Top 10 Best Smartphone Operating Systems

Ever wondered what makes your phone tick? Or why some phones just feel smoother, more intuitive, or packed with features?

The operating system is the key. It's the software that handles everything from the look and feel of your home screen to how your apps run, and even how long your battery lasts. Each major operating system offers a unique set of strengths, quirks, and personalities.
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1 Google Android

No doubt, if you own an Android smartphone, you know what I'm talking about. As an Android user, you can feel that the phone belongs to you. Full customization, no restrictions, easier to have, and cheaper to get. "Android all the way."

Android OS is what Apple OS failed to accomplish, even if it does sometimes crash.

More improved user interface, more tools added.

2 Microsoft Windows Phone

Smart resizable tiles allow you to mod your entire phone to suit your individual use and content type needs. iOS widgets attempt the same but are limited to one screen with limited customization ability. iOS and Android currently lead the App Store battle, but Windows 10 Mobile is a far superior OS. If/when Microsoft figures out how to make app porting easy (or unnecessary), they could easily leapfrog the others.

Windows Phone OS is great. They are not RAM-hungry. Very powerful apps and games can be used on Windows Phone with low-specification phones. And it's better than Android and iOS in all ways. It's faster than all other OSs. The only lacking is a small app store, but the store is growing day by day.

3 Apple iOS

It's a fantastic beast. I upgraded from iOS 11 to iOS 14.7 on my iPhone 8. In between, I used a Pixel 3, but I wasn't satisfied, so I returned to the iPhone family. This phone is most valuable for binge-watching, based on my usage.

Taking into account the longevity factor, iPhones with iOS 14.7 will receive support and updates for at least the next five years. It's definitely worth it. The camera performance is considerable, and I'm totally amazed by it. It's a great phone from Apple with an excellent display that has a variable refresh rate. It feels very light in the hand, and the battery standby time is great. My gameplay on this phone is really smooth. I was able to set my settings on high and still maintain that smooth vibe.

4 Linux MeeGo
5 RIM BlackBerry OS

I've used most operating systems, and BlackBerry 10 is my favorite.

I'm sorry. It has the best architecture and high security.

6 Nokia Maemo

A full open-source OS. They even run network penetration testing. It's the ultimate hacker OS with proper Linux OS access to the terminal. You can do anything to it - more customizable than Android or MeeGo. It is the best.

7 Microsoft Windows RT
8 OxygenOS

Always improves after the promised update.

9 FuntouchOS
10 Miui
The Contenders
11 ColorOS

The best Android OS. It's easy to use.

12 Ubuntu Touch
13 Samsung Bada

I'm now using Tizen and must admit that, apart from the lack of apps, I'm pleasantly surprised.

14 Nokia Symbian
15 Linux Sailfish OS
16 Palm WebOS
17 Lineage
18 Tizen
19 KaiOS

KaiOS's app store hosts tens of titles, some of which you might be familiar with. These apps, of course, don't offer the same set of functionality as they do on smartphones. Only the basics are covered. For instance, you can't live-stream from the Facebook or Twitter apps.

KaiOS is a good operating system. Every KaiOS handset is standard. It provides clear voice, no noise, and supports all 4G networks. I have no words to complain about this mobile. What I find is perfect.

Completely satisfying OS. The finishing is very smooth, and the phone is also very good-looking. It also supports 4G perfectly. KaiOS is a very useful OS now.
Very good OS.
Very best OS.
Very nice OS.
Very great OS.
Very awesome OS.

20 Firefox OS
21 Mantra OS
22 Indus OS
23 Joyui
24 HarmonyOS
25 Replicant
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