Top 10 Reasons to Hate Autism

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1 Nobody wants autism

I bet 75% of deviantArt users are autistic, and infamous people like Chris-chan, SammyClassicSonicFan and JustinRPG make other autistic people look like horrible people too. So yeah, definitely hope that if you are pregnant, pray to death that your newborn child doesn't develop autism after a couple of years getting older.

How about look up the benefits of autism before you say something as crappy as "nobody wants autism", honey? The benefits ARE there.

I have been suicidal because I have autism. it's like living with my worst enemy :'( but I try to be nice to others anyway

2 Even if you could talk, your voice would sound irritating

Okay, that's just downright rude. My friends' voices aren't annoying. What's more annoying is this ignorant list.

Your voice is a lot more irritating.

I hate to hear my voice recorded

3 You can make bad decisions with autism

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's where I draw the line there, bud! People without autism can also make bad decisions too. It's just how humans nature works.

What? You can also make bad decisions if you don't have it!

I have made a lot of bad decisions... But I try to get over it

Like you just did by making this list.

4 It makes you a hypocrite

Oh, sorry sweetie. That's religion.

5 You can't speak if it's severe

U CAN'T HATE POOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM! It isn't their fault they have it! Ugh, the messed up world these days...

I'm going to kill whoever made this list. - Gehenna

I know exactly how it is

6 It affects your entire life

And that is bad because...? God, I hate this list...

Do you honestly think you're funny?!

7 It makes you hate your life

Well not all autistics hate themselves but I do

I have it and I hate my life because of it. I have bad opinions about my autism :( My mum don't like me because I am autistic

This is true. It hate my life sometimes.

I want to kill myself

8 You can't communicate with friends

Oh yeah?! I communicate with my friends all the time, and also notice where my communication skills need work with no problem at all. And what do I do when I catch onto these flaws? I focus on FIXING THEM!

You're a complete furbrain, smelly old bean. Autistics are better than you!

It's a big struggling for me

9 It can get you bullied

When I was younger I was a bully because I was so ashamed of being autistic I denied that I have it. Today I regret it so much I even cried because I felt so mean. I feel so guilty.

One time I was 11 I was picked on/Bullied on my least favorite school bus that bus driver hates me the bus driver want me dead and to murder me I was picked on by this one kid I tried not to care that made me very upset I was crying 😭 on the way home because e are all
Prone to those bullies/bullying

So true. I was bullied a lot on school.

10 You'll never want to make friends when you have autism

What if I'm just between an introvert and an ambivert? I love making friends, but sometimes, I get a little shy when meeting new people. With time though, I end up making lots of good friends. Speaking of friends, I do have friends who I truly care about with all my heart, and they care about me too. I can tell that their care is genuine.

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11 If you have it, you should probably kill yourself

Whoever made this ignorant list, you're a jerk. Telling autistic people to kill themselves?! That's just screwed up.

This is where I DRAW the LINE. Whoever made this list needs to go to hell where they belong.

12 Might make you wanna commit suicide

What?! No! Not once in my life have I struggled with depression, NOR suicidal thoughts! I've always been happy with my life, and if I DID meet someone who was suicidal, I'd help them heal, even if it's difficult. Why? Because I care, and believe that they deserve to live. DEAL WITH IT!

Autism and depression are not the same.

13 It makes you feel like you are the worst person ever

That's like saying Hitler, murders, robbers, Pedophiles and terrorists are better than us. SCREW YOU

Everyone has low self esteem to a certain extent

It sure makes me.

14 It could affect your whole life

So can money, does that mean that we should hate money?

It's not affecting mine. But drugs CAN why isn't there a list on hating drugs

Depends on how worse your autism is.

15 It makes people hate you

Only the ignorant bigots like you.

16 You could become infamous online like "Chris-chan" and "SammyClassicSonicFan"

Whoever made this list is really stupid, just because you dislike a youtuber, it does not give you the right to call people out like this.

17 It makes you feel like you have the worst life ever
18 You have Dyspraxia but you've been Diagnosed With Other Disorders (DCD) one is Autism/ADHD
19 It makes you feel pain
20 It makes you feel guilt
21 People use it as an insult

This list needs to be removed

22 It allows you to see the world in a unique way
23 Females are misdiagnosed because the symptoms are different from males
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