Top 10 Most Wanted Features for the iPhone 8

With the Samsung Galaxy S8, there are large expectations for Apple to fulfill. What can they do with the iPhone 8?
The Top Ten
1 Optional headphone jack

To minimize the controversy, Apple should release a version of the iPhone 8 which has a headphone jack while still having a version without one for those who have been accustomed to it.

2 Less bezel

The S8's "infinity" screen has an 84% screen-body ratio, while many phones are usually a bit above 70%. The next iPhone should have an 80%+ screen-body ratio.

3 Fast charging

In this day and age, a $700+ phone needs to fully charge within an hour.

4 More storage

With 4K photos/videos, more storage is necessary. No 16 GB please. If no SD card slot, then 64 GB minimum.

5 Brighter display

The iPhone 7 has 700 nits of brightness while the Galaxy S8 has 1000 nits. Apple should get it to 1000, or at least 900 nits so that outdoor daylight use is much more pleasant.

6 Smarter Siri

Right now Siri trails behind Amazon's Alexa. To make Siri the most usable, it needs to have a larger database of information and better search capabilities.

7 Larger battery

It's a portable device. No matter how many bells and whistles are added, more portability is always a plus.

8 Expand 3D Touch

It's a good feature, but now it needs to be expanded to have more functionality in all commonly used apps.

9 USB Type-C port

This new type of USB cable is ultra-thin, transfers data at 10GB per second and charges batteries more quickly.

10 Wireless charging

If possible, this would be a great addition for convenience. And they can also make a killing selling the charge pads too.

The Contenders
11 A replaceable battery

I hate how I will have to replace my battery every few years. why not replace my battery instead?

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