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A light novel (ライトノベル raito noberu? ) is a style of Japanese novel primarily targeting middle- and high-school students (young adult demographic). [1][2] "Light novel" is a wasei-eigo, or a Japanese term formed from words in the English language. Such short, light novels are often called ranobe (ラノベ? )[3] or LN in the West. They are typically not more than 40,000�"50,000 words long (the shorter ones being equivalent to a novella in US publishing terms), are rarely more than a few hundred pages, often have dense publishing schedules, are usually published in bunkobon size, and are often illustrated. [4] The text is often serialized in anthology magazines before collection in book form.

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1 The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria

My dad works for microsoft

The best thing ever written. It is mysterious, thought provoking, offers insight on every character and is very addictive.

Simply BEST, enough to said

A masterpiece in the truest sense of the word.

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2 Monogatari Series

The best light-noel I've ever read and definitely the best anime adaptation of a light novel

What's with this image of gahara San though

The best light-novel, one of the best anime series

The best story I've ever read

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3 Oregairu

Best love triangle of all time

To put it shortly, it's the best thing I have ever read

One of the best RomCom there is. Highly recommended.

It's the best accumulation of realistic thoughts that can be put together in a fictional story

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4 Spice & Wolf

It was the best light novel I have seen so far

A slower paced story filled with a wondrous series of believable events, savourable timelines and developed characters.

Amazing progression, wonderful unforgettable characters, keeps you hooked

This is not a normal light novel, it's Legend

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5 Zaregoto
6 Overlord

The cover is wrong

If you like the anime you will love the novel

The best villains plot ever

I think this is the worst mistake of this web

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7 Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu Ka?
8 Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

I've always been a huge fan of this, and will always think this is the best. It's just such an AMAZING story I can't describe it with words. The best thing in my life that happened to me was finding this masterpiece, and I don't think anything is going to beat this.

This story is amazing. By far my favorite light novel and show. Love all the characters in this story and it is a very dark and awesome series.

Why it isn't first yet?

Heart wrenchingly beautiful.

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9 Jobless Reincarnation - It will be All Out if I Go to Another World Jobless Reincarnation - It will be All Out if I Go to Another World

Great novel, mostly thanks to the strong characters. Each one is flawed but in a very humane or endearing kind of way, especially the protagonist that goes from being a useless NEET to risking his life over and over for the sake of his family.

Full of adventures! filled with fun, excitement and brimming with emotions! recommended to everyone!

By far the best isekai out there. Many isekai leave a lot to be desired but this one was executed beautifully. The main character and the supporting cast are all unique and memorable and the plot makes sense...kind of. - AndrewHunt42

Best isekai light novel ever.
If you’re into isekai’s, this is a must read LN

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10 No Game No Life

Read every available volume (1-7) in 3 weeks. I love the logical genius built into the scenarios the MC's have to get through in order to win.

The best

Exceptional series. I have read each book multiple times and watched the anime, and I can't recommend it enough. The characters and the writing is exceptional, and their genius is portrayed flawlessly.

The best novel ever

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11 A Certain Magical Index

This is arguably one of the most engaging light novels dealing with the theme of magic vs science. The best thing is that it becomes more loveable and intricate with each passing volume.

One of the most well-established worlds and power systems in fiction. Characters you will love and hate. The author is simply a genius.

A great read. Very entricate and delicate plots. All around amazing.

A masterpiece light novel about Science and Magic crossing path. You'll never regret reading it.

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12 Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World

Deep, suspenseful, philosophical, funny, and effortlessly cool.

13 The Rising of the Shield Hero


Excellent read this asap

A cooler look on the transported to a different world genre.

It's great please read this

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14 Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

This is a great read!

This is really good

I hope there would be real game that build based on this novel..

This one is one of the best I have ever read.

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15 Knight's & Magic

I hope for the continuation. it was the best novel for me

it is good

16 Umineko When They Cry
17 Sword Art Online

This is the best novel where Kirito and Asuna had SEX

There's too many issues and it's kinda really boring

Although it has its flaws like everything else, SAO has a lot of heart and interesting things to say. The first few volumes are fun, but the story really picks up after Mother’s Rosario. The Alicization arc is superb, with a well-realized world. SAO Progressive is also wonderful, with more details about Aincrad. I love the series.

Sword Art Online below Log Horizon? You gotta be kidding me.

I'm sorry, but there are just too many problems with Sword Art Online for me to like it. - itz_izzy

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18 The Irregular at Magic High School

Relatable though a fantasy work. Not over the top action and story makes it (for me) the best thing I ever read.

Absolutely love it!

Story is pretty cool with lots of background details

This anime is so cool and I really want to know if they will make season 2

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19 Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

The comedy could be compared to gintama

A light hearted romp that just makes you happy to have read it

Such a masterpiece is on 22th place? It's an unforgivable disgrace.

No better word to describe it

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20 Baccano! Baccano! Baccano! (バッカーノ!), which Narita translates as 'stupid commotion', is Italian for 'ruckus'. An ongoing light novel series with over twenty volumes published, it takes place across three eras – the early 1700s, 1930s, and 2000s – and presents its story arcs in anachronistic fashion. Though more.

Awesome plot, keeps you glued from the begining 'till the end each volume. Characters, you could actually look up to. Give it a try!

21 Tales Of Demons and Gods

Great story latest updates have slowed though

It was really good but long update

Can't stop reading this. Amazing story and the way MC knows so such, its stunning.

Bit slow but still a good read. - Dragovik

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22 Danmachi Danmachi

I first watched the anime and loved the lightheartedness and the fantasy dungeon aspect. For years after I was wondering where the second season might be but it never showed then I found the light novels... and let me tell you the anime does not do these masterpieces justice... 10/10 Makes a grown man cry like a school girl

Was skeptical at first but seriously some of the best written characters and story plots I had the pleasure of reading!

When fantasy crosses dreams. By far the most well written light novel I have red. If you like mythology give it a shot. I promise it will not disappoint. The story isn't as deceiving is the title!

Definitely one of the best fantasy light novels out there!

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23 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Top 2 light novels ever written!

Best for me. I can't get over it and have been addicted to it since the beginning. The character development is well portrayed, the transitions on each arc is very smooth, the events in the story can take your breath away (in anticipation). seriously guys, if you want an LN with an OP MC but still down to earth -- who plans ahead before going to battle when it's clear as day that he's by far the strongest--, and support characters that are strong as hell, you better read this! This LN is amazing.

I'm literally obsessed, this is probably the singular best light novel series I've read, full of humor and fantastical beasts, definitely one great isekai!

Best light novel I’ve ever read

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24 High School DxD

Super creative with all of these dragon and faction stuff

Very attractive novel I always used to read in free time

Just a great one.

One of the few ecchi series with an amazing plot and non stereotype characters

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25 Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden is a Japanese light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase.

27? what a shame

Simply the best

To be honest, this is one of the most beautifully written light novels I have read. The characters, their perspectives, and their stories all add up to each other making you feel part of the story. I’m quite disappointed it is only 27th here.

26 Against the Gods

Most amazing story I have ever read! Give this a shot and you will not be disappointed. I have read a lot of light novels and this one takes the cake by far.

Have to read it. its still on going & worth to wait

This Is very very good for you who like harem genre with OP mc

Typical chinese OP MC with harem and stage progession system(strongest in city weakest in county, strongest in county weakest in country, stongest in country weakest in continent etc.) If the average one is a 5 this one would be a 6. It's better than average type in this genre but its still doesn't stand out in any field except its chapter number. - AndrewHunt42

27 Log Horizon

Easily the best light novel of its kind.

SAO turned from a good story to fanservice that I just can't bother with anymore. The writer of SAO even admitted that it became a harem scenario because he doesn't know how to write male characters, which is plain lousy excuse. Log Horizon on the other hand only got progressively interesting. So LH > SAO for me. SAO fanboys should just go watch your ecchi and hentais to fulfill your harem fantasy.

Anyone who says this is even remotely similar to SAO besides genre clearly hasn’t read or watched Log Horizon, which has a much more political and academic look on an astoundingly more realistic and intriguing world.

Better than SAO, always.

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28 You-Zitsu

If you enjoy a series about an OP MC that tricks everyone through intellect this would be your series.

Best Light Novel I've ever read. MC is so good and the story is always intriguing and thrilling.

Best ln I ever read so far, yet why it's so underrated

So Interesting and fun!

29 Durarara!!

Really one of the best animes that I have seen there is a lot of caracters and every one have a role in the story.Whene I think about it I still can't say this serie talk about what, because its just a mix of events that create a kind of suspense and thriller and made you interested

When I first started reading, didn't know what to expect. But the story was well done, and the character's designs fitted well with the plot.

Very enjoyable.

30 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Really enjoyed it. Took a while new spin n the stereotypical high school light Novel and made it truly something special.

I'm surprised this wasn't on the list, but this series is one of my favorites. I love all of the characters, and from the light novel, the series got two anime seasons, a movie, and a manga adaptation. Definitely worth checking out. - itz_izzy


31 Re:Monster

A bit out in a many extents (like too overpowered, etc) but quite entertaining, like it much

It's pretty good except the story is a bit fast and sometime it's a bit confusing other than that it's pretty good read...exciting stuff.

Good story - Dragovik

Pretty good

32 Invincible Level Up
33 Arifureta Kanashimi No Hate

Not overpowered from start


I liked the light novel very much can’t wait for the next volume

34 Isekai Wa Smartphone to Tomo to In

Linze best girl

Awesome must read I liked it most

35 Hyouka Hyouka

Nostalgic mystery

You can feel the mystery

I like kudryavka seqence very much!

Now why isn't hyouka in this list? deserves to be under hakomari in my opinion

36 Fate/Zero Fate/Zero Fate/Zero is a series of light novels written by Gen Urobuchi, illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi, and is a prequel to Type-Moon's visual novel, Fate/stay night. An anime adaptation of Fate/Zero was jointly produced by Aniplex, nitroplus, Type-Moon, Seikaisha, and Ufotable that ran from 2011-2012.
37 Peerless Martial God
38 Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi
39 Slayers
40 Campione Campione
41 Everyone Else is a Returnee

Main character takes things his own pace while others have to just role with it. Really good twists that make you question everything. It is kind of fast paced; however it ends up ending in the most satisfying way possible. I don't regret reading this.

The MC is in the clever side, furthermore he never commited the same mistake twice

The progression is interesting, very fast pace and it keeps you on your toes imagining what ability the MC is gonna get next. - AndrewHunt42

42 Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

My god this light novel is so funny and realist about the people who don't have any friends - MloikFred

43 Toradora!

It's the best and biggest cliche, and I love it

One of the best light novel. I even read it 10 times the romantic comedy. they help each other to like each's best friend but in the end they fall for each other what a cliche

44 Kagerou Project Kagerou Project

Kagerou Project is really good!

45 Full Metal Alchemist Full Metal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hiromu Arakawa. It is about two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, trying to restore their bodies after failing at bringing their mother back to life. It aired in 2003 and was remade as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood more.
46 Bungou Stray Dogs Bungou Stray Dogs
47 Hataraku Maou Sama (Devil is a Part Timer)

It is the best, I don't remember the part time lady partner that maou had, but I root for her

This is the best reverse isekai for me, Yusa Emi for life!

48 Cooking with Wild Game
49 Zhan Long
50 Sayonara Piano Sonata
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