vow to make a user comfortable to great extent. It wouldn't let the user to compromise over anything that other phone companies do whether it is on hardware or software. Htc established to personify the joyness of using handsets in every single term. I love my htc and will use only Htc untill my last breath.

HTC should be at top. Some People hate HTC because they just can't afford it. HTC offers the best hardware and the best UI than any other mobile and it is a LOT better than Samsung.

I love HTC, no matter how underrated or unpopular it is, because I'm so addicted to its UI experience. I bought HTC 10 last week. It's a good phone with good build quality, but it is not as good as other flagship phones like galaxy s7 edge, pixel, iPhone 7 etc.. in performance and camera.

5 Sony Ericsson

It is a very nice company and through my opinion sony mobile phones should be the best. Sony offers the best when it comes to their phone's camera. And their screen are scratch resistant and reflective. All sony smartphones is the best when you look at their rivals. They offer a price that is more than worth of what you bought from them. Other brands become expensive because of their name but even though sony is popular they offer you the best not like the other phones that offer you their names. With the softwares, applications, of course camera, games, quality, price, services, style, animations and all what you can't imagine on a phone.

Sony offers the best when it comes to their phone's camera. And their screen are scratch resistan and reflective. All sony smartphones is the best when you look at their rivals. They offer a price that is more than worth of what you bought from them. Other brands become expensive because of their name but even though sony is popular they offer you the best not like the other phones that offer you their names. With the softwares, applications, of course camera, games, quaity, price, services, style, animations and all what you can't imagine on a phone, Sony have it!

Sony is still the best. Its camera is very nice and can focus anything. Since I was young me and my family are already sony users specially their phone and now specially their xperia. I also have their new ones. Still the best unlike the other. Its feature is really nice.

Sony is the best, I have all your flagship phones right from the Satio to the Xperia X2 to the Xperia Z2. I don't how Sony does it but every time people look at a Sony product they go wow such elegance, such class, such power, etc. So yeah Sony for Life.

6 LG

LG is the best mobile phone of all the mobile phone companies. LG is fully technologically compliant, flexible, strong, and easily and fast connection to network system. It is better than Nokia in very ramification. Nokia is widely sold because it is cheaper.

Hello guy's
I use lg mobile phones till 2015.
My experience is that,LG is the best.
LG is. Much more better then samsung,apple&many others.
Lg phones are affordable.
Lg camera's are best.
As compare to Samsung lg is much more advanced.
My advice to all off you is that,"buy LG rather than Samsung or Apple"
okay guys take care of your self
Bye bye

LG is very affordable and has excellent hardware systems. Really good ui and is reliable and has fast connection to networks systems. Definitely recommend this company

Their phones are sleek, strong, powerful, and easy to use. My LG Rebel 2 was big but not too big. All of them are pretty reliable.

7 Motorola

Motorola is the best mobile phone of all the mobile phone companies. LG is fully technologically compliant, flexible, strong, and easily and fast connection to network system. It is better than Nokia in very ramification. Nokia is widely sold because it is cheaper.

Lg phones r really a balance of affordability and features. Really good ui and features at a good range. So its good to use them

I really love LG for what devices they built premium devices really

I like Motorola because this company knows which feature is to be given in which range! And The first Shatterproof phone is the best phone ever I have used! All the features that are needed in a phone! Only one advice please give stylus pen to phones please! Moto X Force Rocks! Hats off

Motorola is the best because they are one of the biggest phone companys in the world. Even though apple has the Iphone who cares Motorola has more choices than apple also samsung may be okay but hands down I would totally vote for Motorola.

Motorola has the best build quality... And the new Mobile Moto x force will come with first shatterproof display.. Which proof again that built quality of Motorola is world best build quality of mobile..and new features and voice command make mobile your best partner..

8 Huawei

I think HUAWEI deserves a thumbs up because of its design it looks premium and elegant at the very low price point, specially the design of the P series. Even thou the build quality is not as good as the other brands but they still producing a high rated and solid smartphones. The camera of some HUAWEI phones are great it can produces a clear and nice photos even in the low light. So that's why HUWAEI deserves to be on top.

My first phone of my own. HUAWEI Ascend Y300 with great features at that time. I really enjoyed that phone. It was HUAWEI's best selling smartphone at that time and after that came HUAWEI Ascend P6 that My mother still using. These two phones made my mind that HUAWEI is really a premium brand that is competing with Apple and Samsung and it is one of the world's Top 3 companies in global sales market.

People completely forget about huawei, they are honestly such a good company. I am currently using the Huawei Honor 7 and it is by far the best phone I've ever had. The style is nice, it has really cool features such as a fingerprint scanner and it has one of the best cameras on the market. They are totally underestimated when it comes to phones.

I like this brand because they have good phones with nice features which are really cheap and affordable... but unfortunately, not popular... though iPhone and Samsung are always at the top of the list and people often go for those, I hope huawei will come to top 5 one day with better features and gain more popularity in market...

9 Blackberry

Best operating system (bb10) I have ever used.
loving the blackberry hub and key board typing.
most secured os in the world. my android friends are amazed by picture password.
like others blackberry will not access your data, or literally scan your finger print and save in their data base nor allow other apps to access.
some of the countries banned blackberry because they could not hack blackberry database.
blackberry is not for everyone simply serious business.
warning: crackberry is highly addictive once your used to it you cannot use others.

For me blackberry is god of all mobile phones in the world. Put your iPhone series in to trash and use phone of elite. Only extra ordinary people can use it. I am proud of RIM.

Which company should on top1 Which is after the many fake companies.
Instead of remove the name of this company from list.

I have blackberry z10 it's a awesome futurable mobile.. And it has provide a best fucnalities.. And also provide best security... Compare to anther company phone..

10 Micromax

Hi this is thillai I want to share something about micromax a250 mobile, every body no one go to buy any micromax mobile phones in India they are cheating and no good relationship witg customers I have a experience them a250 model within 2month the mobile had a lot of probkem, so every body don't go to buy any micromax mobiles..9585716838 this is my mobile no..

It's The best. I had Micromax Canvas Mega E353, it runs so cool and it doesn't hangs. The display is very good, and it's speed is the best. It is the best touchscreen mobile, of the best company, and it's cost is very low! I told everyone to buy a mobile of this company and make fun with it. Thank You...

This brand should be on top because it offers best phones at low prices and it also offers awesome features at low prices. This brand is competitive of Samsung, Apple, Sony, because they offer these features at high prices

I love micromax company because I am geting the same feature phone with my affordable price its wonder full. I will say customer to be a part of micromax and enjoy it

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11 Oppo

It is the best mobiles... It doesn't hang or lag even after years of usage... Screens used in this mobiles doesn't glare in sunlight... Picture clarity is superb... The sound quality is fantastic...

I got Oppo neo 3 it's outstanding mobile brand... With lots of features...

Its awesome...I'm proud of being a family member s of oppo...I'm using oppo mirror 5..

This is a Horizontal product. I use that product & very happy.

12 Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Excellent display & touch experience, Gorilla glass protection.
Very good Cameras, front & back, with various modes.
Good Performance & battery life.

I honestly don't like these phones that much. They are very slow for me.

It's very easy to handle..
Very attractive design...
Good clarity...

It's a no. 1 mobile phone which I have been used in my life...

13 Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

Lenovo should be on the Ist list... as compared to all handsets lenovo is much price affordable and less issues to be faced...

Very nice phone,..I have lenovo A5000 its cool and very affordable and the features is very very GOOD!...

Lenovo should be the first. Because it is affordable and it has premium features.

Just bought lenovo k5 phone ever...
Don't think about it just go for it

14 Gionee

They have grown there business more in India than in their homeland China. Lots of love from India and excellent phones!

Gionee is the best.. And the very best... It's the largest and the number one mobile manufacurer! Amazing and durable phone

Superb phones! With their best designs, performance and the Amigo UI! Gionee rocks! With love from India!

Superb company having Excellent Quality mobiles with affordable prices..

15 Xiaomi

Xiaomi is the best company ever beat in marketing best in products with its low price and higher product specifications the company can go to very level and can easily fight with apple and Samsung.

I am using xiaomi mi 4i, it is awesome phone, I am very impressed with the camera quality of xiaomi. I also used iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. but xiaomi's camera is better than all in this range.
Thank you

I am using Redmi note 3 and it is the best phone under 20k. According to me xiaomi is no. 2 company on the earth. No. 1 company is Apple of course. Samsung is worst company on the earth.

I feel proud that I have redmi note 4 instead of having Samsung Galaxy 8 or iphone 7 plus..
No one company can sell mobile having this feature in this range...

16 Acer Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Excellent quality and performance for the price. Battery life is awesome!

Ultra-fast in a compact design to meet my busy life on the go.

Acer is so awesome


Xolo A500s I am using Brand I think so good mobile phone according my self world 2nd beast phone... No hanging its good result..

I too think its good... And it will reach sky 1 day!

Xolo is the phone in the world.

Xolo is the best company

18 QMobile

QMobile z5 is an amazing smartphone with stunning features and extraneous quality. All the phones of the company are really innovative, light weight and portable. Most of the phones run on fast processors and provide flexibility and durability

Qmobile is no1 mobile phone selling brand. I love qmobile as it offers stunning features and almost all the devices are well equipped with modern technology

Qmobile gives many new features in low cost. In qmobile there is modern technology and best product in the world

QMobile is the best screen touch mobile so it should be in number 1 position.

19 Alcatel

I have Alcatel and it is great mobile. Yes, it isn't like Samsung but for low cost is great android and it is strong if it fall on the ground it will get no damage.

Its really good sturdy and quality wise cost effective.
Good battery back ups.

Alcatel phone with the best quality and design.

Best mobile in the world

20 Dell Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.

Hold on dell isn't a phone company right?

Dell and Samsung are the best!

Dell mobile company is best.

It is the worst of all

21 OnePlus One Plus Technology Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

The best phone out there that is not a Samsung, Apple, Pixel, or other android phones. The pixel and plus series are running android. Oneplus is the FlagShip Killer.

Way better than Samsung or apple, on price alone. Their phones also feel premium and well designed. Certainly a company to watch for in the future.

Priced right, pure Android experience and growing fanbase! Lots of updates!

OnePlus 7 is the best mobile phone ever!
Seriously OnePlus should be in the top ten list

22 Spice

Spice mi-506 is good phone.

Worlds best smart phon

23 Lava

Lava is a very good mobile. I think that it should be in top ten.

It is one of the best mobile phone. It is the proud of nation.

Best + low price. I think it should be in top ten

It's the best company phone I have ever used.

24 HP The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.
25 Karbonn

Titanium s5 plus one of the best phones made by karbonn better than lava iris x1, motorola moto e and micromax unite 2. So please buy this handset.

It's a phone with much high features than the price. Its awesome it should be at 4 or 5 not 11 you are wrong see other websites also fools

It has amazing touch... It has all features of android smart phones and is still so affordable

What is best mobile of karbonn?

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