Top 10 Worst Smells

If it's a smell that makes your stomach turn, it needs to be on this list!
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1 Decomposing Body

Try not to gag while reading this one. Sulfur doesn't smell so bad once you travel through Georgia a few times. I can even keep my window down.

There was a dead cat decomposing on the sidewalk five blocks away when I was walking one hot day, and I could smell it as if it was right next to me!

I agree with Heather, the name says EVERYTHING it needs to say. If you ever smell one of these... Yeah, just don't.

2 Vomit

If anyone has ever done the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Challenge, they would know that barf and vomit are horrible. The other day, I was taking a bath and realized the whole bath had vomit in it. My brother vomited in it while I was getting a towel!

The worst part about this one is that the stench alone can make you vomit as well, starting a never-ending cycle of vomiting from the vomit itself. Doubly so if you have emetophobia, as you may even puke from fear on top of disgust, making you sick over and over again.

3 Skunk Skunks are mammals known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong odor. Different species of skunk vary in appearance from black-and-white to brown or cream colored, but all have warning coloration.

I am sitting in my house right now, and there must be a skunk underneath my porch or something because the whole ground floor smells like skunk. I am really hoping one wasn't killed on the road beside me because that'll keep the smell around for a while.

Man oh man, is it bad.

This should be #2 because it is the worst smell other than dead bodies. It stinks like the inside of Satan's anus.

My dog would chase skunks and get sprayed by their stench. He took many baths before the smell came out! Poor dog.

4 Raw Sewage

I hate vomit, barf, throw up, spewing, and blowing chunks. I will scream if I am 6 feet or closer to someone who feels sick or throws up. And I feel sick the whole day after that.

Guys, feel pity for the people who go into manholes to maintain the sewage system.

I suddenly feel nauseous after reading these posts.

5 Rotten Eggs

So bad! One time in the 3rd grade in 2002, one kid just passed gas really loudly and it smelled just like that. But seriously, this is definitely the worst smell in the world. It's just...phew!

A TRULY ROTTEN EGG, not just one a little yucky or past its time, but the kind that EXPLODES into a grey muck of death, is the WORST smell EVER! Beyond anything I have ever encountered in my whole life!

No skunk, puke, poop, or even rotten animal can compare. THE WORST! I pray I never have to smell this ever again!

My brother vomited because of the smell. And that didn't smell anything like it, poor thing! Mmm...

6 Human Feces

WHOA. Smells worse than a dead soggy panda in a sulfur pond with old people (who are especially stinky) in it.

Have you heard of the Korean kids' song about a fat man with seven kids? I think the seven kids smell the fat man's poo every day.

Natural, but if it comes from someone else, it can be rather gross to smell.

7 Body Odor

I have a rather sharp and often unbearable sense of smell (no kidding, I know how dogs feel). I have met many high school women who really have terrible body odor. It's possibly because they did not eat well, but the smell is unbearable.

Men also smell bad sometimes, but I have worse experiences with women. Although some girls smell of soap and others smell like grapes or even acrid, those few girls have hygiene.

At a party, a female teen friend took me to dance. She took off her heels, and the smell was so horrible that even my nose and forehead hurt. She even left her smell of bare feet impregnated on the floor!

I'm not an inhabitant of the United States. I'm from Latin America, so I do not know how women smell there, but it's a nightmare that I suffer because of my sense of smell. Does anyone else have it?

8 Human Fart

Most people say they don't fart, but truthfully, they do (everyone does. It's a way to pass the bad gas in your stomach). When they do, it's in their own home but ten times worse than others.

These diffuse faster than the speed of light, and there's no getting away from that stench! I can't even eat eggs now because they just smell and remind me of the disgusting people whose farts smell like these!

The reason farts smell worse in the shower is because of the heat. Plus, underwear and your pants absorb most of the fart.

9 Dog Feces

Oh, just the thought of this makes me shiver in a really bad way. Haha, dog poo that's still warm and soft. Oh, good God, that is one of the worst things you'll ever smell. The smell spreads so far too, there's no avoiding it, even from a distance!

"If you have ever stepped in a big, steaming pile of dog poo, you know what I'm talking about.


Yeah, well, try picking it up. Without holding your breath. Armed only with a small piece of toilet paper. Small meaning small...

Oh god, my backyard is full of this (no pun intended)! The only place that doesn't have dog poop is probably the porch. But I can still smell the poop.

10 Dog Fart

Any animal's fart is gross. Dogs have really bad gas that comes from their stomach's air pockets. When released, it can be rather hard to breathe. That is why we roll down our windows when traveling with a dog or dogs.

If any of you have a dog that farts, you can relate to this. If a dog fart has woken you up in the middle of the night, you know it's bad.

I have a rather old dog that tends to fart loudly, and it smells bad. Though she's sick, it must be bad! I feel so bad for her and any old people!

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11 Cigarette Smoke

Last I heard, about 50,000 people die annually just from secondhand smoke. Most smells, I think, won't actually kill you, but this one can and will. Also, it may cause or aggravate other medical conditions like asthma. Avoid it at all costs!

Whenever I see someone frigging smoking, I want to rip the cigarette out of their hand, shove it down their throat, and punch them in the face. Especially the ones that are on welfare but still buy it.

I had a teacher who always smelled like smoke. Her breath, the room, and the hallway outside her door always reeked of it. Terrible and traumatizing memories.

12 Rotting Fish

Even a tiny piece of fish leaves a big impression. The stench intensifies as it gets more spoiled.

13 Dumpster

What is it about sticky, dusty dumpsters that smell sickly sweet and almost fruity? I think most people don't really recognize the true smell of a dumpster, or else it would be much higher on the list. Certainly higher than skunk.

I feel for the cartoon characters! Most of them are shoved into the dumpster!

14 Garbage

That needs to go to the dump, or else the house would stink!

Whenever the garbage is taken out in the house, it actually leaves a trail of smell leading to the door. It's disgusting.

15 Cat Feces

I have a really big Ragdoll cat, and his glistening sweaty turds are as large as my Labrador's, only they stink 100 times worse. The beast is so large that he doesn't fit into the litter tray, so he always scrapes at the wooden floor instead of covering up his wretch-inducing filth.

Cat poo REEKS!

My cat just had a poo in the cat litter, which is downstairs. I was still asleep upstairs with the door shut, but it woke me up, feeling really sick. What are they putting into cat food, all brands? Nothing worse than cat poo.

16 Dirty Diapers

When I was 2 years old, all my relatives said that my poopy diapers were really stinky.

17 Dirty Socks

I have the dirtiest socks ever. My mom can't stand the smell.

Absolutely... Oh my god, it can make you die.

18 Garlic Breath

Yeah, I was on a bus one time and this girl had the WORST garlic breath. Actually, it was a mixture of garlic and breath. My eyes were tearing up and everything. I'm glad THAT moment was over.

The worst part was that she never stopped talking to me and my friends. After that bus ride, I made sure to carry mints with me EVERYWHERE!

I have never smelt this, and I don't want to.

My friend had disgusting breath, and she farted at the same time. She is also really fat too. I nearly threw up in my mouth. I am disgusted.

19 Blood

It has a really rancid metallic smell. Whenever you swallow it (such as when you bite your tongue), you can taste the smell, and it is utterly disgusting.

Blood is so terrifying! And it smells so gross, like metallic/metal!

We dissected a pig in biology. It wouldn't have caused half as much gagging as it did if the blood stench wasn't so strong.

20 Morning Breath

My mom has really bad morning breath. It always makes me gag! This morning, I had to wash my face with soap because the breath was that bad. I usually offer her a piece of gum.

My brother's morning breath smells terrible. It's almost as bad as his underarm B.O., and we share a room. He always breathes in my face, and I cannot get away.

Mine is bad, but so is my brother's.

21 Cat Urine

Oh jeez. This is still in my grandma's house. She has no cats now. The smell lasts forever.

Do you ever just walk outside after it rains on a hot day and smell the cat pee? I do all the time. I don't know if it's just me, but both my older sister Hadley and I do all the time!

22 Cow Penis
23 Burnt Hair

I straighten my hair, and it smells fine. But when my sister does, she burns her hair so badly. I don't even get why she straightens hers because it is naturally that way! And mine's a tiny bit on the wavy side.

I just wanted to see if my hair was flammable, burnt a little bit, and had to leave the room from the overwhelming smell.

24 Cold Clothing
25 Ammonia

Do these people know what you should put on a list? How do people live to know this smell? It is a strong, colorless gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen. It is poisonous to smell it.

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