Top Ten Unwritten Rules of Life

There's just some things that people do without thinking about it. It's as if these actions make up an unwritten rule book. Here's the top ten of those.
The Top Ten
1 There is an order to which urinal to use

Any educated man will know which urinal to use. For those who don't know, here are the unwritten urinal rules:

1: If there's no one in, use the urinal furthest from the door. This will prevent being accidentally pushed by other people.

2: If there's a man using a urinal, use the one furthest away from him. For example, if he's using the one furthest from the door, use the closest one. Keep as much space between you and the other people as possible.

3: Always make sure there's at least one urinal between you and another person if possible. If not possible, either wait or use a stall. There is an exception to this rule: if someone is at the second from the end, you can use the end urinal as long as you look away from the person next to you.

Now you know how to use a urinal correctly.

2 Face forward in lift

It's instinctive for any of us when we step into a lift to face the front. It's an unwritten rule that almost everybody follows without thinking about it.

3 Let people off before you get on

This applies to buses, trains, lifts, and anything that people use the same entry to get on and off. I like how people follow this rule so well... Well, most people.

Surely this is just plain good manners and not an unwritten rule?

4 The fast lane is for overtaking

The fast lane is only for overtaking. Don't stay in the fast lane unless you can't get back into the other lane or you're going fast enough to keep up with the speed in the fast lane. If someone wants to overtake you, either go faster or move into a slower lane. Be aware of speed cameras though.

5 Turn off full beam headlights when you see oncoming traffic

There are only two times you can use these. Either if:

1. You're the only one on the road for as far as you can see on a dark road. You can't see oncoming headlights from other motorists. If you do see somebody's headlights, revert to your regular beams until they pass and there's no other motorists.

2. Or the other occasion is if you just want to be an arse on the road to other motorists. If you do this to me, I'll find you... and then you'll wish you never did it to me.

6 It's time to leave when the host of the party starts to clean up

When the host of the party starts to clean up, the party is over. Go home.

7 Prepare yourself to pay

I hate people who do nothing in a queue and then realize they had to get their wallet out to buy the item. It's wasting time. You should get your wallet out while queuing, you stupid person. Paying isn't a surprise, is it?

8 Wipe down equipment at the gym when you're done

Please, not everyone likes your sweat. If everyone did this, the world would be a much nicer place.

9 If you're tall, sit at the back

Nothing is worse than sitting in a cinema with a tall person in front of you. If you're this person, please sit at the back. I do, so why can't you as well?

It would be a smart idea to make the back seats in a cinema have more legroom. Then my small friends wouldn't have to bother about a person's head blocking the screen.

Or stand if you're taking group photos.

10 Stand at least 2 metres away from someone withdrawing cash from ATM

If you stand any closer than that, it can look like you're trying to rob the other person. Better to stay out of trouble and keep away. Don't risk somebody confusing the two!

The Contenders
11 Wipe after using the toilet
12 Your bag does not need its own seat
13 If someone hands you their phone to look at a picture, don't swipe to look at more
14 Flush after using the toilet
15 Close the door when you're in the bathroom
16 Utensil usage
17 Never slam the door
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