Top 10 Most Deadly Diseases

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1 Coronavirus

I Like How You Said CORONA

Really? I'm not saying I want to have coronavirus, even though if I did I most likely would not even have symptoms but higher than TB, the damn PLAGUE, and cancer? come on man!-Joe Biden, and no I would never support Joe Biden

I had coronavirus and I survived it's not that deadly in should be on 11 or 12 and by the way cancer is not a disease it's like a glitch

Yo Listen Stewart Stop Complaining This Is His List So Stop

2 Cancer

14,636 have died from COVID-19 and 2,157,108 have been confirmed to be infected by it so, yes it has to be above cancer, Ebola, the plague, and all the others.

Coronavirus over cancer, HIV/AIDS, ebola, tuberculosis, bubonic plague...? C’mon now.

This is worse than coronavirus think about it

Cancer better make the Baby Boomers go extinct, Baby Boomers trashed every country & outlived there stay

3 Ebola

Above Corona - Unnamed Google User Remade

5 Gonnorhea
6 Tuberculosis
7 Bubonic Plague

The pneumonic form is considered the deadliest biological weapon, due to its mobility and mortality rate. Examples of the mortality rate in San Francisco there was a small outbreak, it infected 121 and killed 119, that's over 98%! But that was bubonic form.

Number 7? You out of your mind bro? This is way worse than coronavirus

Just so you know, coronavirus is less lethal than the flu now...

100M people died in this pandemic

8 Rabies
9 Food Poisoning


Big Alcohol & Big Tobacco sleeps with the enemy

food poisoning is a international national security concern/issue/problem, 500 thousand-million deaths annually occur from food poisoning, scientists & artificial intelligent scientists can end the food waste food poisoning paradoxical dilemma

Food Poisoning is curable with artificial intelligence

10 Chlamydia
The Contenders
11 Heart Disease

Fact : Heart disease is the leading cause of death each year (feel free to look it up). So heart disease is factually #1, so why is it at #14?

Vote it up! It actually is responsible for 1/6 of human deaths.

12 Alzheimer's disease
13 Ulcers

Ulcers are curable with artificial intelligence

14 Stroke

Strokes are curable with artificial intelligence

15 High Blood Pressure
16 Cannibalism
17 Asthma

Asthma is pins & needles inside the lungs

Asthma is curable & avoidable by using regenerative artificial intelligence

18 Mad Cow Disease
19 Epilepsy

Epilepsy is curable with artificial intelligence

21 Suicide
22 ALS

How is ALS at the bottom of the list and coronavirus is #1!? COVID-19 mostly kills only vulnerable people but ALS kills everyone who gets it.

23 Insomnia
24 E Coli
25 Hepatitis B
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