Top Ten iPhone Pranks

Today I will show you how to prank someone with an iPhone, but these pranks can also help you prank people with other devices.
The Top Ten
1 Change the Passcode

Isn't the whole iPhone a prank by Apple, or at least a test to see how long such a pathetic product could last in the market?

You may need to help the victim unlock their phone again.

2 Change the language

Hopefully your victim speaks Icelandic.

3 Type random numbers when asked to put in the passcode.

I actually got a story about this. One time I typed in random numbers on the passcode and locked her phone out, and it got locked out for over 1,000,000 minutes!

4 Have Siri call the victim Grandma
5 Change their phone number in the contact for you to the phone number for some restaurant

Victim: Hello PianoQueen?
Employee: Would you want to try our lava cake for $2.99?
Victim: I just wanted to call my friend!

Also when you call them it'll be an unknown number, meaning you can prank call him/her.

6 Restrict apps

Go to restrictions and don't allow apps.

7 Turn off messaging, FaceTime, and calling

Well now the purpose of a phone is gone.

Now it's an iPod

8 Block every website
9 Take selfies on his/her phone and set it as a lock screen

Don't forget to take up all your victim's storage.

10 Switch up the contact names
The Contenders
11 Text the victim's contacts "Happy Birthday"
12 Turn on invert colours
13 Add keyboard shortcuts
14 Lock the victim out of an app
15 Samsung-ize it
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