Ten Traits Every Job Seeker Needs To Possess

Remember: First and foremost, people want to be treated as people not itemized numbers or disjointed parts.
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The Top Ten
1 Flexible

The ability to adapt is an essential life skill. It communicates that you are open to collaboration and that you are receptive to new ideas, an earmark of innovation." - Listlover77

2 Integral

"Don't ride the fence; be reticent in your core values. Your perspective may change according to the information you acquire. That is understandable but the core of who you are should not. This indicates not only confidence but also relays wisdom." - Listlover77

3 Creative

The ability to consider multiple possibilities or innovate existing systems demonstrates that your are dedicated to growth and progress." - Listlover77

4 Articulate/Communicative

The ability to express your perspective, synthesize information, adapt frameworks, and integrate ideas in spoken and written format by actively listening and meaningfully establishing discourse add value to your environment and impact the confidence of those aligned with your own pursuits." - Listlover77

5 Reliable

Adhere to guidelines, deadlines, and principles. Communicate what you do, and do what you communicate. People gravitate to those they trust." - Listlover77

6 Persistent/Determined

"Even on your worse days, you need to possess an inner-strength that allows you to focus on the goal at hand and inspire those around you." - Listlover77

7 Resilient

" This is the cousin of persistence and determination. It is the ability to refocus, regroup, and often re-prioritize on a common vision and continue on a path past obstacles. Resilience illustrates the ability to rise above challenges and embrace opportunity. - Listlover77

8 Knowledgeable

" A self-explanatory item; must have an expertise or skill about which you possess a wide scope as well as an inherent understanding of the nuances tied to it in order to facilitate buy-in and promote growth." - Listlover77

9 Honest/Fair

" Being vulnerable and deprecating, owning up to mistakes, and allowing yourself and others to accomplish goals in an array of ways demonstrates that you are honest and open and consider circumstances in enacting the need for adaptation, reflection, or examination." - Listlover77

10 Kindness/Empathy

Treating people with basic decency and common courtesy makes them feel valued. Empathy allows you to consider multiple perspectives that validate the strengths of everyone in the organization and help them steer those strengths toward a shared vision for the best outcome of all stakeholders. Most importantly, it allows you to connect with others on the most basic level: first as human beings and second as cohorts." - Listlover77