Top 10 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

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1 Freedom

This is the only reason I'd rather use Android than iOS, coming from a giant Apple fan.

Even if I have to trust Google (which I almost never would), I'd still use this primarily to play around with.

Also, the Android mascot is really cool. :)

On Android, you are free to change your lockscreen, launcher, and pretty much every aspect of the phone's appearance.

Not a single more word, freedom is enough.

2 Can Download Apps from Third Party Sites

You can get apps not available on Play Store online, or you can even get paid apps free.

Or you can get old updates of games (such as Minecraft) for nostalgia purposes.


You can send files and contacts to another Android phone by touching them together.

4 File Manager

You can access your phone's file system, which can actually make your phone work like a Flash Drive.

6 Data Alerts & Limits

You can set alerts to go off when you've used a certain amount of data and have it automatically shut data off at a certain point.

7 Replaceable Batteries

You can switch out your battery, SD card, or SIM card whenever you want by taking the back off.

8 LED Notifications

If you have a notification, an LED light will flash a certain color and speed according to the app. You will know you have a notification without having to turn your screen on

9 Cheaper
10 Memory expansion
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11 Infared
12 Better Emulation

It's a pain in the butt to download emulators for things like retro video game consoles on iOS, but on Android, you can just download emulators straight from the Play Store.

13 Android is Open Source
14 Easier Piracy
15 Less Version Requirements
16 Prices to fit your needs

Whereas iPhones released around the same time only vary by storage.

17 Expandable Storage
18 More bang for your buck
19 Can Run Anything from Any Platform

Provided it can handle it...nothing to do with the OS, more the hardware.

20 Android is more fun
21 No Sonic 3 on Apple
22 You Can Install Linux Terminal
23 You Don't Have to Use Safari
24 More apps
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