Top Ten Most Addictive Apps

*plays app* man, what this little screen has to offer is awesome! *quits* wait, I gotta come back for more *plays game*
The Top Ten
1 Candy Crush Saga

My dad is on level 700 something or maybe more. MY DAD. I mean, my parents don't even know how to take a photo half of the time, but they sure can candy crush!

If you say game apps, I agree. But all apps includes Social Media Apps

2 Flappy Bird
3 Cookie Clicker

I admit, I used to be addicted to this. I deleted it after a year or so though.

4 Bejeweled

So much better than that Ripoff Crush Saga that copied these games.

5 Stick Ninja
6 Pet Rescue Saga
7 Cut The Rope

Yes, I was addicted to it for 8 months.

8 Clash Of Clans
9 Pirate Kings
10 The Simpsons: Tapped Out
The Contenders
11 Scrabble
12 Bike Race
13 Minecraft - Pocket Edition
14 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
15 QuizUp

I love this game I've been playing since December of 2015 and am level 405 in US Sports Teams

16 GarageBand
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