Top 10 Best Tudor and Stuart Monarchs

The Top Ten
1 Queen Elizabeth I

The most powerful on the list.

Beautiful and powerful! GiRlPoWeR!

2 King Henry VII

Although I believe Richard III was a good king and that the Plantagenet dynasty should not have ended, I admire the achievements of Henry VII : he had practically no training as King yet had an extremely efficient government and administration system, fought off two pretenders and kept England out of expensive conflict abroad. He was also able to pass a whopping £1million down to his son, Henry VIII (unusual for this to happen)...only for Henry VIII to blow the lot on a war with France - typical

Was responsible for the death of Richard III. - villainlover

3 Mary Queen of Scots

Was executed for plotting against her cosin. - villainlover

4 Queen Elizabeth of York

The mother of infamous Henry VIII. - villainlover

5 James VI and I

I need to learn about a Tudor monarch for school I’m in year 5.

The son of Mary queen of scots. - villainlover

6 Edward Vi

The tragic son of Henry VIII - villainlover

7 Queen Anne Boelyn

The mother of God Queen Bess - villainlover

8 King Charles II

Two words, PARTY TIME! - villainlover

9 Mageret Tudor

The daughter of Henry VII - villainlover

10 Queen Mary I and King Henry VIII

The worst monarchs of all time - villainlover

The Contenders
11 Anne of Cleves

She is an example that women are not weak!

12 Catherine of Aragon
13 Catherine Parr
14 Lady Jane Grey
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