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1 Samsung Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

I am very proud of myself getting a samsung galaxy S3 instead of the iphone 5! This company knows how to make the most lightest and active phones! It also has android, the best software for phone yet. Very good camera and settings! This phone can hold you whole technological life!

Obviously, am owning Galaxy S2 it's awesome. I have used nokia before but was not satisfied...

I think that Samsung is the best smart phone company in the world as apple have less features than Samsung. Samsung have features such a heat sensor, pedometer, accelerometer and finger print.

Another reason is that apple have a less quality camera so therefore that would he a disadvantage for apple.

Another reason is that Samsung is cheaper and affordable than apple. This means that if apple's phones are expensive less people will buy it. As a result of this people will go to competitor such as Samsung. if people got to Samsung apple will make less revenue which could lead to less profits.

Samsung has great functions I like it very much and I used only samsung company mobile in my life

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2 Apple Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple is by far the company that makes the best stuff, unfortunately they're very restrictive. But that is what jailbreaking is for.

Best touch phone making company...! Better than nokia and samsung!
The Touch is very soft, probably the best company evrr.

I nokia phone is very very high budget phone that 's why I hate nokia phone

M always prefer apple instead of all other brands because it is best company for cell phones, m using iphone 5 n my bro just purchase samsung galaxy S3 but it is nothing in front of I phone 5, Apple is awesome..

It's the best in the world

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3 Nokia

Yes... Absolutely nokia is user friendly mobile, all over the world which makes it to be at top 1st.

Nokia should be number one because it is better than Samsung in every way!

The best mobile phones in the market. Easy to use, flexible, strong, full optioned, and supported parts all over the world.

Nokia is not only Brand it is the soul of quality

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HTC should be at top. Some People hate HTC because they just can't afford it. HTC offers the best hardware and the best UI than any other mobile and it is a LOT better than Samsung.

I've been using HTC mobile phones from past 2 years... And they've always came with new design, UI, hardware... Whereas Samsung products design look the same

Fluent and can be used by INCREDIBLE HULK without breaking down

Best phone brand

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5 Sony Ericsson

Sony offers the best when it comes to their phone's camera. And their screen are scratch resistan and reflective. All sony smartphones is the best when you look at their rivals. They offer a price that is more than worth of what you bought from them. Other brands become expensive because of their name but even though sony is popular they offer you the best not like the other phones that offer you their names. With the softwares, applications, of course camera, games, quaity, price, services, style, animations and all what you can't imagine on a phone, Sony have it!

Eperia phones are the best in design than any other company and in applications too... But samsung at the top not worth it all samsung phones are same designed and nokia phones are now outdated
At the same time sony offers you great looks

Sony Ericsson is all about perfection. The new SE mobiles are just great and are fully loaded with applications. The SE phones provide most of the necessary functions for a mobile. The Smartphones series Xperia is really good.

Best brand in world

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6 Blackberry

No doubt it is the best phone

No doubt that it is the best mobile phone company

I have Blackberry Z10 its cool.


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LG is the best mobile phone of all the mobile phone companies. LG is fully technologically compliant, flexible, strong, and easily and fast connection to network system. It is better than Nokia in very ramification. Nokia is widely sold because it is cheaper.

Lg phones r really a balance of affordability and features. Really good ui and features at a good range. So its good to use dem

I really love LG for what devices they built premium devices really

Lg phones are the best. They have a LOT of storage and battery lasts long. I'm proud to have an LG.

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8 Motorola

The best in Quality and world's first known mobile company.. Will be back with huge success. Expecting Moto x to turn all around this ranking...

Motorola is the best because they are one of the biggest phone companys in the world. Even though apple has the Iphone who cares Motorola has more choices than apple also samsung may be okay but hands down I would totally vote for Motorola.

It is one of best mobile company.

Motorola is one of the best Android mobile.which provide stock Android version to improve software...
Motorola company different doing and different thinking...I love Motorola company..
And it has announced a new Motorola one power...
Thank for Motorola company

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9 Micromax

I love micromax company because I am geting the same feature phone with my affordable price its wonder full. I will say customer to be a part of micromax and enjoy it

I have seen this micro max company have design the many mobile phone with affordable price as compare same features in other brands

Micro Max is making best mobile with affordable price

Not micromax is tracking is very bad company

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10 Huawei

Nice look with great features for low cost.. Build quality is very good. It gives you the feel of using mobile phones that you buy for high prices in samsung, sony, etc.. I used huawei ascend y300 and did not find any cons till now...

The HUAWEI IS A NEW mobile phone brand that hits the market this day... I used huwei ascend y300 it works fine! Battery is ecxellent... 3 to 4 days of normal usage...3 times it fells down 1.6meters of height... Price is affordable... Durability is quite good..

I used huawei honnor 2. Very aowesome mob nice features and affordable price. This company is growing up very fast.

Buying Huawei NOVA 2i very soon can't wait

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11 Gionee

Gionee is the best.. And the very best... It's the largest and the number one mobile manufacurer! Amazing and durable phone

This company as best mobile quality

Super amazing manufacturer super hardware

Gionee is best

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12 Oppo

I got Oppo neo 3 it's outstanding mobile brand... With lots of features...

I have oppo n1 mini it's very awesome mobile start look and soft. Touch

It is very good phone for internet and for high games

Super company

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Its good and affordable and stylish and it has basic and premium features and the quality is good too service network need some makeover however its good considering company is relatively new

I am using still 2 years it the best mobile to me no hanging and the very good look

Xolo A500s I am using Brand I think so good mobile phone according my self world 2nd beast phone... No hanging its good result..

Xolo is the phone in the world.

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14 Asus Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

The smoothest touch experience

I think best phone and reasonable rate, good feature, it will come number 1 next-generation

Its good company I used its mobile are good

It's a no. 1 mobile phone which I have been used in my life...

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15 Karbonn

What is best mobile of karbonn?

This is an company best product low price

I like karbonn phones

Very good

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16 Acer Acer Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

I love my Acer phone it's really great I dropped it at least 56 times and I'll tell you what each time it's never broke and I've had this phone for almost 5 years now and it's maybe an old phone but I'll tell you what it still rings at dings and the ding-a-lings

Excellent quality and performance for the price. Battery life is awesome!

Acer is so awesome


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17 Lenovo Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

I recently brought lenovo p780 its great

I bought a lenovo s930 great phone with affordable price

I love this it has every thing best

World best mobile budget mobile

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18 Xiaomi

Greatest phone ever, solid fight with apple, samsung & other similar brands

Mi3 the best mobile and better mobile

Xiaomi is the best company ever beat in marketing best in products with its low price and higher product specifications the company can go to very level and can easily fight with apple and Samsung.


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19 Lava

Lava is best mobile and a low price

Lava is a very good mobile. I think that it should be in top ten

LAVA Mobile Very Good

I love to use lava companies smartphone.

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20 Spice

Spice is a best mobile brand

Worlds best smart phon

Spice mobile is not good mi 506


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21 QMobile

Qmobile gives more features in low cost but they don't make it a good quality product..not only quantity matters but the thing that matters is the quality of a product...

QMobile z5 is an amazing smartphone with stunning features and extraneous quality. All the phones of the company are really innovative, light weight and portable. Most of the phones run on fast processors and provide flexibility and durability

Qmobile is no1 mobile phone selling brand. I love qmobile as it offers stunning features and almost all the devices are well equipped with modern technology

This is best company - Alimurtaza

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22 Dell Dell Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.

Hold on dell isn't a phone company right?

Dell and Samsung are the best!

It is the worst of all

Love it - jackintheboxisgross

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23 Vodafone

Waste network ever


No signals in outer states and in villages useless ramcharan ads useeelesss

Itna ghatia phone

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24 Alcatel

I have Alcatel and it is great mobile. Yes, it isn't like Samsung but for low cost is great android and it is strong if it fall on the ground it will get no damage. - Vic1141

Alcatel phone with the best quality and design.

Best mobile in the world

I am currently using alcatel phone.. best..

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25 Celkon

Celkon an Indian company please vote for it to make on top

Best I have seen in cheaper cost

The Best Mobile in India

Best cheapest android smartphone best android cell on q44

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26 Vivo

Vivo is best in sound quality and picture quality, the processors of vivo are very good.

Vivo is good company this screen sensitive and good quality mobile unique features

IS the Best company in this world

Best but need more

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27 Videocon

My new tablet is videocon

Bks I am using tis as my phone...

I have 26 phones of vidiocon

YAA I have this brand mobile z30 infinum the people sugest that u get this phone in sale of washing machine inthis u got1mobile free

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28 HP HP The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Out standing

This is the best I got an hp pavilion Hdx it's so famuos

29 Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

This is best company in the world and amazing quality.

30 Intex

Intex is providing us best range

Intex aqua i7 fully featured phone in low price.

This is better than samsung

This phone is great

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31 Symphony

It is just unbelievably best phone

Symphony the best in low price of Bangladesh

It's a hard mobile.

No one local brand of Bangladesh

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32 One Plus

A New Technological Company That Can Over Take Other Big Companies...One+ - Madhve

Way better than Samsung or apple, on price alone. Their phones also feel premium and well designed. Certainly a company to watch for in the future.

New technology of one plus is too good

This product is LIT IT IS so GOOOD

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33 Virgin
34 Reliance

This is for alcatel, yxtel, more

Lyf mobile is best in India as compare to others

Best service due to two years warranty
Thank you reliance

35 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Best company

The Nexus Series of Smartphones and Tablets, is Google's flagship product.


36 O+

This phone company deserves to be in the highest rank - Rayray

Because it is more convenient than others

37 Nexus

Nexus has the best phones according to me I have a nexus and it is awesome it has the latest Android

Best company...

I have a nexus LG. It is great. I had a defective one and called T-Mobile. I had a 2 year contract on my LG. They shipped me out a new on the next day and I had to return the defective one without paying shipping!

38 AT&T

I gets service in the woods

39 Sky Vega

It is very nice mobile company

Outstanding and brilliant

Very Nice Company

The number mobile company I use nice mobile incrise camra

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40 Siemens Mobile
41 Panasonic Panasonic

World class quality smartphone with best performance. Oldest company in consumer electronics.

Nice phone you made
...please made more nice smart phone

Good as compare to phones which are in top

Very best

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42 Coolpad Dazen

Nice features!

Coolpad is best mobile

Coolpad is good products mobile work is awesome

One of the best mobile.

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43 China Mobile

Malata mobile

China mobile bakavas phone

China samsung se aage hai

China donia ke sab sa good compny ha
China is a best compny of the world

44 Walton

They have some really good android phones... Nice, flexible, cheap and durable... Best mobile phone company from South Asia...

Best mobile phone in Asia

They are too damn GOOD


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45 Tecno

Best of all try it

This is the best phone in the world just search the phone it is really good

Tecno is the best than other brands

It's the best and affordable

46 Infinix

Infinix s is a blast

I have infinix note 3 pro its best

They are good with their Infinix zero 3. This phone has all features like those Samsung galaxy S6 possesses. You can get this phone cheaply compared to Samsung, it more expensive.

Very Good Phone

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47 ZTE

It is one of the best mobile company

Good phone is so much for the first one the other phone

The worst phone ever

ZTE world first 5G phone

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48 iBall

Technology company in India

Good and quality products

Good products

Nice phone...

49 Infocus

The best front facing camera of all in focus mobile phones

Greatest phone at cheapest rate

InFocus has 118 Service centres and best in class rating

Nice company

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50 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

Microsoft is better than nokia

How did u forget this

It gives best quality phone at lowest price but the Samsung and apple gives the Same quality in above 50000

Microsoft is my favourite company because its functions are the best

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