Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games From My Collection

At this point I'm very low on ideas for lists so just for fun I'll be listing off some of my N64 games from my collection,
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The Top Ten
1 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Another N64 game that I really enjoyed playing on the N64 though like with Ocarina of Time I mostly play it on my Wii U virtual console as I find playing it on my old N64 quite frustrating to play on anymore due to how old my N64 is and due to the only real way to save your game Majora's Mask is by resetting the three day cycle by playing the song of Time that my cartridge of Majora's Mask would occasionally freeze up and I would lose all of my progress up to that point with Wii U virtual console I can easily make save states to avoid losing any of my progress before resetting the 3 day cycle.

2 Diddy Kong Racing

In my opinion Diddy Kong Racing is better then Mario Kart 64 as Diddy Kong Racing has way more to offer such as an adventure mode as well as having the option to race in not just karts but also planes and hovercrafts.

3 Banjo-Tooie

Sequel to the original Banjo-Kazooie as Banjo-Tooie is bigger with much larger worlds, more moves to learn and bosses to fight however the down side is there's a lot of back tracking involved where you can only obtain certain jiggies after learning a move from another world.

4 Super Mario 64

A game that would rent on a daily basis from my local Blockbuster before finally buying

5 Chameleon Twist 2

A very obscure sequel to an already obscure game Chameleon Twist 1 where you play as one of four chameleon's who've taken human form and travel across 6 defeating the boss of each land and making it to the end the game can be frustrating at times as there are so many cheap ways to die.

6 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

A game I really played the heck out of though now a days I mostly play it on the Wii U virtual console.

7 Mario Party 3

The last Mario Party game on the N64 and one that's really hard to come by and very expensive Mario Party 3 introduced the story mode and 70 new minigames as well as adding Daisy and Waluigi onto the roster though only playable on party mode.

8 Paper Mario

The very first Mario RPG game that I ever played took me a long time to get my hands on this game.

9 Pokemon Puzzle League

Very addictive puzzle game with Pokémon with so many modes to play.

10 Pokémon Stadium

Pokémon Stadium was such a great game that allowed players to transfer their Pokémon from their Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow GB games using the transfer pack to battle in 3D in many of the modes within the game and even play Red, Blue and Yellow on your N64 and upgrade it to play even faster aside from the various stadium modes there's also mini games to take a break from battling,

The Contenders
11 Donkey Kong 64


12 Banjo-Kazooie
13 Bomberman Hero
14 Mortal Kombat 4
15 Yoshi's Story
16 Mario Party
17 Mario Kart 64
18 Gex 64
19 Star Fox 64
20 Jet Force Gemini
21 Wrestlemania 2000
22 Turok - Dinosaur Hunter
23 Mario Party 2
24 NBA Hangtime