Top 10 Scenarios If Christianity Never Existed

This list isn't meant to offend. It's just a list about a simple "What if?" scenario of Christianity completely disappearing from existence. That is all.

I used to think that religion was the main cause of all the wars and sufferings that have been going on in the world but to tell you all the truth, while religion has caused wars which is not at all false, it isn't entirely accurate either. Even if religion didn't exist we would still have wars (whether it be because of race, language culture, etc.). Human beings are always finding different ways to kill each other so would we be much better if we didn't have religion? I just wanna point that out there.

Whether you're religious or not, what's more important to realize is that you should never use your own beliefs to justify bad behavior. Believe what you want but always be responsible about it and don't go around causing harm in others. Don't discriminate either because it makes you look like an even bigger douchebag. Enough said.
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1 Europe would have many different religions
2 Less homosexuals would be persecuted

The Tom and were homophobic and many other ancient civilization's so that's always existed.

The church actually made homosexuality illegal for centuries. It's the churches fault.

As a Christian, gays don't deserve to be prosecuted. But being gay & transgender especially transgender is very sinful though!

3 We'd have more freedom

Are you a fan of Veggietales? Since you was a little kid? What if Christianity never existed? There would be no such thing as Veggietales. No Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

You can still have freedom in Christ for an eternal life in Heaven!

4 Polytheism would be more popular across the world
5 Most world flags would not have crosses on them
6 Ostara instead of Easter

It's a very good thing that Easter existed because Jesus sacrificed himself at the cross & NOT overcame death!

Ostara will be the opposite if Christianity didn't exist.

Then learn the point of the Easter Bunny.

7 Saturnalia or Yule instead of Christmas

Christmas is very important as well as fun because Jesus was born to be our savour to defeat sin, death & NOT eventually demons!

8 The Crusades would never have happened

Yes, but, there would have been other types of religious wars.

9 The Roman Catholic Church wouldn't have existed
10 Everyone would go to hell

The church was jealous of Paganism and removed them.
Pancake day would be about the sun.
Easter would be about fertility but it would be called Ostara
Halloween would be Pagan new year but called Samhain.
Christmas would be called Yule and would be about the Rebirth and The Return of the Sun.

By the way I was making fun of number 10 Everyone would go to hell because of some new mobile phone advert for 3 mobile The Serpent telling Eve to eat the Apple.

? If Christianity never existed, then nobody would believe in that stuff, considering that it's made up.

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11 Islam would not have risen

If you ask me, it would've been beneficial for the Middle East. Without sectarian violence, oppressive religious laws, and radicalism and such. I don't mean offense around here.

Muhammad's brother in-law was christian and interpreted his vision of "angel Gabriel" who tried to choke him. If there was no christianity, Muhammad had commited suicide because he thought he was posessed by an evil spirit.

12 Europe would still have tribes

Not really. We might have more vestiges of clan structure and culture but no, urban development and nation states would still have arisen, and indeed did well before Christianity ever existed. In fact we might have done away with tribal society even sooner, since Christianity is arguably one of the reasons the Roman Empire fractured.

13 Europe would be even more divided

Yes, christianity made a pretty common ground for most europeans. Also, christian cultures are very similar to each other. No France, no Spain, no Russia, no Switzerland.

14 Most of the world would be sexist

Well, most of the world already is sexist. Rather, I think the continued presence of feminine deities in spiritual life may have accelerated the progression of women's rights. That's not a guarantee of course but I doubt sexism would be MORE prevalent than it is today.

Ancient religions of Rome and Greece were very patriarchal. So patriarchal that male leaders preferred to bounce with boy lovers instead of their wives. And when I say boy I mean children as well. It wasn't even a secret back then.

15 The world would be more advanced scientifically

They thought epilepsy was demonic possession.
No Christianity then we wouldn't think that more like an examination dunno how back then.

16 Austria would be controlled by the Zoroastrian Turks
17 Jesus's death would not be the push for his followers to spread his teachings

*The World if Christianity never existed* Who is Jesus? A kid in school is made fun of because he was named Jesus, because the name sounds really old.

18 Marilyn Manson's career wouldn't exist today
19 No hospitals

Clusium this is about if Christianity never existed.
We know Christians opened the hospitals, but this is if no one wrote the Bible.
Atheists would open them instead having more medical knowledge.

20 Mythical gods and goddesses would still be around

Even more so, people liked to confront christianity because of its dogmaticism. In pagan cultures all around the world this missing part seems to let the people stick to their religious beliefs. (India, Japan)

21 Judaism would be the state religion of the Romans

According to non christian scholars, christianity arose out of christian proselyte communities especially within Greece and Roma. Judaism was indeed popular, and maybe another christianity still existed (without Jesus whatsoever)

Judaism was pretty popular in rome, around 10% of romans were jews around year 30. so we could see a jewish rome in around year 100

22 Entertainment (Harry Potter, rock music) would not be called Satanic
23 No Christian cartoons
24 The Book of Shadows instead of The Bible

The Book of Shadows was started by Gerald Gardner.

25 Vesak instead of Christmas
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