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1 Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

Samsung is a great phone brand with many features, though there will be a few technical issues (just like any other phone). Their camera is great, battery is also good, everything is good, but it comes down to user preference.
It may take a bit of time to get used to (if you transition from Apple), but it will still be easy to use and more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy S II is the best smartphone of all time I dare to say that. What I meant is that the year 2011 it came out, it surpassed all other smartphones easily with its remarkable and AWESOME speed, stunning OLED screen, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL design and shape and so many more. I'm not exxagerating here. It's a matter of FACT. The Lite'ning Rom, Wuhh. A major impact on the galaxy s2. I can say that its lightning fast and very stable. Even the Apple iPhone 5 can't match the speed of the beast galaxy s2. Seriously, it was tested and proven. Consider it, future smartphones nor from Samsung, HTC, Apple whatsoever cannot fight the victory did by the galaxy s2 during it did in its generations.

So many people have failed to realize that brand selection isn't as simple as "which is the most reliable". Android isn't the fledgling Linux base OS it used to be and smartphones are no longer just for showing off what apps you can afford. They've been integrated into our lives as necessities for everything from daily commuting to digital content creation/editing and so much more. So although we have Apple to thank for creating the smartphone, we have companies like Samsung to thank for innovating and creating the MODERN smartphone. Quality construction, unrivaled performance for every respective generation since their Galaxy S2 (save the tab2 and tab3 minis) and undeniable value, Samsung is the current king of smartphones. Apple fans should be wary, you aren't paying for raw quality anymore...Mac OS and the hardware you're purchasing is no longer anything special. It's been one mistake right after the other ever since the 3Gs.

Samsung provide flagship smartphone like s series that contain possibly every feature that now a day required for smartphone. While also provide mid range smartphone with little lag in feature for low budget users. Not like apple that only provide smartphone that is not in the budget of every person. Specially I am talking about Asian and Africans countries, and with such a high cast value still they did not provide what samsung can provide you.

2 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

As good as Apple is, their prices are way too high. Their quality is great but whether they are the best is subjective.
Everything in iPhones are good, which maybe why most people will prefer them, and they are really easy to use.

Being able to afford an Apple product might mean you have financial status, but it doesn't automatically make you a superior just makes you a wannabe hipster. Apples used to be something special, they used to collaborate with the hardware manufacturers that supplied their devices to offer truly unique and "apple only" features. Apple used to be synonymous with reliability, simplicity and innovation. But ever since their iPhone 4 it has been one mistake immediately following the other. Their tablets and phones aesthetically are no more than copy and staple remakes of older phones and have absolutely no flattering new features at all which unfortunately seems to be the industry norm. But what's most frustrating is the fact that the hardware specs of all Apple touchscreen devices are anything but awe inspiring. I have a galaxy note 3 from two years ago that, according to statistics released by Apple, will outperform the not even released yet iPhone 7. How can they be so far ...more

Samsung is great, I must agree but they clearly stole Apple's ideas. Overall, Apple is only second because of their price and maybe a few technical specs. In my opinion IOS is way better than Android, because you are safer from viruses and of course, Android is too complicated to use and can crash very easy. If Apple reduces their prices and improves those few technical specs, they will beat Samsung and be second to none. And also, to those who reckon Samsung is stylish and nice, watch an unboxing video or buy any Apple product, you will change your mind. *I am no Apple fanboy, in fact I much rather Microsoft over MAC but in phones and tablets, Apple rules.

Where do I start, if I was to choose any smartphone it would defiantly be an Apple because the quality is excellent and great apps that are privately made. Do not choose other cheap alternatives like Samsung especially that steal the ideas from apple and try to compete in their market by stocking very similar items that are terrible. When I say an Apple phone is simple I mean nothing can go wrong while using this phone/brand while other brands like Samsung & Htc are cheap gadget phone that are slow and un reliable. Don't make the wrong choice

3 LG

LG has been around as long as Samsung and Motorola and those three at least should be higher than Apple. Until Apple offers an Iphone cheaper and with micro sd card slot with having to buy a damn adapter, plus took away the headphone jack. It is nothing I would put on any list as a good product to buy or any from Apple but LG is to me an awesome company, and I have always enjoyed their products.

I was a Samsung user but after my first smartphone Samsung Galaxy S I would never by Samsung gain. LG is really innovative company for bringing modules in smartphone world, and V10 also G4 are really beutiful smartphones and I would take them any day and I'm current LG G4 Stylus and LG L Bello user they both are amazing mid-range smartphone.

LG is the best because of their creativity with their products. The screens last longer than a dumb iPhone. If you wanna screenshot your crushes snap chat without him being notified, an LG phone is right for you.

Their phones are both cheaper and better than Apple and Samsung's, and they're the only brand that doesn't practice planned obsolescence by preventing you from getting a new battery.

4 Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

I just bought a Sony phone weeks ago. After using it, I must say that Sony should be at 1. Samsung phones are reliable and good; but if this is about gaming, performance, camera, and display, then Sony is unbeatable. My brothers use Samsung and I've seen their phones. Samsung's camera is bad. And Samsung offers few features. Even there is no "Music" folder in Samsung. You have to play MP3 files using 'My Files'. But Sony phones have great features. And most Sony phones are waterproof. Apple iPhones are good but Sony and Apple phones vary in the OS. But I prefer Sony. Sony is great and best!

I've been using the Sony Xperia V for 3 years now, it runs on dual-core but still could handle a few of heavy-duty apps. Not to mention that it is water resistant which is a great feature. The display of this phone - TFT HD display is amazing, it does not drains the battery that much considering that the battery's capacity is only 1700 mAh. This phone is LTE capable and packed with stunning features. The 13-megapixel of this phone is great. Overall, Sony has done a great job in manufacturing this phone. Keep in mind that this phone is being released in 2013. Sony has always pursue perfection in manufacturing their phones with great quality and durability. In my own opinion, Sony should be in the top three.

Have been using sony and sony ericsson smartphones since 7 years and I am a fan! I never had to go visit the CCS as no problem ever came up. Maybe I was lucky or maybe the phones are really good! The phone used to fall down a great deal but showed no problem unlike other smart phones whose screen gets crashed or the whole thing is in pieces. But they have priced up their phones a bit which is a con. Still, I will always choose sony over the others.

Sony makes good phones. Great quality, design, etc. They made first waterproof phone. Then Samsung copied it. Samsung is first only of fanboys. Samsung phones are same design, laggy and they freeze. Only new phones from Samsung are better and those are S6 and S7. But I'm sure they slow down and start lag overtime. I recommend Sony to people who likes quality phones.

5 Blackberry

They are a bunch of idiots making a bunch of genius phone maybe by mistake or purposely.
The power of the OS, the quality of device, the ease of use, the innovation, the features..
nobody really gets it better until and unless blackberry throws it out in the dark where nobody knows it exists..
I think all these companies have a BlackBerry in their R&D department awaiting a new feature that they can copy and apply and get all the credit...

Blackberry is so different, it feels so good when I touch this.. They really Research In Motion, so any key pressed is so harmonious.. Hard to explain but I like the feel of how this phone built the software. I actually love the BB10 OS much more than android, promised to not use blackberry anymore because of its changing OS. But when I try blackberry aurora, I could tell that it is worth.. I still love the blackberry...

I tested many android and windows devices, but I experienced good with blackberry. I never experienced better sound quality in any other devices. BlackBerry cannot compared with any other devices, its special. My first smartphone was BlackBerry and my last smartphone also will be BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is the unique one obviously this brand has to be in number 1 ranking only thing is this doesn't have malware apps like Google and apple is not unique but its good Blackberry sinks very fast cannot be trackable by common people even by service provider he has to take an help from BleckBerry Registered.


Definitely the best, despite a few faults to the 2011 models. The HTC One series, especially the top-end flagships are the most beautiful smartphones ever. Apple and Samsung take no risks and bring out the same phones every year that have minimal changes. HTC always do a complete change. Someone try to find a substantial difference between the S3 and the S4, or the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. See there are none. But find a difference between the One X and the One, there are many, including physical design and general beauty. The One is the first phone to be completely made of Aluminium and all that, also invented Ultrapixels.

Love that they are all easy to root, so you aren't forced to have oodles of apps the manufacturer or carrier demand you have robbing you of performance. I get all the apps I choose to install, none of them I don't. Sorry Samsung, Apple, Verizon (who locks down bootloaders), etc. I'm a T-Mobile HTC user all the way! M9 drops this month, and with the same chipset as an s6 without all the bloatware and "Media Scanner" performance robbing apps, plus with the best cell camera not on a Lumia, not to mention the biggest battery out there and a power-savvy screen decision, it's really no contest in 2015!

All Samsung phones are same with no new features. Camera features are not so good as HTC. The design sucks, completely bull. I buyed my phone HTC desire 816. A weak ago it has 13mp primary camera,5 mp secondary camera,5.5inch hd display, with two speakers. If you buy same rate Samsung phone you won't find it good as HTC. Samsung always copies from Apple or HTC or Nokia to create new model and fools us. Don't judge a phone by its company judge by its features. HTC deserves to stand first in world

I'm not that old but I'm old enough to share my opinion with you(i'm actually 16). HTC is the n1 smartphone brand in the world, they offer the best quality experience of their devices to a different type of consumers and when you pay for a low class HTC you ll never regret with it, if you pay for a first class HTC phone you will be calm for at least 4 years and even more cause they will never leave you without the latest updates, I know that because I changed 4 HTC smartphones and know I'm using Sony(price and quality), Samsung is far behind HTC and SONY cause they are overpriced and they are ugly, low quality and they stop updating their smartphones after 1 year and they only care about the money, they release 1000 of different models per day, with 100 percent low class plastic.
Apple is ok cause they are selling their smartphones to people who want to show it in the public. LG is innovative and they have their own buyers from the begining, they offer great quality as well. Here ...more

7 Nokia

Yes, it's back as a savior for those who still pointlessly discriminate Chinese brands, those who were pointlessly loyal to a laggy Samsung phones and those who were tired of iPhones. Stock Android is as efficient as iOS. Stock Android is everyone should try. Nokia is the best alternative to Chinese brands, while Samsung is the worse. Stock Android is just unbeatable, that Nokia chose to run. If Chinese brand just become their stumbling block for enjoying Stock Android. Thanks that Nokia came back, to make them enjoy Stock Android.

Nokia may have loosen the game, but they are still on track, no brand was ever able to put vibrant colors to phone without forsaking the look of quality to the phone, you can drop your lumia at 5ft without worries, but with other brands, it will need repair. No brand can give you such quality photo, no dual core phone is as fast as nokia lumia 520, graphics are superb, solidity is superlative, you know you are holding a quality phone when you touch a nokia device.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best smartphone from Nokia It's more better than the galaxy note 3 it doesn't have a large display like note 3 but It have a camera of 41 mega pixel and a windows os and that's how the world is falling in love with the Nokia Lumia smartphones... Samsung Smartphones are best but only in sizes

Nokia once used to be the king, especially because of their battery life. They haven't lost that great feature in their phones, but whats wrong with Nokia is that they chose Microsoft Windows for their phones instead of a far more popular Android. Still got love for ''em, though.

8 Motorola

I've started using Motorola g5 plus and I loved it, I own a g7 plus now and I'm surprised how good Motorola phones really are. Amazing camera, speaker's, software and SD slot with 3.5mm jack and usb type c, 27 watt charger, the best phone I used since HTC. I will never go back to a flagship phone again.

Best smartphone I've ever used. The Motorola system itself is steady and always robust, very reliable. Any problems with this brand that I have had over the years have primarily been either software related, or a problem with the Verizon network itself.

It's a great smartphone that gives pure android experience than most of the phones. More features like Touchless controls like that etc in Moto x 2nd gen. It also give a lot of opportunities in customizing that device in more than 2000 ways. Any way MOTOROLA is the one of best smartphone manufactures in the world other than they are the creators of wireless phones

Motorola sells good phones at an affordable price. Unlike apple. Apple sells phones at expensive price whereas Motorola sells it for quarter of the price with even better specs. Motorola is a good budget phone with good specs. It should be way higher the list. Most apple buyers are just fanboys. #ScrewApple

9 Xiaomi

Xiaomi is better than Apple, not worse. Xiaomi is cheaper, because that's the price should be. iPhone is expensive just because of brand history and being an American, but doesn't mean the best and the most expert. China formerly makes the worst phone, but now makes the best smartphones in the world. I say GOOD BYE to American brands and say HELLO to Asian brands. I say GOOD BYE to Made in USA and say HELLO to Made in China. As a former iPhone fan, I've once bought an affordable iPhone 5 look alike Filipino branded phone, named MyPhone that costs 1999.00 pesos, that disappoints me and I viewed Android as the worse OS, I once dreamed to have iPhone 6 plus, after that I discovered Asus making Android phones and I became an Asus Zenfone fan and dreamed to have it, I started viewing Android as the best OS. After that my aunty from abroad give me an iPhone 5c and planning to sell it for 15,000 pesos and to buy 10,000 peso Asus phone, My mom doesn't want me to sell my iPhone 5, I used it ...more

Xiaomi... The best smartphone of China.THE company was started in 2010 and since then it has been doing so well that it has become one of the best seller of China. The quality and configuration of phone is too good. It has been the 7th world brand to be bought by the people. The company has achieve a lot in this 5 years and its upcoming phones will be starrer and of course beat the other premium phones...

It's the best compared to most skinned Android phones, but to experience the best of Xiaomi go to it's Android One variant, Mi A series, instead of upgrading to flagship, if flagship specs are not necessary. Stock Android is still the best for everyone, it doesn't need flagship specs to run smoothly and receive longer updates.

Dude xiaomi is the king of smartphones it deserves to be at least in the top 5 just take a look at what xiaomi offers at such a low price I bet u wont get a phone with the specs of an mi4 within 40k if it is by Samsung. Just think if people buy xiaomi instead of Samsung or apple jusy by looking at the name people buy xiaomi then so much of money would be saved

10 ASUS ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

You must be joking right? this brand is the greatest smartphone brand I ever known and not just smartphone Asus also known for their perfect and great laptop and PC especially their gaming PC and laptops known as back to the Topic why I put Asus in number 1 because the quality and performance now I'm using the Asus Zenfone max pro M1 as my smartphone and it very amazing and Asus has their own ROG phone that is a phone with highest performance right now.

Best smartphone because camera and features of mobile beat every smartphone it beat Apple IPhone 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy S8+ as well as Note 8, in camera.
Beat brand it should be advertised in India by cricket for more popularity and selling more because india make every brand as best and also worse so it should advertised in India and also keep low price in india.

The first we got Asus. why did I put Asus in the first position? that's because the performance and specifications of the smartphone are very satisfying.Besides that Asus also offers a relatively affordable price for a smartphone that has a 5000mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon chipset.For example, I use Asus Zenfone max pro M1 and this smartphone is very satisfying for me. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset and battery as I mentioned above.This makes a cheap but high-quality smartphone.not to mention they also release the pocket version of the rog gaming laptop,the rog phone which is the highest Spec phone with 855+ Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and super jumbo battery of 6000mAh.

Love asus padfone their catching up. Just give them a little more time to keep produce and selling more, espacially if it comes the United States of America I sure it will sell, and if they also make ads.

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11 Huawei

Honestly with the ban in the US.. Huawei could quite frankly be number 1..the last phones introduced were incredible the p30 pro and Huawei mate 30 pro..if I could pick any phone any brand it would be the Huawei mate 30 pro..this phone has a Kirin 990 chip has a 4500 mh battery(can last you two days average use) 40w charger(goes 0 to 100 in 45 mins) if it wasn't for the issues with Google and carriers in the US not supporting it this is phone of the year hands down!

Huawei seems to "fall" in the sale of smartphone world. Why I put Huawei in 9th position because it is very reasonable, they are now forgotten as they stop using the Android OS, due to trade war between the United States and China. Even though they also offer a number of quality products and high performance, but they have been replaced by other smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Asus, etc.

Its hilarious that people voted Huawei below Micromax! And even Asus!
Off this record, I own a Huawei ascend mate and I must tell you its been one year from the launch I just got my 3rd firmware update Jelly bean 4.2.2. No hardware problem yet and trust me I am literally throw away and drop the phone sometimes. Although my friend got the phone's screen broken but got it replaced under warranty without any hustle in just 4 days. Amazing service

No doubt... Huawei is making great phones and now in budget. The camera quality is satisfying and the chipset they are using is very good it drains the battery in a very optimized way. This provides a good battery life. And the dual camera setup is making a great difference. It takes photography to next level. Huawei UI is best and the camera modes are awesome, it gives you access to pro photography.

12 Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

Best phone ever even if not it shouldn't be ranked as 14 because from my openion it is better than motorola, asus and micromax. And nokia may be a good brand but not at all good as a smartphone and the funniest thing is that Google that is ranked as 10th is said to be android which is a os but hey we are talking about smartphones my friend and alcatel is so not known that before now I haven't even heard of it

Lenovo brought a revolution in smartphone competition. It gave smartphones with best of the features and in a mid-budget and also it has good services. Now, other companies are afraid of it.

My phone is lenovo a3500hv series, the sound quality it was medium, clearness of the camera view is abit low level ( not really clean ), the connection is fast ( using wifi ) and the storage is not so large ( low to medium size ).

The best mobile I ever had I have been using mobile since 1999 but lenovo is the best mobile I had until this in my life awesome duet...

13 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

We can't make this list without including Google as the creator of the OS for all android smartphones in the world. Don't get me wrong they also created a smartphone that is very high quality and very worthy to buy. Google Pixel 4.Google is also the first smartphone brand to get an Android 10 update on their Google Pixel 4 phone.

Google is the answer for any problems.
Tired of iPhones?
Tired of Android countless problems?
Just switch to stock Android.
Stock or near-stock Android is what really make phones best.

The launcher of the very popular phone OS the android.Google not just doing business in making software and apps but they also Make high-performance smartphones.The latest from their current smartphone brand is Google Pixel 4 which is already supported with Android 10.

Google is not a smartphone company (at least for now) till they start the production of their new smartphones. How can they be the number 10 then?

14 Micromax

The technology is available to all the players. The difference comes from how you use it to optimally cater the needs and wants of the customer in a reliable way. That's what makes Micromax stand out and essentially what catapulted it into the hall of fame with the bigwigs. Way to go. Micromax. The star of rapidly growing markets.

Micromax is one of the best phone in world. It is an Indian smart phone brand its speed is fast than oppo and other like apple and Motorola. I Hope next year its go up in top 5 slot.

Highly satisfied after using the micromax phone. It is going to be a best Indian smart phone company. All the best

The quality of micromax smartphone is better than samsung, and micromax gives more features at the low price than samsung..

15 Alcatel

Alcatel should be the third because it has cool and new features than the rest from 3rd to the last. It also has many invented phones so it deserves to be in the third place

I like Alcatel phones. I have several phones, & so far, my most reliable phone is an Alcatel 871 non-smart phone! I have a Pop also, but I still went back to the 871.

Alcatel Tshould be 2nd and Apple should be third. Alcatel one touch idol 3 has the specs of an iPhone 6 plus at a third of the price. It has better speakers by far.

Boycott the French mobile phone company below. We boycott Alcatel mobile phone company.

16 Nexus

NEXUS is the best smartphone range (and its not a specific brand) if you are an all round android user. But their smartphones have no warranty. I don't think that its best for a common user. Otherwise nexus is great.

I'm about to get a Nexus phone. Can anyone tell me if it's a good phone or not

No way "NEXUS" should be #1
I've always keep on eye of this phone since nexus 5!

Google and Nexus are supposed to be the same


Maybe this smartphone brand is not very popular in the United States, but in Asia, especially in India and Indonesia, this smartphone brand is very famous and very much bought by the public because the price Itself and the performance and their camera resolution that make this smartphone is very popular Among the peoples who use to upload their photos in social media.

This is absolutely innovative! They creative a unique charging system called VOltage Open loop multi-step constant current Charging system or VOOC when the battery gets low, it increases until it comes into a full charge in 30 minutes or less. And yes...I dreamed to have an OPPO Neo 7 because of higher clarity & resolution when it comes to selfies, videos & screen display. I'm not just liking it, but...I LOVE IT!

Hopefully in 2016, OPPO should climb up 8 or more notches to get the top 10 spot! The better if OPPO should be in top 3 after Samsung & Apple! The best if OPPO should be on top of Samsung for the #1 spot!

Oppo has become part of a smartphone brand whose popularity is rising very fast. This is because they offer a smartphone that has a camera that is "bokeh" for those who like to upload photos on social media. In addition, the performance and price offered by those owned by This smartphone is worth having.

As you can see the design, innovation and quality of OPPO are at high level. The art of technology with its hand made metal body, its superior camera with very affordable price. You can have a device with cheap in price yet standard smartphone with high specs with unique hand gestures and motions. No doubt maybe after a year or years this company will rise on the top 10 best smartphones company in the world. How I wish their Android updates and additional innovations to beat giant companies.

18 OnePlus One Plus Technology Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

OnePlus should be in top 5 hands down..they have a snapdragon processor 855 their first to introduce 90 hz refresh rate provide great battery life and super charging for their devices solid camera as well all this for $600.. they compete with apple Samsung without hitting you with the hefty pricetag their always improving and constantly listen to their fans

It's a Stock Android phone with features that really matters. If they're just choosing iPhone, because of longer updates, or Samsung, because of thinking that it matches iPhone. But actually what match iPhone is Stock Android. If they think that iOS or Stock Android is boring, One Plus is the best for them. One Plus did a great job for maintaining the Stock Android feel. Only Near-Stock Android can beat Stock Android. I relied on some features of Xiaomi's MIUI, but I use Stock Android theme with Poco launcher. My only drawback to switch from Xiaomi to OnePlus, is the proprietary fast charging technology, but to most, simplicity is what matters. Android phones should be in Stock Android look by default, and just let the users decide to customize it.

Oneplus is suddenly on the rise because of their smartphone products that have specifications that rival Samsung and Apple smartphones. Even though the price is quite expensive, it is only natural for a smartphone that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and a high-resolution camera.

Smartphone brand that on the rise,yup oneplus is the new competitor of Samsung and Apple,I don't know too much about this brand but what I now is this is a very high performance smartphone brand.

19 ZTE

Come on guys these growing companies can achieve great potential in the Smartphone market today. ZTE devices offer great value for money that can be very competitive in the market today. I do belive they are going to step up their game soon to beat the Big manufacturers like Sam-Plastic and Pineapple!

I used to have a Samsung, apple and zte phone and out of all of them I would prefer zte as it is the best and has all the features combined that u would find in apple and Samsung so I definitely recommend it!

People here are being to hard on these companies such as ZTE here. by the way guys ZTE is launching their Nee Flagship which is the Nubia Z7 check those babies out cause they r gonna kill the BIG Boys!

Lot of features, BUT:a real weak CPU, to pull it. DO NOT BUY! I have cooked one, warranty folks sent me a new one and in 3 months it overheated and died the same way!

20 Panasonic

It's great software make it good
Or it's also good in quality

The number 1 of Panasonic is eluga note but other smartphone ore also very good

I am also use smartphone of this company its very cool and biliveable brand.

Best phone. Great battery. Camera super

21 Gionee

Great smartphone making company.. Quality is fine.. In fact very fine.. Brand to watch out for in the future..

Best fone for the price.. Awesome display.. But very low speakers.. Low quality earphone out..

I am using Gionee smart phone from last 3 years I think it's value of money

Gionee is slimmest phone in world it is good and I use gionee

22 Vivo

Same as oppo, vivo also seems to have become a smartphone brand that has successfully topped the global smartphone market along with xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, and Asus. the performance, price, and camera offered by these smartphones make them as smartphones that really want to be bought and owned by many people.

This smartphone brand is indeed similar to Oppo,from the design the performance the camera it very Similar.That's because they are a company they are both a subsidiary of a Chinese smartphone company called BBK electronics.

I used Samsung, Apple n Nokia... After which I bought vivo... It's one of the Best Indian Smartphone...

Man vivo is really awesome just their smartphones and you will gonna realize..

23 Realme

Smartphone brands are on the rise because of their very modern designs and specifications. Besides this smartphone brands are also very popular among young people because of their cool designs and affordable prices.

A smartphone brand that is also not very popular is Realme. This smartphone brand is also on the rise like Oneplus.the thing that makes Realme is a very popular smartphone brand is because they offer you a high Spec smartphone but with not too much price.

The beat smartphone brand with all the essential features.

Great Specs for good, very democratic price

24 Coolpad

Cheap and awesome smartphone. Provide extraordinary features in their smartphone at unbelievable price.

Cheap but the most best smartphone

More! More! Innovation and more improvement of the product!..

Cheap and features phone

25 Meizu

Very good performance good for selfie, very fast data connection

Very good smartphone

It is awesome
With hreat touch
Great software
And completely awesome in its look
Feels so good in hand


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