Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games You Would Most Like to Rate

Since I'm a little low on ideas at the moment I've decided to make a list of Nintendo 64 games for people to rate, once the list is approved feel free to include any and all Nintendo 64 games for others to rate.
The Top Ten
1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Product Image

9.0 an epic masterpiece that takes place over two timelines as you guide Link as he conquers dungeons defeating the boss of each dungeon that will take you one step closer to the ultimate battle with Ganondorf.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Product Image

9.0 surprise sequel literally made within a year and a half its amazing how much they were able to fit into such a short development because of this the number of dungeons were reduced to 4 but to make up for this the game focuses on side quests where the rewards are usually heart pieces and masks.

3 Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 Product Image

9.0 Mario's first 3D outing that set the standard for 3D games to come sure the game itself hasn't aged well but who cares its Mario.

4 Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie Product Image

9.5 amazing game that managed to be even better then Super Mario 64 with with 9 worlds more moves to master and many things to collect.

5 Paper Mario 64 Paper Mario 64 Product Image

9 out of 10, one of Mario's best RPG outings with its lengthy quest that will keep you playing for hours until you reach the end.

6 WWF No Mercy WWF No Mercy Product Image

9.0 possibly the best wrestling game for the N64 with so much variety and replay the only downside is the outdated graphics but other then that a great game.

7 Star Fox 64 Star Fox 64 Product Image
8 Perfect Dark Perfect Dark Product Image
9 Jet Force Gemini Jet Force Gemini Product Image

I give it a 8 out of 10, a great game by Rare but very difficult.

10 Sin and Punishment Sin and Punishment Product Image

A game originally released only in Japan but became available on the Virtual Console on the Wii and Wii U, and its surprisingly really good 9 out of 10.

The Contenders
11 Conker's Bad Fur Day Conker's Bad Fur Day Product Image

Hilarious game but has aged pretty badly as its feels really outdated not to mention the game can be frustrating from time to time I give it a 7 out of 10.

12 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Product Image

8 out of 10, good game but it doe have its faults.

13 Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.
14 Wave Race 64 Wave Race 64 Product Image

8 out of 10.

15 Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 Product Image
16 Chameleon Twist Chameleon Twist Product Image
17 Donkey Kong 64 Donkey Kong 64 Product Image
18 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Product Image

I've never gotten that far on this game it was a tad too difficult for me when I first played it as a kid.

19 Pokemon Snap Pokemon Snap Product Image

It's a game where you take pictures of Pokemon and surprisingly its actually pretty fun, I give it a 8 out of 10.

20 Doom 64 Doom 64 Product Image
21 Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Product Image

A pretty terrible fighting game that offers so little and just looks terrible I give it a 5.0.

22 Bomberman 64 Bomberman 64 Product Image
23 Cruis'n World Cruis'n World Product Image
24 Pilotwings 64 Pilotwings 64 Product Image
25 Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mortal Kombat Trilogy Product Image

3.0 a terrible port of an already dated game nothing about this game feels right or plays right.

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