Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 Is Better Than PlayStation One

I'm a Nintendo Fan and N64 is better than PS1!
Here are the reasons why!
IDC if someone say PS1 is better!
The Top Ten
1 Better Games

-Crash Bandicoot Trilogy(and CTR)
-Spyro Trilogy
-Metal Gear Solid
-Tekken Trilogy
-Twisted Metal 1 and 2
-Resident Evil Trilogy
-Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus
-Rayman 1
-Final Fantasy Vll and lX
N64 still has a great library but I prefer PS1

Hands down this true, and no one better not agree with me, or I will expose you

2 Better Graphics

Much smoother-looking graphics than the PlayStation, and there aren't any warping issues. The jagged edges aren't as present, too.

This is clearly wrong cough cough cartridges and the fact you need a expansion to run certain games and the Oddworld games exist

Graphics Are Both Equal To Me

3 Can Play Up to Four Players
4 No Memory Card Required

Not true for a few games like Mystical Ninja, and Blast Corps

5 Better Controller

This is wrong.
Who ever thought it was a good idea to have three handles is a moran.

Ehh... I Somehow Disagree, The N64 Controller Espically The Circle Pad Where Your Thumb Was Hurt Like In Mario Party 1, 2, and 3

I really love the N64 Controller

6 Better Character Design

I don't agree but fair.

7 It's Faster
8 Some of the Most Memorable Platformers of All Time!

Banjo Kazooie's fun story. Mario 64's groundbreaking design. Rayman 2:The Great Escape's nonstop fun. Donkey Kong 64's addictive object-collecting gameplay. Conker's Bad Fur Day's outrageous humor and movie parodies. Keep in mind, it's all on the 64!

9 It Lasts Longer
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