Top Ten Worst Things to Find In Your Home

Imagine coming home and seeing these in your home. What would be the worst thing to see of all? Vote for it.
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1 A Small Black Hole

Chances are your house would collapse before you noticed the black hole, but it's a bad thing to be in your house anyway. Or anywhere near it. Or near Earth.

I once asked my dad if there was a chance a random black hole could suddenly appear in our house. He said to me "Wouldn't be shocked, your mother stays home all day."

I had a small black hole in my house once, It was called an Ex-spouse! I know all you Divorcees can relate :-)

A black hole's size doesn't matter. IT'S STILL A BLACK HOLE! It's like saying you got hit by a small car.

2 Satan

Oh my God... You'd rather see the devil in your house than Justin Bieber? Of course, I hate Justin Bieber but he can't kill you! If JB was in your house it would be GOOD! Because you could kill him instead and become a hero! You'd become famous and everyone would love you! That would be AWESOME! If Satan came to your house you would die. Come on people. Fame and fortune is worse than death? Even if you don't kill Bieber... you could ask for his autograph and sell it on Ebay and you'd still get a fortune!

People would rather see the devil then Justin beiber? Seriously, Justin sucks, but he can't physically kill you, and as another commenter said, you could sell his autograph for a fourtane, and some other stupid accessories on him.

I only invite Lord Jesus and God The Almighty Father.
The devil shall cone no where near my home of Prayer and Faith.

Why would you rather see the devil than Juston Bieber?
That is just strange- messed up!

God Bless you all and keep you safe!


This should be number 1. Justin Bieber is bad but Stan is the worse if Satan attacked you, all you could do now is pray.

3 Nuclear Weapons

Really? People want to see nuclear weapons in their home than Justin Bieber? Though I do hate Bieber, this is just wrong.

You may ask, "how exactly would this be bad? " Well, no one ever said they weren't about to explode...

Not only is there the risk that the weapons have been activated to explode at any moment, but if word ever got out? You would be lucky to get outa THAT one alive!
On the bright side, you’d probably get lots of publicity...

Justin Bieber is worse than nuclear weapon?! You can ask his autograph and sell it!

4 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

So I wake up and hear a little girl screaming. Oh my god, has she been kidnapped? I rush to the source of the sound, which is my downstairs closet. "It's going to be alright, little girl," I call out reassuringly. "I'm not a little girl! " replies the shrill voice. I open the door and instead of a little girl I find JB himself! "Humph. I thought I'd at least get the awesomeness of saving a little girl." I slam the closet door in his face and walk away.

OH GOD NO! IF HE WAS IN MY HOUSE I WOULD HAVE TO BURN DOWN THE WHOLE BLOCK TO STERILIZE MY HOME. At least a black hole in your house would clean up any mess, including Justin Beiber, so it would be be benificial to have it in your house.

Seriously? This is NOT the worst thing to find in your home! STOP being negative about Justin Bieber! Killers are the worst thing to find in your house. Stop adding Justin Bieber to EVERY list!

You wake up in the morning, but suddenly hear mangled, ear-piercing screeches coming from inside your closet. You bravely open the closet door, only to find its just JB singing.

5 A Killer

Guys, you'd rather find a murderer who will probably kill you unless you're some crazy prodigy in your house than Justin Beiber? Same goes for the 'corpse' number. I'd rather have a whiny pop-star in my house then a killer.

MURDERER! Someone get the kitchen knife out!, someone get the BB gun in the garage!, run him over with your car

When you come him but you see someone who either has a knife or a gun.Unless you have a weapon or you're a black belt at martial arts,you're screwed.-DarkBoi-X

Justin beaver or jeff the killer? Uh, I think it's obvious which one is better... - astroshark

6 An Alien Spaceship

Well, now that all depends. If it was the spaceship from Flight of the Navigator, I'd be thrilled! I'd be thrilled if it was any alien spacecraft. I'd just hope NASA doesn't try to take it away for research like they do to Max in Flight of the Navigator.

If they come here for their own research purposes and not war, like what the NASA is currently doing, then their visit wouldn't be so bad.

They can research our brains and personality, and they will use the information to kill us, just act dumb and you'll stay alive

Depends whether or not they wish to invade us. But for argument's sake, finding them in your house is a big ordeal.

7 A Mosquito Nest

Apart from being annoying, you may caught diseases as well. Truly sucks. I don't understand how is JB above this

I would faint if I found one on my home ( I have a huge fear of insects).

If you're allergic to insect bites, you're screwed.

Now this could be very unpleasant

8 The Ghost of Hitler

This would be worse than normal Hitler because you can't kill him. But wait unless he possesses something he can't kill you! - mathyfox441

I would run out of the house and say that it was his. this is one ghost who is guaranteed to be evil and insane.

That would be so terrifying!

Worse than Hitler himself!

9 A Corpse

Think about what this means- either a loved one who lives with you is dead or someone has broken into your house only to die because of something inside it. And either way you'd still find something in your house that probably would kill you.

That depends. Is it a lover? A former lover? A politician? I would really be upset to get home from work and find myself dead on the floor.

If I found one, I'd get out so the guy who killed him won't kill me. Then I'd go to the police station.

Haha, that made me laugh. Hey P.W: watch out for anymore unwanted items...(I think you know what I mean...! )

10 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September more.

I would pull out a gun and shoot him in the head until the bullets run out. Then I'd get that shiny wrench my dad has and bat his head open. then';d id throw him off the roof and drive my dad's car over him a thousand times. and then id be arrested because I had messed him up so much that the cops wouldn't recognize him and would think that I killed someone who isn';t evil.

Why is this so low? I would refer having Justin Bieber in my house than the man who claimed plenty of lives during the Holocaust. If he is alive then he would be VERY old, and even if that is the case chances are he would be so far gone he would shoot you even if you are not a race in his enemy book.

He would be running around my house screaming in German and I would have a difficult time trying to catch him with a net.

Um Hitler's in the house again, oh wait I'm not Jewish, it's alright buddy

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11 Illegal Fireworks

Especially if they've been lit already!

Well I live where fireworks are legal luckily

For 4th of july my friend sent off fireworks.

POW! If it was already lit!

12 North Korean Spies

Especially if they starve me, shoot lasers at everything, and force me to watch propaganda. Then the FBI and pathetic CIA would shoot me for watching North Korean propaganda. Sigh... Plus, how are you supposed to explain it? If they don't starve you or make you watch propaganda, they'll probably kill you for being American.

Uh-oh. Time to destroy them

13 One Direction

Couldn't decide between this and Justin Bieber, but what's worse than one stupid boy singer? Five stupid boy singers!

I'd open up the closet that's got Hitler and well after they talk I think it's safe to say what wold happen

Lol. One direction is Justin beiber in the form of a boy band. Can't believe anyone my age likes them.

Get A glass Of Water Right behind you That what makes you beautiful

14 The Toilet Having Exploded

That would suck because you'd have to poo in the sink. It would also suck because probably a burglar was in your house and put a bomb in your toilet and there could be bombs EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE.

So you woke up to do your daily crap and the toilet blows up with happiness and rainbows as soon as you sit on it

No idea how that would have happened, but it would be quite unpleasant if it did.

When I was three I sliped and hit my face on the toilet I have a scar now

15 Dora Jumping Out Of The TV

I would grab an AK-47 and shoot her until I run out of bullets. Then I would smash her with a chair, the push her off Mount Everest. Bye, bye Dora!

I would say there is an adventure at the police station then in secret I will call the police and say there is a physco path coming and u should arrest her

I would tell her she is cool. I would tell her that I would like to explore with her. I love Dora.

If this happened, I'd just pretend to hug her, then, slap her across the face

16 Venomous Snakes

If my mom ever saw those in our house, she would freak out very easily.

While I'm not scared of Snakes, I wouldn't like to have a venomous one

Me if I found snakes in my house: snakes? SNAAKES! WHY SNAKES WHY WHY WHY?!

Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes?

17 5,000,000,000,000,000.01 Copies of Yourself

I would love this one going to school

What's with the.01?

Yay, let's cause chaos!

MOM, who turned the time machine on... (echoes 4,999,999,999,999,999 times)
MOM:Not so loud!
Sorry! (Echoe again)

18 That one person that keeps adding Justin Bieber to all these lists.

Yes I love jb (i'm gonna get so much hate for this) but seriously what has he ever done to you? I would love to slap the one person who loves les mis in the face but I would kick the jb hater so hard in the gut they puke and that would not be a pretty sight

ArpstaAmy333, you may like him, and we may have different opinions there, but when the guy who added JB to every list, love or hate, including this one, was here, it was unbelievably annoying. You'd have no idea.

How bad Justin beieber is is greatly exaggerated. he's above satan on this lsit. Above SATAN! AND Hitler! At least Bieber isn't evil! Hitler and Satan are two of the most dangerous beings in history!

It is quite annoying to be honest, no offense to whoever was doing it though, but maybe you could not do it so frequently?

19 A Time Bomb Set to Go Off In 5... 4... 3... 2......

Everyone Out of the house now before...
Everyone out of the house now before...
Everyone Out of the house now before...
Repeats for eternity

Justin Bieber #2. Really, this is a lot worse then that. It would be cool to have a celebrity in your house

20 Poison Poison is an American glam and hard rock band that achieved great commercial success in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.

I feel that the person who added this either didn't mean to add the rock band and meanth to add the kind of poison in which you get poisoned or doesn't know about the band but did anyways or it's a troll submission.

No, I would love to have a rock band perform at my house.

So um, does anyone have a wet floor sign

21 Terrorists

They're so inconsiderate. They always turn up and wreck my evening plans.

Now that is super scary! It's not safe anymore!

22 Stolen Priceless Artifacts

Hey police I found the crown Jewels from the UK which went missing a week ago in my house

Does this mean I'm arrested

23 Robbers

Robbers are dumb they want to die cus mostly people have firearms

I would scream and call the police.

my best friend is one.

call 911

24 Nicki Minaj Onika Tanya Maraj, known professionally as Nicki Minaj (born December 8, 1982) is a Trinidadian/American rapper / pop music artist. Minaj is most known for her songs such as "Anaconda", "Super Bass", "Starships" and her feature on "Bang Bang". more.

If I heard that pop Mollie voice one more time then I going to buy some duct tape

I don't care if I gets arrested or something. Let me headshot her and become a hero.

GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NICKI MINAJ! AND TAKE THAT WIG WITH YOU! I'd scream so loud that all of England could hear it.

Son... Slowly and carefully hand me my rifle

25 Crocodiles
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