Lamest Villains In Star Wars Movies, TV, and Games


The Top Ten

1 Nute Gunray Nute Gunray Nute Gunray was the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. He was involved with the blockade of the planet Naboo. He also was a member of the Separatist Council, and was murdered by Darth Vader on Mustafar.

One of the worst Star Wars characters. - Therandom

2 Droids
3 Calo Nord
4 Kylo Ren Kylo Ren Kyle Ren is a fictional Sith lord, who is strong with the Force . Kylo Ren commands the First Order with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. His debut was in 2015's Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Who's kylo wren? I know kylo ren, not kylo wren. And Kylo Ren is great. - Therandom

I like the character a lot. My gripe with him however, is the fact that he replaced Janus Solo who was a far better villain and arguably one of the greatest Star Wars characters.

It's Kylo Ren.


5 Chuundarr
6 Darth Bandon

I was honestly expecting him to be a lot harder than he was. - GrimmShady

7 Assajj Ventress
8 Brejik
9 Watt Tambor
10 Savage Opress

Savage was great. - Therandom

The Contenders

11 Rush Clovis

If it wasn't for how unimportant he was,he would be lower. - GrimmShady

12 General Grievous General Grievous

He was much cooler in the T.V. series - GrimmShady

I know people like this character, but he was just pointless. All he did was fill runtime

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