Top Ten Struggles of Having a Cell Phone


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1 Telemarketers

I hope they go to kail - Luckys

The most diabolical phone callers in the world - AliciaMae

I am called DAILY by a payday loans company who has mistaken my indenty. I block each number but they just use another... I have 90 payday loans numbers, AND I am on the do not call list

"Hi, this is _______ and would you like to purchase our new..."
Me: *Hangs up immediately*

2 When your phone goes off at the most awkward times

My phone went off while I was in the middle of class once.

So there was this one time me and my mom went to the movies, then my phone went off in the middle of nswered it and everyone was mad at me but my doctor died so I was sad :’(.

Avenger Infinity Wars 6.5/10

Oops. I thought my phone was turned off. - PianoQueen

3 When your phone dies when you need it most

So much for having a working phone. R.I.P. phone��"until I put it on the charger. - PianoQueen

4 Dropping your phone

Please don't be cracked! Please don't be cracked! (Picks up phone.) Phew! It's not cracked. It's amazing how your clumsiness can cause you all this anxiety. - PianoQueen

5 Bills

Yay! Fees! (Not) - PianoQueen

6 When you're prank called and don't have caller I.D.
7 Siri mishearing everything you say

Siri's the worst

8 When your case fails as a case
9 When apps take forever to load
10 You forgot your passcode

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11 Your phone randomly freezes
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