Top 10 Important Things Nobody Pays Attention To

Many things are in place for people to acknowledge or understand. Unfortunately, there are many things that nobody, other than the odd safety freak or regular person pay attention to. I think we all know a few of the things that will be on this list, but I’m going to have to do a little research to get some more ideas. Enjoy!
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1 Climate Change

People are already conscious of climate change but the issue is they either don't have the energy to change their lifestyle into something that's more eco-friendly or they simply don't want to because of financial reasons. How can you convince someone to stop using their cars/commute to go to work when it's the only convenient medium for them to travel? How can we build highways in a more efficient way so that it can comply to eco-friendly standards? These are some questions to consider but no one's going to be convinced or take action if you don't provide solutions that would mitigate the problem.

To be fair, more and more people are being educated about this every day. Kids in schools are taught about this. People are conscious of this. But it's still not enough. Perhaps the most dangerous thing to ignore on this list, if we don't get better at acknowledging that climate change is happening, big problems can occur.

2 Airplane pre-flight safety videos

Okay, maybe everyone watches this the first time on a plane because you're so nervous, but otherwise, who cares? The pilots are experts, you're comfortable, and watching the videos will take time away from your binge-watching on a long flight! Nothing will go wrong! Riiiiiight... it's sad that so many people don't care, and there are cases where people die because they never paid any attention to the videos.

I still pay attention to those, but there are people who do not pay attention pre-flight safety videos.

Me: Why don't you watch the safety video?
Idiot: Because it's boring.
Me: But it's important, if lets you know what to do if there's an emergency!
Idiot: There WON'T be an emergency!
Me: Are you 100% sure?
Idiot: Yes
Me: How do YOU know?
Idiot: I err...
Me: Exactly, so you should watch the safety video!
Idiot: If there's an emergency I'll just follow everyone else!
Me: 😒

3 Movie credits

Trust me, the only reason anyone actually stays in the movie theatre or doesn't pause the movie on Netflix is either because it's an MCU movie and we want to see the end credit scenes, because you know someone who will be credited and want to see their name, or because a really good song is playing and you want to enjoy it. Otherwise, all the names of the stunt doubles and visual effects artists are meaningless and not something anyone cares about. This isn't too big of a thing to miss, but I feel for the people whose only recognition was in the credits.

Everybody has an equal role in the making of a movie. Sadly, nobody acknowledges the people apart from the actors. I wish that would change. People need to make the credits more interesting.

Sometimes I do stay for 1 minute to see who portrayed who in the movie, but after that I'm out. Same for video games, once I finish the game, I either skip the credits or do something else.

4 Common sense

You have to start thinking before you act. Hmm, is drawing crude images on this guy's locker really a smart thing? Is going out and partying while a virus ravages the world a smart thing? Common sense saves lives every hour of every day, and every day people die or get into heaps of trouble because they ignore it.

Use your common sense.

5 Advertisements

Indeed, and as a matter of fact a lot of people (including me) tend to get annoyed by these whenever they show up. Every time people try to do something normally online (such as watch a video on YouTube or play an online game) these pop up. It's annoying mostly because people are either disinterested in the product (or already have it) or they just wanna watch the video they intended to watch or play the online game peacefully without being interrupted with these. Occasionally some ads might grab the viewer's attention, but most of the time people can often find these annoying showing up everywhere.

People have gotten better at creating eye-catching ads, but people have also gotten better at ignoring them. Sometimes, ads actually contain meaningful messages in them, but we just ignore it, which is mostly a good thing, but can sometimes be bad.

I usually block them, drown them out, or falsely report them since I hate seeing ads.

6 COVID-19 Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 is a contagious disease caused by a virus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

It's ridiculous. Even here in Canada, where we're doing alright with handling the virus, every day people just ignore the fact that they are killing people by going out and partying. Every day, at the park near my house, hundreds of teenagers all come and have crazy celebrations every night, normally getting drunk, defacing property, and not socially distancing. I don't have a prejudice against teenagers or anything, but what are those people thinking? And adults have this problem too. Open your eyes, people. Do you think that the best way to deal with socially distancing is not socially distancing and therefore killing people?

If you took a walk through my school you would quickly realize that nobody give a crap about Covid-19. Some people don't keep their noses covered, some just have their masks DOWN when nobody is paying attention, there's hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere but not many people actually use them. I see a few people touching their face, and NOBODY practices social distancing, In between classes everyone is just squishes together in the hallways, and the teachers don't seem to care either. They make us wear masks, but our desks and chairs are at least 3 feet apart.

7 Code of conducts

Yeah, absolutely nobody reads these detailed instructional things on how to safely use devices, apps, or websites. We just scroll down, click "I understand" where in reality we didn't take in any information, and happily forget about it and enjoy the website.

8 Terms and Conditions

There are people who can often be the kind of person who skims or doesn't read the terms and conditions then push the "I agree" button just to get the process done.

Similar to Code of Conduct, I just press "I agree" without reading a single word.

You need to have a good look at this. You could be disappointed, otherwise.

9 Homeless people

When you see a homeless person begging for money, normally you think "how sad" and move on. Some people are disgusted by them. Some people pretend they aren't there. But the nice thing to do is give them money. Not a lot, just a couple bucks, to let them know that there are things worth living for, and who knows? Those five bucks may save their life!

Well, in India, these people throw away the food that they get and spend the money on alcoholic drinks. I'm not saying all of them do it, but most of them do.

10 Salesmen

Okay, these people do get on everyone's nerves, myself included. You get a knock on the door, someone says: "hi, I'm with this company and we were wondering" you quickly say: "sorry, not interested" and slam the door in their face. Good riddance, right? Actually, it is sometimes important to first register what they're trying to say, then you can take appropriate actions.

If they actually sold useful stuff, maybe nobody would ignore them.

If they sold useful stuff, I might give a crap. Might.

The Contenders
11 Correct grammar
12 Human overpopulation

The birds and the bees made it happen.

Well, it's simple, make more condoms.

13 Current events
14 Themselves

A message to everyone reading this. It is YOUR life. Nobody will care for you. People will go away, eventually, except for a few cases where you always have a person by your side.

Please please please take care of yourself. People do care about you. Don't give up.

15 Your “gut feeling”

People always say, "listen to your heart," But I don't know the difference between my heart and my regular mind!

The only reliable thing when you have lost everything.

16 Sex protection
17 Lower roles in the government
18 Other people's feelings

People mostly focus on themselves. Sadly but truly.

19 Their health
20 Mental health
21 Humility
22 Obesity
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