Best Judas Priest Tim "Ripper" Owens Era Songs

The best songs recorded with Tim Owens. That means no songs with Rob Halford on vocals. Also, I'm a bit biased towards Jugulator as I preferred that album over Demolition.

The Top Ten

1 Cathedral Spires

I also think this the best song from this era. And the best vocal performance from Tim. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Burn In Hell
3 Bullet Train
4 Machine Man

Machine man hell is home jugulator and cathedral spires are ausome ripper owens songs

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5 Blood Stained
6 Jugulator

Quite underrated for a Tim "Ripper" Owens song

7 Hell Is Home
8 Death Row
9 Metal Messiah
10 Abductors

The Contenders

11 Feed On Me
12 Bloodsuckers
13 Close to You
14 Devil Digger
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