Top 10 Cons of Living in Russia

These may include pollution, struggling economy and poor climate.
The Top Ten
1 Pollution is too high.

There are many outdated factories and poor regulation. Over 200 cities exceed pollution limits and air pollution has caused more than 40% of all respiratory problems and diseases. Cities in the certain areas of Russia such have issues with pollution such they pollute more than 2% of the earth's carbon related pollution causing climate change and there is another city that has scores of air pollution over 90% out of 100 which is very high. Water pollution is also a big issue since 50-75% of all water in Russia is polluted and the country is home to Lake Karachay a lake so polluted spending an hour there would kill you since it is red due to the fact is was used to dump radioactive substances no wonder only 143 million people live here and it is the biggest country in the world.

2 It is very depressing.

People there are basically prisoners since they have to endure the lack of freedom and human rights under a dictatorship and live in a gloomy, polluted and cold place which traps them in. Also in Siberia they keep prisoners in gulags.

3 It's too cold.

And isolated in Russian small towns too.

4 Too gloomy.
5 Smells like rotten eggs.
6 Vehicle emissions are bad.
7 Huge contributor to climate change.
8 Many things are very outdated.
9 Struggling economy.
10 Some cities have a post-apocalyptic feel.
The Contenders
11 No freedom of speech.
12 Racism.
13 Corruption.
14 No democracy.
15 Roads can be dangerous.
16 Not family friendly.
17 Drugs.
18 Crime.
19 One of the least LGBT-friendly countries in Europe.
20 Feels crowded.
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