Top 10 Things Atheists Are Tired of Hearing

Being an atheist is hard sometimes, especially when people tell you these things.
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1 You're a satanist!

I'm not an atheist but I think most atheists aren't satanist, or terrible people, or dumb, or illogical, or overly sensitive, or hate god, or close minded, or any other terrible thing some theists claim. We, as Christians, need to remember to treat each other by the golden rule. We need to respect the intelligence of atheists and hold our arguments for the existence of God to the highest standards of emotional intelligence, logic and rationalism.
Cheers Atheists

An atheist does not want to hear that they are a completely different religion altogether. We don't even care about other religions.

2 If you don't believe in God, then how do you know what's right or wrong?

I don't really believe in god because there is no evidential proof of god. We can't determine that god is real by reading the Bible. So these people that are obsessed with religion are basically forcing people to believe in god. I have friends that are Islam, Catholic, and Christian and they are really nice.

Atheists can still be raised to tell the difference, and right and wrong is partially natural as newborns have been studied and the majority show to prefer kindness over unkindness.

Our morals don't come from a book to simply put it. Scandinavia, one of the most secular regions in the world, also happens to be one of the happiest, the most peaceful, and the most stable.

3 You can't prove that God doesn't exist!

No one can prove non-existence of anything - proof is "something", not "nothing". The statement "prove it doesn't exist" is really like an oxymoron and is nonsensical.

You can't prove that God does exist either, and don't say the bible because that proves nothing.

You really can't prove God is real, either. but, feel free to try. Oh, and don't use the bible, or anything pathetic please.

4 You're going to Hell

Extreme (I said extreme, so only the people who say things like this) Christian logic: No matter how bad of a person you are, you will always go to heaven as long as you believe in God, and if you don't, you will burn in hell forever.

Atheists can be rewarded if they are good people. It doesn't matter if you're atheist or religious, it matters if you're good. God is fair, and would never send a good atheist to hell.

That's like telling someone who doesn't play video games that zombies from Minecraft will attack you in your sleep if you don't play/enjoy Minecraft.

5 What's stopping you from killing people?

On my remix list I simply replied to this entry "One word: Jail", and I feel like I need to clarify. If jail really was the only reason why I don't kill people, then I'm no better than the people who only don't kill people to avoid hell. The thing that is really preventing me from killing someone is a sense of morality, as morality is based off well being, and killing someone is immoral, as it would decrease well being. But basically, I'm not killing anyone, because I don't want to be killed myself.

This is offensive. We use what we see and make people around us as happy as we can with guidelines. Not everyone follows the civil rights though.

6 Most of history's worst humans are atheists

There are also some really great people who were Atheists, too. Don't believe me? Ask Steven Hawking.

Some of the greatest scientists of all time were atheists.

Most of history's worst humans are religious, hows that?

7 You're just an insensitive douchebag like everyone else!

Not thinking something exists doesn't make someone an insensitive douchebag, and there's a reason we don't believe in God, because there's no real proof whether it's real or not.

Everyone else? I think that would include whoever says this.

I don't think religion affects people's personality.

8 If you don't believe in God then why do talk about him so much?

I don't. I only talk about it on lists like this or when someone else talks about it.

We don't bring up God in a religious argument. Other religious people do that.

We are talking about organized religion.

9 Why do you hate God?

How can I hate something that doesn't exist?

We don't hate God if we don't believe in him, we just hate those cults

10 Atheism is too edgy for me.

Since when is Atheism edgy? I'm an Atheist, and I don't consider myself edgy.

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11 You must think morality is subjective

People do have different morals so I guess it kind of is, but some things still are logically wrong (and other things are just grey).

12 Why are you persecuting us?!

No you're persecuting us. Many countries can kill me if I go on holiday there. Because I am atheist

13 You need Jesus!

Thing is an atheist can believe in Jesus they just won't believe he's supernatural or the son of God.

Jesus take the wheel! *Car crashes*

14 Atheists who respect the personal beliefs of others are still terrible people

I respect personal beliefs in others and I'm not THAT bad.

Justin Bieber fans who respect the opinions of others are still terrible people

15 You're worse than all the murderers, robbers, and child molesters out there!

So not believing in something that has no real proof of it actually being real makes you worse than the reasons millions of innocent people have either been killed, robbed or molested? Nice logic.

So rapists are angels compared to atheists?

16 Atheism is the worst religion
17 You probably read your kids His Dark Materials every night!
18 Why do you mock Christianity?

We don't mock Christianity. We just simply say God doesn't exist and move on with our lives. It's the Christians that have to tell us otherwise, but we won't change our minds.

I don't. I respect Christians as long as they don't say stupid stuff like this.

19 If God doesn't exist, then how could the expanse of space just come into existence?
20 If there is no proof that God exist what about all the eyewitness testimony from Israelites who could not lie?
21 Are you simple minded enough to believe that earth's existence, proximity from the sun, atmosphere, gravity, oxygen, water vegetation, and the life of every living creature just happened?
22 How can you challenge the existence of God, when you can't give reason to your own existence?
23 It's better to believe in God just in case it's real
24 Have a blessed day

Whatever happened to "have a nice day"?

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