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1 Samsung Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

Samsung Galaxy S II is the best smartphone of all time I dare to say that. What I meant is that the year 2011 it came out, it surpassed all other smartphones easily with its remarkable and AWESOME speed, stunning OLED screen, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL design and shape and so many more. I'm not exxagerating here. It's a matter of FACT. The Lite'ning Rom, Wuhh. A major impact on the galaxy s2. I can say that its lightning fast and very stable. Even the Apple iPhone 5 can't match the speed of the beast galaxy s2. Seriously, it was tested and proven. Consider it, future smartphones nor from Samsung, HTC, Apple whatsoever cannot fight the victory did by the galaxy s2 during it did in its generations.

Samsung Galaxy S-II is the king of all the other smartphones till date. I got to hear that, Galaxy S-I is going to released soon. If it is so, then its gonna be the killer of all the other smartphones out there. Samsung Forever..

A couple of days ago I bought galaxy s2. One of the best smart phones I have ever seen. Brilliantly fast smart phone. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Samsung all the way

Best of the bests

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2 Apple Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Being able to afford an Apple product might mean you have financial status, but it doesn't automatically make you a superior just makes you a wannabe hipster. Apples used to be something special, they used to collaborate with the hardware manufacturers that supplied their devices to offer truly unique and "apple only" features. Apple used to be synonymous with reliability, simplicity and innovation. But ever since their iPhone 4 it has been one mistake immediately following the other. Their tablets and phones aesthetically are no more than copy and staple remakes of older phones and have absolutely no flattering new features at all which unfortunately seems to be the industry norm. But what's most frustrating is the fact that the hardware specs of all Apple touchscreen devices are anything but awe inspiring. I have a galaxy note 3 from two years ago that, according to statistics released by Apple, will outperform the not even released yet iPhone 7. How can they be so far ...more - cagecrasher

Where do I start, if I was to choose any smartphone it would defiantly be an Apple because the quality is excellent and great apps that are privately made. Do not choose other cheap alternatives like Samsung especially that steal the ideas from apple and try to compete in their market by stocking very similar items that are terrible. When I say an Apple phone is simple I mean nothing can go wrong while using this phone/brand while other brands like Samsung & Htc are cheap gadget phone that are slow and un reliable. Don't make the wrong choice

Only brand to give software updates for the longest time

No one can beat apple in hardware software integration..!

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3 Sony Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Even before I use sonyerricson great picture resolutions, smooth quality of softwares and they always aim for the best phone with each release.

Sony is great! I recommend Sony to those who like to play games, listen music and watch movie through the phone! If you are a young and playful teenager or youth, Sony's phones are really a great for you!

Sony should be Top 3, have you seen their features and HD video and camera, and they even have Quad cores and 1.5GHz Snapdrago, Qualcom, Adreno, plus there smart phones are water proof, actually they should be at 2, because iPhone only has dual core, even iPhone 5 dual core, that sucks right, tsk tsk... People just buy the Status symbols, they don't use it properly..

5 reasons why Sony is the Best...
1. Great HD IPS Display for excellent viewing of movies and videos
2. Great Camera All Around with Exmor RS and Sony's Camera Apps like no other
3. Superb Battery Life with up to 2 days and no phone brand has been able to overcome battery life issues unlike Sony!
4. It has the Highest Waterproof rating of any phone so no worries of dropping the phone in water or when it rains!
5. Awesome Audio and Music with Crystal Clear Sound enhanced with ClearAudio+, DSEE HX and Hi-Res Audio capability! (Recommended for Music Lovers)

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It is the best company because of their service.

Honestly, LG is not that bad! I have one and I think it is just as good as a iphone.

Lg for special features an innovation

LG must be the number 1:
With its leading exquisite and superb approach to the CLASH of SMARTPHONES, however, is an cost-effective and a highly-proficient. Compared to others out there that doesn't know how to EXQUISITENESS.
LG, is the brand that you will surely devote and crave for, if you will see it's uniqueness than other SMARTPHONES who offer BIG PRICE but not that worth it. LG is a smart buy. Think WISELY!

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5 Blackberry

Blackberry is one of the best and elegant Global smartphone. Touch & Fixed Keyboard based world number 1 smartphone I thing so.

I tested many android and windows devices, but I experienced good with blackberry. I never experienced better sound quality in any other devices. BlackBerry cannot compared with any other devices, its special. My first smartphone was BlackBerry and my last smartphone also will be BlackBerry.

Beats everyone with the uniqueness!

The first always will be the first, blackbery invented the smartphone, and he has been faithful to its vision of being the creator of its own operating system

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Definitely the best, despite a few faults to the 2011 models. The HTC One series, especially the top-end flagships are the most beautiful smartphones ever. Apple and Samsung take no risks and bring out the same phones every year that have minimal changes. HTC always do a complete change. Someone try to find a substantial difference between the S3 and the S4, or the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. See there are none. But find a difference between the One X and the One, there are many, including physical design and general beauty. The One is the first phone to be completely made of Aluminium and all that, also invented Ultrapixels.

HTC Sensation XL with Beat Audio... Two Thumbs Up!

I've had the sensation and now the inspire and they are both amazing! I am forever an HTC buyer!

It's also better

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7 Nokia

Yes, it's back as a savior for those who still pointlessly discriminate Chinese brands, those who were pointlessly loyal to a laggy Samsung phones and those who were tired of iPhones. Stock Android is as efficient as iOS. Stock Android is everyone should try. Nokia is the best alternative to Chinese brands, while Samsung is the worse. Stock Android is just unbeatable, that Nokia chose to run. If Chinese brand just become their stumbling block for enjoying Stock Android. Thanks that Nokia came back, to make them enjoy Stock Android.

Mark my words. The king of phones is coming back. THE LEGACY recreates.

I love nokia

Nokia! Move forward! Try more! I believe I can see this brand go further in the future. I'd still like the N9 and the Asha 311. The Lumia's look is not bad. Just keep improving, overcome this challenge leave behind all the waste.

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8 Motorola

I don't know

Moto Gs are the best - Radiumus

Motorola is by far the best smartphone brand in the world! They are very innovative and are the best looking phones out there! Go motorola!

Good Budget Phone

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9 Xiaomi

Why the hell is Xiaomi so low? Come on people vote for Xiaomi as they have launched their new flagship the Mi4 which has excellent specs for a cheap price.

It's the best compared to most skinned Android phones, but to experience the best of Xiaomi go to it's Android One variant, Mi A series, instead of upgrading to flagship, if flagship specs are not necessary. Stock Android is still the best for everyone, it doesn't need flagship specs to run smoothly and receive longer updates.

It's the best and reliabe smartphone maker. I have been a fan for over 6 years since inception in Indian market. But the quality is very good compared to Samsung which is highly over-rated. Samsung should never sell tablets which produce worst products. As far as Xiaomi, waiting for their tablets and laptops.

I vote Xiaomi, but I'm not talking about which is the best, I'm talking about ecosystem where I belong. At first it's always about price, but at the end it's about more like a relationship. I ended up being attached to Android then in Xiaomi's MIUI. Even I have more money I will still prefer Xiaomi.

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10 Lenovo Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

Best phone ever! S960 technology almost same as apple, Lenovo should be in top 5

The best mobile I ever had I have been using mobile since 1999 but lenovo is the best mobile I had until this in my life awesome duet...

Best phone ever even if not it shouldn't be ranked as 14 because from my openion it is better than motorola, asus and micromax. And nokia may be a good brand but not at all good as a smartphone and the funniest thing is that Google that is ranked as 10th is said to be android which is a os but hey we are talking about smartphones my friend and alcatel is so not known that before now I haven't even heard of it

Lenovo is the best smartphone ever

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11 Huawei

Just because Donald Trump is a total git and discrediting Chinese phone brands doesn't mean they're not good. Use common sense people!

Huawei is best

Its hilarious that people voted Huawei below Micromax! And even Asus!
Off this record, I own a Huawei ascend mate and I must tell you its been one year from the launch I just got my 3rd firmware update Jelly bean 4.2.2. No hardware problem yet and trust me I am literally throw away and drop the phone sometimes. Although my friend got the phone's screen broken but got it replaced under warranty without any hustle in just 4 days. Amazing service

Best phone brand. Better than Apple and Samsung.

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12 Google Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Google is the answer for any problems.
Tired of iPhones?
Tired of Android countless problems?
Just switch to stock Android.
Stock or near-stock Android is what really make phones best.

Google is the owner of android how come it is over here it should be number 1

Google pixel 2. But in Google some really rude things come up in autocorrect.

Google play edition phones, how can you get any better

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13 ASUS ASUS ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Its best in PC and laptops

Best phone asper budget and hardware and its build quality is super

Love asus padfone their catching up. Just give them a little more time to keep produce and selling more, espacially if it comes the United States of America I sure it will sell, and if they also make ads.

Best company and most trusted company also Intel is just awesome

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14 Micromax

The technology is available to all the players. The difference comes from how you use it to optimally cater the needs and wants of the customer in a reliable way. That's what makes Micromax stand out and essentially what catapulted it into the hall of fame with the bigwigs. Way to go. Micromax. The star of rapidly growing markets.

Highly satisfied after using the micromax phone. It is going to be a best Indian smart phone company. All the best

Most effective brand

Micromax is better smartphone brand in India and this is low price phones with best quality

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15 Nexus

Nexus is way better than alcatel.

I'm about to get a Nexus phone. Can anyone tell me if it's a good phone or not

Google and Nexus are supposed to be the same

If you buy a budget phone try huawei

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16 Alcatel

I like Alcatel phones. I have several phones, & so far, my most reliable phone is an Alcatel 871 non-smart phone! I have a Pop also, but I still went back to the 871.

Alcatel is better than nokia mann

Alcatel deserves to be in the third place

Alcatel should be the third because it has cool and new features than the rest from 3rd to the last. It also has many invented phones so it deserves to be in the third place

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Great phone. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. It's a surprise Oppo's not in the top ten. Well, they're relatively young. And it's hard to compete in a market under the reins of psychological maneuvering. Top 10 or not, Oppo's really is a thing of beauty. Excellent engineering and superb aesthetics. Thank you OPPO!

As you can see the design, innovation and quality of OPPO are at high level. The art of technology with its hand made metal body, its superior camera with very affordable price. You can have a device with cheap in price yet standard smartphone with high specs with unique hand gestures and motions. No doubt maybe after a year or years this company will rise on the top 10 best smartphones company in the world. How I wish their Android updates and additional innovations to beat giant companies.

This is absolutely innovative! They creative a unique charging system called VOltage Open loop multi-step constant current Charging system or VOOC when the battery gets low, it increases until it comes into a full charge in 30 minutes or less. And yes...I dreamed to have an OPPO Neo 7 because of higher clarity & resolution when it comes to selfies, videos & screen display. I'm not just liking it, but...I LOVE IT!

Hopefully in 2016, OPPO should climb up 8 or more notches to get the top 10 spot! The better if OPPO should be in top 3 after Samsung & Apple! The best if OPPO should be on top of Samsung for the #1 spot!

Very unique and cool.

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18 OnePlus

It's a Stock Android phone with features that really matters. If they're just choosing iPhone, because of longer updates, or Samsung, because of thinking that it matches iPhone. But actually what match iPhone is Stock Android. If they think that iOS or Stock Android is boring, One Plus is the best for them. One Plus did a great job for maintaining the Stock Android feel. Only Near-Stock Android can beat Stock Android. I relied on some features of Xiaomi's MIUI, but I use Stock Android theme with Poco launcher. My only drawback to switch from Xiaomi to OnePlus, is the proprietary fast charging technology, but to most, simplicity is what matters. Android phones should be in Stock Android look by default, and just let the users decide to customize it.

Quality + Good Price + Specs = A good deal - tequila

Should be in top ten. A phone better than the iPhone X for less than 600 dollars. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

Quality mobile

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19 Panasonic Panasonic

Best phone. Great battery. Camera super

I am also use smartphone of this company its very cool and biliveable brand.

Best smartphone's ever

I think it's good

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20 Gionee

Best fone for the price.. Awesome display.. But very low speakers.. Low quality earphone out..

Super mobile I'm using these mobile only

Good specs and designs

Very good smart phone in good price segment

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21 ZTE

Come on guys these growing companies can achieve great potential in the Smartphone market today. ZTE devices offer great value for money that can be very competitive in the market today. I do belive they are going to step up their game soon to beat the Big manufacturers like Sam-Plastic and Pineapple!

I used to have a Samsung, apple and zte phone and out of all of them I would prefer zte as it is the best and has all the features combined that u would find in apple and Samsung so I definitely recommend it!

Tomorrow never waits

Zte most innovative

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22 Vivo

Reliable, in budget best smartphone provider

The best choice to buy vivo.

The vest phone it is like an super phone

Nice looking phone and nice mobile device

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23 K-Touch

Superb quaslity camera

24 LeEco

Best Phones Ever


Awaesome phone

I wish that leeco in 2nd place
And Samsung in 1st

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25 Pantech

Sky vega iron 2 is best and better than s4

26 Walton

I like this brand. Because, best device in low price. Also works great.

Awesome For various class of people

I think it's awesome

The best phone company in universe...

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27 Lava

Lava is the best battery live giving company because the battery life in lava phones its just amazing

Best quality brand Lava mobile phone

Lava phones are rally good...

What a phone yar

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28 Coolpad

More! More! Innovation and more improvement of the product!..

Cheap and awesome smartphone. Provide extraordinary features in their smartphone at unbelievable price.

Cheap but the most best smartphone

Cheap and features phone

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29 LYF

Great phone

2 years of guarantee with Indian tag

Indian's kingmaker

Best smartphone

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30 Meizu

Very good smartphone

Very good performance good for selfie, very fast data connection



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31 Xolo

The xolo brand gives best ever smartphone under less money.

Best ever mobile in Indian brands

Xolo rocks. better than micromax

Very bad phone

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32 QMobile

It's the one of the best brands and the best thing about it is that its smart phones like the new A950 etc are just like those of samsung but are a lot cheaper.

Cheapest but quality phone. NO one can deny this fact about this stunning product.

There is cheapest phones In premium Spec And there is good quality not bad

Attention (By Adder) : This is a joke... I Hate this mob - ABD33

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33 One Plus Two

Best flagship killer

Superb phone...


Best mobile

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34 O+

For me it's the best. Moves without a touch that's it's motto. Fast and awesome alerts notifications. No doubt for me it's the best

O+ 360 HD is cheapest but good quality android phone here in the Philippines. Very great HD display - Rayray

O+ 360 HD is the best HD display. Great specs too! - Rayray

35 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

I love Microsoft Lumia smartphone it's operating systems is awesome comparer with ios and android but Microsoft is windows os awesome I love this operating system

Lumia is lumia right no company win this brand

Perfect smartphone...NO HANG...

Best and affordable like Lumia 535 cost effective Lumia 435 and all needs Lumia 640xl. Also it has the most talked personal assistant Courtesans

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36 Karbonn

Titanium range is the best

Only look better not a variety Karbonn company

Its has many features at low cost


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37 Cherry Mobile

Good price and nice phone. The price is very cheap then the phone is look better than other. When I buy Cherry Mobile alpha view I like it scren is 6 inch and window phone and the price is 80 to 100 dollar

So great price and descent phone

Great and cheap

Cherry mobille is affordable and nice...

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38 Infocus

A phone with good features and also in less prize

Infocus is best smartphone it price is low and features is very good

Please buy this it is good smart phone make infocus world best company

Superb smartphone ever...

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39 Infinix

ZERO 3 camera and performance is really superb. And it doesn't really expensive as Sony Xperia X.

How is this not at least top 40

40 Intex

Its touch screen I like very much than many branded mobile

This is a best quality phone

I love intex smartphone

The best smartphone company in India!

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41 Acer Acer Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.


The best and affordable intel tablets

I'm not a fan of acer, but why acer at 57th place?

How about the acer smartphones? Should they be in the last place?

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42 Wiko

I chose this phone...I don't no why..

43 GLX

The best of brands in the Iran I.R.I.

I love i

44 Ninetology
45 Kyocera

Is this a smartphone

46 Kogan

Really cheap and high quality

47 Bphone
48 Sharp Sharp Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products, headquartered in Abeno-ku, Osaka.

Mars has two moons only!?

49 G'Five

Best quality of others brand

Best oh in the world

50 Blu

A tiny, Florida-based phone maker that thinks it can beat Samsung

Great budget phone that more people need to know about, I have the vivo 6 and its amazing

Phones are from Brazil. Good money for the dollar. Highly recommend.

Best budget phone company!

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