Top Ten Reasons Why Rolling Backpacks are Better Than Carry on Backpacks

I used to have a carry on backpack that caused me quite a bit of trouble, but now I have a rolling backpack that I like so much better. Here are my reasons why.
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1 They are easier to manage

With a rolling backpack, you just have to pull the handle up or push it down. Adjusting a carry-on backpack to get it on and comfortable requires a bit more effort.

2 They reduce muscle strain compared to carry-on backpacks

Once, I had to carry so many heavy books in my old carry-on backpack that I actually strained a muscle in my back. Goodness gracious, was it painful! You don't have to worry about that with a rolling backpack because you simply drag it behind you.

Sure, you can sometimes make your arm sore by dragging it, but this can be avoided by regularly alternating which arm you drag it with.

3 They offer more storage capacity

To me, it honestly seems like the actual pouches on rolling backpacks are larger than those on carry-on backpacks. This means they fit more stuff.

4 They are easier to maneuver

Carry-on backpacks can be somewhat uncomfortable as they kind of bump against your back. Rolling backpacks just glide along behind you without a problem.

It depends where you have to move it. However, whenever you aren't on smooth ground, a rolling backpack is a hindrance.

5 They appear more professional

Rolling backpacks resemble suitcases, which are associated with travel and business. Carry-on backpacks are associated with young children and school, therefore making you seem less mature.

6 They are easier to fit in tight spaces

You usually have to squeeze your carry-on backpack into tight places. Rolling backpacks always seem to slide into place as they aren't nearly as bulky.

7 They cause less physical fatigue

Carrying a heavy backpack can exhaust you and make you sweat profusely if you're carrying it in the hot sun. Rolling backpacks don't do this as they put minimal strain on your muscles.

8 They are more durable

Rolling backpacks are actually made of stronger fabrics. This means they won't tear or fray easily and will last you a lot longer than a carry-on backpack.

9 They can stand up on their own

It really annoyed me when I used to try to put my old carry-on backpack on the floor only for it to slump over. I can actually set my rolling backpack down without it falling because of the wheels on the bottom.

10 They don't cause back pain

This is so true. They don't stretch muscles or cause strain on your body, unlike carry-on backpacks.

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11 They are more recognisable

Rolling backpacks aren't as common as carry-on backpacks, so they are more likely to stand out in a crowd. You'll be able to recognize them that way.

This is because not many people use rolling backpacks from what I see. That means your rolling backpack will stand out more, and you will more likely recognize your backpack.

12 They allow for faster travel

Carry-on backpacks can slow you down as you are carrying stuff on your back and putting strain on your muscles. Rolling backpacks don't slow down your travel because they don't put strain on you.

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