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1 Google Android

Android One is the as good as it gets

Apple and some other companies purposely make your phone get a lot worse in a short time so they force you to get a new one. Trust me, I got an iPod 6 in January. It’s December of the same year and my battery went from >2 hours to half an hour. Never getting Apple again in my life

No doubt, if you own an Android smartphone, you know what I'm talking about. As an Android user, you can feel that the phone BELONGS to you. Full customization, no restrictions, easier to have and cheaper to get.
"Android all the way"

Android OS is what Apple OS failed to accomplish, even if it does sometimes crash.

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2 Apple iPhone OS

Simple, fast & reliable

Nothing can beat apple.

VERY VERY GOOD DESIGN.. but the android has more options

I like android but they really can't compete with the fluidness and overall simplicity of ios. No one beats apple at software.

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3 Microsoft Windows Phone

Windows phone OS are great they are not ram hungry. And very powerful apps and games can be used in windows phone with a low specification phones. And it's better than android and iOS In all ways. It's faster than all os. The only lacking is a small apps store but the store is now getting day by day.

Smart resizable tiles allow you to mod your entire phone to suit your individual use and content type needs. IOS widgets attempt the same but are limited to one screen with limited customization ability. IOS and Android currently lead the App Store battle but Windows 10 mobile is a far superior OS. IF/When Microsoft figures out how to make app porting easy (or unnecessary) they could easily leapfrog the others.

Windows phone os awesome, nothing to like windows, my vote goes to windows phone, popular future os

Unbelievably fast and stable. But Microsoft has experimented with its own remedy, the general lack of applications available to the platform prevents its expansion - Jukass

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4 Nokia Maemo

Billy said it was great!

A full open source os. They even rub network penetration testing... It's the ultimate hacker os with proper linux os access to terminal. You can do anything to it... more customizable than android or meego... It is the besr

5 Android Pie
6 Linux MeeGo
7 RIM BlackBerry OS

I'm sorry... Best architecture, high security

I've used most operating systems and BlackBerry 10 is my favorite.

Menu items missing or slow to respond, Device temperature warmer than usual and Applications not opening.! - mwasoge

It is the best os I've ever use

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8 Microsoft Windows Mobile

I think windows phone has not got the proper attention that is why its being ignored by many people. The fastest OS for phone.

9 Microsoft Windows RT
10 Android Oreo

The Newcomers

? Android Marshmallow
? iOS 9

The Contenders

11 iOS 12
12 iOS 10
13 iOS 11
14 Android Nougat
15 Ubuntu Touch

I'm sure this OS will compete with Android and iOS (which I both hate) and take a big market share like both Android and iOS. Here is a video that shows what its all about:
No other mobile OS has such awesome features and great patents!

16 Samsung Bada

Now using Tizen must admit that apart from lack of apps I'm presently surprised

17 Nokia Symbian

Loved this OS.And still using it.My nokia C7 is superior than others in my opinion.

18 Miui

The best os ever

Easier and cleaner OS than just simple common Android

Super great in loading apps!

19 Linux Sailfish OS
20 Palm WebOS
21 Firefox OS
22 Lineage

Very clean, easy to use and stable os

23 Tizen

Good mobile

24 FuntouchOS
25 Mantra OS


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