Top Ten Lakes In Utah

Vote for your favorite lake in Utah! I have been to half of them.

The Top Ten

1 Bear Lake Bear Lake

Called "The Caribbean of the Rockies", this lake is on the Utah-Idaho border. It also has a turquoise color, and has sandy beaches. It also has a supposed creature in it called the Bear Lake Monster. - ChuckLaunching

2 Lake Powell Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River. It is also on the Utah-Arizona border. It is man-made, and is a great spot for vacation. - ChuckLaunching

3 Great Salt Lake Great Salt Lake

Duh! I've been there. - GeneralJP

Largest lake in Utah. 6th largest lake in the United States. 33rd largest lake in the world. Much saltier than the ocean. Formed by ancient Lake Bonneville. - ChuckLaunching

4 Utah Lake Utah Lake

One of the largest lakes in Utah, close to cities like Provo, Orem, and Lehi. Invasive Common Carp are declining native June Sucker fish that live in the lake. - ChuckLaunching

5 Sevier Lake Sevier Lake

A mostly dry lake, the Sevier Lake is the 3rd largest lake by area in Utah. - ChuckLaunching

6 Flaming Gorge Reservoir Flaming Gorge Reservoir

This lake takes up space in both Utah and Wyoming. It is a really good place to hike or camp. - ChuckLaunching

7 Strawberry Reservoir Strawberry Reservoir

This lake east of Utah Lake is great for fishing. It has many different fish species living in it. - ChuckLaunching

8 Deer Creek Reservoir Deer Creek Reservoir

This reservoir is in the Wasatch Mountains. It also near Mount Timpanogos. - ChuckLaunching

9 Tony Grove Lake Tony Grove Lake

This lake is great for boating and other related activities. It was also formed by a glacier. - ChuckLaunching

10 Jordanelle Reservoir Jordanelle Reservoir

This lake is in the Wasatch Mountains and is north of Deer Creek Reservoir. There is a beach and a lot of boats. - ChuckLaunching

The Contenders

11 Fish Lake Fish Lake

As its name suggests, this lake is good for catching fish. Many fish. - ChuckLaunching

12 Echo Reservoir Echo Reservoir

A good reservoir for boating, and is located just off of Interstate 80. - ChuckLaunching

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