Top 10 Best Loud House Moments from Season 1

The Loud House has had many memorable moments from the 3 seasons and its time to look back at the best moments from season 1 wither they were funny, bizarre, memorable or very emotional.

The Top Ten

Lynn's Dutch Oven (The Loud House)

Still funny no matter how many times I watch it. - egnomac

Lincoln kisses Ronnie Anne (Save The Date)
Lincoln Taking The Fall for Clogging the Toilet to Protect Lucy (Sleuth or Consequences)

Lincoln being a real good brother to Lucy by taking the fall so she wouldn't have to suffer endless torment at the hands of the other sisters, none of the other sisters would have done the same for Lucy. - egnomac

The Louds Dress Up as Each Other  (Cover Girls)
The Sisters Buying Lincoln His Cereal After Messing Things Up at the Grocery Store (Cereal Offender)

After the sisters start a fight at the grocery store getting them kicked out and Lincoln losing his Zombie brand cereal and after getting yelled at by mom despite not knowing what actually happened the sisters all feeling bad for him go out and buy him his cereal as an apology. - egnomac

Lincoln Telling Lana to Just Be Herself  (Toads and Tiara's)

Desperate to win the season passes to Dairy Land Lincoln convinces Lana to pose as Lola and win the pageant, though it wasn't easy they manage to pull it off until during the competition Lana stars reverting to her old habits as Lincoln scolds her for it even to the point where Lana starts to believe that there's something wrong with her, he then realizes how hard he's been pushing her to be something she's not and admits of how wrong it was for him to turn her into something she's not and tells her she's fine just they way she is and to do her own talent for the final competition and surprisingly she actually wins. - egnomac

The Introduction of The Loud Brothers (One of the Boys)

Wither you hate or like the episode it was pretty interesting seeing the male versions of the Loud sisters. - egnomac

The Sisters Giving Lincoln a Trophy for "Most Improved Brother" to Put in the Trophy Case (Making the Case)

In order to make it up to his sisters Lincoln makes a series of embarrassing videos of himself so everyone will laugh at him and not his sisters he ends up still losing to hamster cam when he gets home they are happy and joyful that he embarrassed himself to get even and forgive him and even give him small trophy with the words "Most Improved Brother" so he can finally have a trophy to put in the case. - egnomac

Lincoln Learning That Telling a Lie Will Cause a Chain Reaction Making His Sisters Change for the Worse (Butterfly Effect)
Lincoln and Lori Hug (The Waiting Game)

Pretty much the only best part of the the whole episode, Lincoln convinces the manager to let him fill in for Lori so she can go to the dance and Lori shows up thanking him and he apologizes for getting her in trouble and the two share a hug. - egnomac

The Contenders

Lola's Joker Face (Undie Pressure)

Lola's funniest,moment in the series. - egnomac

Luna Speaking in Swedish Accent (Undie Pressure)
The Sisters Tinkled in the Pool (Linc or Swim)
Lori's Farting Problem (Making the Case)

It was my shoe.

The Loud family going to Camp (In Tents Debate)
The Frog Fiasco (Sound of Silence)
Lola Eavesdropping on her Siblings (A Tattler’s Tale)
Lily Trying to Say “Doughnut” (Potty Mouth)
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