Top 10 Kim Possible Moments

The best moments from Kim Possible from the show and TV movies.

The Top Ten

1 Kim and Ron Kiss (So The Drama)

After defeated Dr. Drakken Kim and Ron return to the prom together at which Bonnie mocks them for being together while everyone else cheers them on as the two dance together before they kiss as the movies ends. - egnomac

2 Ron Saves The World (Graduation Part 2)

This is the single greatest moment in the series, not only for Ron, but in general. The “bumbling sidekick” steps up and proves that he can tangle with the best of em and come out on top in the end. Ron has had some pretty stellar moments in the series, but this one takes the cake!

After losing the battle against Warhawk and Warmonga Ron summons his mystical monkey powers and single handily defeats Warhawk and Warmonga saving the Earth. - egnomac

3 Kim Using Her Cheer leading Skills to Jump Through the Laser Beams (A Sitch in Time)

In their very first mission a young Kim helps a billionaire by deactivating his new laser security sytem by using her cheerleader moves to get past them and step on the switch shutting off the lasers. - egnomac

4 Kim Gets Jealous of Yori (Gorilla Fist)

This has to be one of my favorite moments from the show as Ron is called on by Yori to help her rescue Sensei from Monkey Fist and of course since he made a vow never to reveal what went on at the ninja school he can't tell Kim about it when Kim see's him and Yori together she becomes incredibly jealous and suspicious of Yori, after finding out that Ron and Yori went to South America she goes off to track them down she of course arrives late as she states to Wade "Is this Yori girl dragging him around the world" which Wade responds "Sound familiar" referring to how Kim always drags Ron around the world on mission and the whole time Kim keeps insisting that she's not jealous even though its obvious that she is. - egnomac

5 Drakken's Rap (Rappin Drakken)
6 Kim and Mom Team Up to Foil Drakken's Plan (Mother's Day)

In this mother's day episode Kim agrees that she and her mom should spend the day together first with Kim helping her mom at her job as a brain surgeon then Kim gets a call about a mission and mom insists on going along after using Kim's puppy dog pout face to get her to agree and from there they work together to stop Drakken's plan who is also there with his mother. - egnomac

7 The Moodulator Devices Attach to Kim and Shego (Emotion Sickness)

In the episode both Kim and Shego get moodulator devices attached to them as they begin acting incredibly awkward around both Ron and Drakken even falling in love with them espcially when Kim starts showing a lot of affection towards Ron as he freaks out eventually leading to Kim kissing Ron and Drakken also has a similar awkward experience with Shego. - egnomac

8 Bonnie Kisses Ron as Kim Walks in On Them (Homecoming Upset)

In a strange twist Bonnie fixes it so she becomes Homecoming Queen with Ron as Homecoming King, later in the episode an awkward moment occurs when Bonnie kisses Ron and Kim walks in completely shocked and she is really pissed when she shouts "WHAT IS THE SITCH" as Ron tries to explain himself telling her that he was the kisse and not the kisser as Kim responds with "No kidding it took you 12 stinking years to kiss me". - egnomac

9 Ron vs Gill (Sink or Swim)

Ron and Barkin and the rest of the cheerleaders get stranded at Ron's old summer camp, Camp Wanaweep in which he had the worst Summer of of his life and as it runs out the person behind them getting stranded there was Gill one of the campers who Ron traded his swim time with who mutated into fish like monster who looks to get even with Ron, this culminates in a showdown between Ron and Gill with Ron with Rufu's help takes down Gill and saves everyone. - egnomac

10 Shego Turns Good (Stop Team Go)
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