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1 Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Appealing signage and design and a wide array of products for almost everything that you need make Target your next stop on the shopping list. It's also nice that they don't excessively promote the term "cheap" (unlike Walmart, of whom does that all the time), which satisfies manufacturers. Finally, if you want a quick snack before leaving, without even having to leave the store, then you're in luck: most Target stores include a Pizza Hut Express, and sometimes even a Starbucks, as well as their own in-house food shop.

Target is great though I wish they had more variety in the pet section. Literately everything only has supplies for dogs and cats and nothing for rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, and reptiles but it could just be my local one.

Target is just like walmart but better more clothes shoes and better deals!

The cashiers never say a greeting or anything!

2 Claires
3 Bath and Body Works

Bath and body works is the best store. People get to get things that make u calm. I shop at bath and body works every 2 weeks minimum. My opinion shop there. HURRY

4 American Eagle

I love this store so much. Walk into the mall with friends be like "American Eagle? " We all say Yes and run like crazy women

It's not the best song ever it's the best jeans ever!

Soft stuff to wear

5 Forever 21

Love it so good

6 Kmart

I miss Kmart so much. I remember going there as a kid.

I went here as a kid too

Kmart is dying

7 Aeropostale
8 Hot Topic

This is the best store I have ever been to I now want to go there again but NO because my sisters & mom are too busy lady shopping and I'm a boy.

This store is one of the first stores I hit in the mall... And still hit it after all of the other stores... Mostly for their stylish goodies

Hot Topic is like, THE BEST STORE EVER! All the employees there were really helpful, and I love getting all the Asking Alexandria, Mayday Parade, and My Little Pony stuff. They always know what's in style and I love going there!

It's where I get a lot of my anime merchandise.

9 Abercrombie & Fitch
10 Aldi

Have you ever been to this german supermarket?
It's really inexpensive and their products are very good!

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11 Victoria Secret
12 Icings
13 Spencers

That's where I usually get my nose rings.

Some of the stuff they sell here is just un-friggin-believable.

14 Top Shop
15 Justice

I never been in one, I like black over sparkles any day!

I love justice

16 Hollister

My favorite place to shop is Zara, second favorite is Hollister

17 Debs
18 Steve Berry
19 Zumiez

Who in their silly minds go to Wal-Mart and buy t shirts skinny jeans and snapbacks? Go to zumiez and buy actual snapbacks and skinny jeans... And it is very inexpensive... I have a large collection of snapbacks and shoes and they're all from zumiez... Cause I rob the place like O.J. Simpson on a black Friday sale.. Lol... But still, anyone who buys snapbacks at Wal-Mart is a wuss.

20 Eataly

Cool place to shop

21 Barnes & Noble
22 Tesco

Now this is the place to shop in the UK.

23 Sephora
24 Feltrinelli Red

I purchased a Television from Samsung at ShopByChoice. Specifically purchase for watching T.V. program & movies with own family at home. I have purchase from this website from few years before and the service is always improving. I am very please with their shipping service as well as the accurate items they have. I would definitely rate his company 7.

Order was filled promptly, delivered sooner than promised and arrived in good condition. All at a best price. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks

I was able to save INR 1,000/- by choosing this online shopping store. I love the service as well.

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