Top 10 Best Places to Go in a Zombie Apocalypse

So, you find yourself contemplating an age-old question that's taken root in the minds of pop culture aficionados and horror movie fans alike: What are the best places to go in a zombie apocalypse? You know, just in case a world brimming with the walking undead becomes more than just a theme of your favorite late-night flick. Suddenly, every trip to the grocery store, every glance at a deserted island on a TV show, or every look at a sturdy-looking building sends your mind spinning with strategic possibilities.

This question isn't about stoking the fires of fear or causing a panic. No, it's more about embracing our adventurous side, letting our imaginations roam wild, and indulging in the intriguing world of survival strategy. After all, even in the face of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, we humans are driven by our instinct to survive. And let's be real, there's something inexplicably compelling about imagining how we would fare if the undead did decide to launch their coup on our everyday lives.

So, we invite you to ponder, strategize, and vote for the choices that you believe should be proudly displayed at the top of this list. These are the places that you feel would be your sanctuaries, your fortresses against the shambling hordes.
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1 Farm A farm can be an advantageous location during a zombie apocalypse due to its capacity for self-sustainability. The availability of arable land for cultivation and potential livestock can provide a continuous supply of food. The open fields also allow for good visibility, helping to spot any incoming undead from a distance. Additionally, farms are usually located far from densely populated areas, potentially reducing the number of zombies encountered.

You'll also remember that the Waking Dead farm was overrun, and the survivors barely escaped with their lives.

As also seen in the walking dead!

2 Military Base A military base would be an ideal location during a zombie apocalypse, given its designed purpose of defense and survival during hostile situations. The base would likely contain a stockpile of weapons, vehicles, and medical supplies. Its high-security infrastructure, including fortified walls and strategic vantage points, can offer robust protection against zombie intrusions. Additionally, the presence of communication equipment could potentially facilitate contact with other survivors.
3 Prison A prison, despite its typically negative connotations, can be a strategic stronghold during a zombie apocalypse. Its high-security features, such as reinforced walls, watchtowers, and secured entrances, can offer substantial protection from the undead. Furthermore, prisons often contain stockpiles of canned food and medical supplies, which could sustain survivors for extended periods.

A prison is generally the best place to barricade yourself in if this should happen. You've got watchtowers, barbed wire fences, a cafeteria, an armory, a backup generator, an infirmary, etc. It's almost perfect. All you need to worry about is the prisoners that were left behind (the guards certainly weren't going to let them go, they were locked up for a reason).

I see some walking dead fans have entered this site...

Okay, time for a list of why not:

Decent amounts of food.
Weapons (Batons, guns, etc.).
Good protection (Barbed wire fences and watch towers).
Isolation from populated areas.

4 Bunker A bunker, specifically designed for survival scenarios, would be an optimal location during a zombie apocalypse. Its underground construction provides high-level protection from external threats. A well-stocked bunker would have food, water, medical supplies, and often communication devices. The bunker's secure and isolated nature makes it a desirable refuge.

Because you can hide away form zombies and they won't find you.

5 Mall A mall, while seemingly unconventional, could prove beneficial in a zombie apocalypse. It offers an abundance of resources like food, clothing, and other essentials that are crucial for survival. The numerous entrances could be fortified to prevent zombie invasion, and the vast indoor space could comfortably accommodate a large group of survivors. Plus, the mall's typically central location might provide a strategic advantage for reconnaissance and rescue missions.
6 School A school can serve as an effective refuge in a zombie apocalypse. Its large size and numerous rooms can accommodate many survivors, and it typically has a kitchen with stored food. Schools often have sports equipment that could be used as makeshift weapons, and the fenced perimeter could provide a layer of protection against the undead. Additionally, its open areas, like the playground or sports field, can be used for growing food or for lookout points.

It depends. Either the zombie kid horde already left, or they were waiting there the whole time for you. A z-apocalypse probably won't happen, but if it did, I'd not go to a school. Chances are, one kid somehow gets infected. Then, they eat the flesh/brains out of another kid, and...
You know, there'd be a bunch of zombie kids.

7 Hospital A hospital, despite its close association with disease and death, can be a prime location during a zombie apocalypse. Hospitals have extensive medical supplies, which could be vital for treating injuries and maintaining health. Certain areas, such as secure patient rooms or the pharmacy, could be converted into safe zones. However, vigilance would be crucial due to the potential for higher zombie activity in these areas.
8 Police Station A police station could be an excellent stronghold during a zombie apocalypse. It's likely to have a stockpile of weapons and ammunition, which would be invaluable for defense. Many police stations also have holding cells, which could be used as secure sleeping areas. Furthermore, the station's communication equipment might still be functional, providing the potential for contact with other survivors.

A police station is good cause of the guns and ammo but not for a long time stay, just for tools.
And don't try to shot a zombie when you first get the guns unless you have to, cause it will probably attracte a lot of attention.

9 Mountains The mountains serve as a prime spot during a zombie apocalypse due to their natural defensive attributes. The challenging terrain could potentially slow down or deter the undead, providing survivors with a natural barrier. Moreover, the mountains offer abundant natural resources like fresh water from streams and game for hunting. Their remote location could also mean fewer encounters with zombies, and the high vantage points provide good visibility for spotting incoming threats.

The Himalayas are not recommended. It's too sparsely populated by animals. The Alps are much better suited for this. It has many remote ski resorts, lots of game, and some villages. The only downside is that raiders may find your base.

10 Cemetery At first glance, a cemetery might not seem like the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse, but it could provide unexpected benefits. Given its association with the dead, it might be one of the least likely places for other survivors to look for resources, thereby reducing the risk of human conflicts. Moreover, many cemeteries have mausoleums and sturdy buildings that can be fortified for shelter.
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11 Island An island can serve as an ideal sanctuary during a zombie apocalypse. Its isolation from the mainland can act as a natural barrier against zombie hordes. If the island has adequate resources, it could provide food and fresh water, reducing dependence on external supplies. Additionally, survival might be easier to manage with limited land area and a potentially smaller zombie population.
12 Army Surplus Store An army surplus store would be a strategic location during a zombie apocalypse. It usually stocks a wide array of survival gear, including clothing, camping equipment, non-perishable food, and even weapons. This abundance of resources can help survivors remain equipped and prepared for any situation. The store's structure could also be fortified, providing a secure shelter.

A couple of words... Boom boom, kill, pow, yet no food. This place would only be useful if you already had a surplus in food.

13 Carnival A carnival could offer unique advantages during a zombie apocalypse. It often comes with an abundance of food stalls and game booths that could potentially contain useful supplies. Some rides or attractions might be repurposed for defense or observation purposes. However, noise levels should be managed effectively to avoid attracting zombie attention. Carnivals also typically have perimeter fencing, which could be reinforced for additional security.

Food, rides, and tall places to shoot from!

14 Movie Theater A movie theater could be an effective shelter during a zombie apocalypse. Its large, spacious interior provides ample room for survivors. The concession stands often have a stockpile of snacks and beverages, and the projection room could be used as a lookout point. Additionally, the theater's heavy doors and limited entrances can be fortified to make it a formidable safe house against zombie invasions.
15 Beach A beach can serve as a strategic location in a zombie apocalypse due to its open vista that allows for the easy spotting of incoming threats. If it's a coastal beach, fishing could provide a sustainable food source. The sandy terrain might slow down zombies, and if the situation becomes dire, the possibility of escape by sea could be an option, assuming one has a boat or raft.
16 Forest A forest offers numerous benefits in a zombie apocalypse. Its vastness can conceal survivors from both zombies and hostile humans. The abundant natural resources, such as food, water, and firewood, can sustain survivors for extended periods. Moreover, the dense vegetation and rugged terrain can act as a natural barrier against the undead. Survival, however, would rely heavily on one's wilderness skills.

It depends on how good you are at braving the wilderness. If your residential area's local horde doesn't get you, the other predators will.

17 Space Station A space station offers the ultimate sanctuary during a zombie apocalypse as it is completely isolated from the Earth, and thus, from the zombies. The high-tech environment and life-supporting systems could potentially sustain survivors for a considerable period. Moreover, it provides a unique vantage point to monitor the situation on Earth and possibly communicate with other survivors.

In a space station, if you have the chance of being an astronaut at the time of the apocalypse, than you would have a chance of surviving many months, but in the end it is just like what I said for the hospital, the police station and the building top. In the end you are going to have to go back down in order to survive or die like in most zombie surviving situations.


Screw you guys! I'm goin' to space!

18 Airport An airport could be an effective location during a zombie apocalypse due to its vast open spaces, long sightlines, and plentiful resources. The terminals often have food courts, shops, and medical aid facilities that can provide necessary supplies. Its infrastructure, including control towers, can serve as excellent lookout points. Furthermore, the possibility of escape by air could be an option if functional aircraft are available.
19 Church A church can be an advantageous refuge in a zombie apocalypse. Its solid construction and minimal windows make it easier to fortify against the undead. Many churches have bell towers or steeples, which can serve as lookout points. They often have kitchens and supply rooms, which can provide resources. Moreover, a church's symbol of hope and community might boost morale during such trying times.
20 Armored Vehicle An armored vehicle provides mobility and protection, two crucial factors during a zombie apocalypse. These vehicles are designed to resist attacks, making them an ideal choice for transportation in zombie-infested areas. In addition, they could serve as temporary shelters due to their secure interiors. The vehicle's storage compartments could be used to keep essential supplies while on the move.
21 Restaurant A restaurant, often equipped with large industrial kitchens, could provide a considerable food supply during a zombie apocalypse. Depending on the structure, it can be fortified, creating a secure refuge. Moreover, kitchen utensils and equipment could be used as makeshift weapons, enhancing the defensive capabilities of the survivors.
22 Sporting Goods Store A sporting goods store can offer an abundance of useful resources during a zombie apocalypse. It typically stocks camping gear, athletic clothing, and food and water supplies, all of which can aid survival. Importantly, the store is likely to have a variety of sports equipment that can be repurposed as makeshift weapons. Its usually sturdy structure can be fortified, offering a secure shelter.
23 Boat A boat, particularly a larger vessel, could be an effective haven during a zombie apocalypse. It allows survivors to stay mobile and isolated from zombie-infested lands. Depending on the type of boat, it could have living quarters and fishing equipment, providing shelter and a sustainable food source.

Zombies can't swim,
And even if they could, your boat is faster than any swimming human/zombie.
It could bring you to a island, far away from zombies.

24 Lighthouse A lighthouse can be an excellent stronghold in a zombie apocalypse. Its tall, narrow structure can be easily defended, and the top provides a vast, panoramic view of the surrounding area. If it has a living area, as many lighthouses do, it can serve as a comfortable refuge, while its isolation can keep zombie encounters to a minimum.
25 Hot Air Balloon A hot air balloon provides an unconventional but effective escape method during a zombie apocalypse. It allows survivors to float above the danger, remaining out of reach of the undead. While it doesn't offer the same longevity or resources as other locations, it could potentially transport survivors to safer areas or provide temporary safety during intense zombie activity.

Fly away and it uses less fuel than a helicopter.

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