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21 Mario & Tails

Please vote for Mario & Tails! That would be awesome!

This should be top 1! Seriously, Mario & Tails will be a great BFF duo!

Mario & Tails would be the epitome of the whole Sonic franchise!


22 Sega Smash Bros

This is an AMAZING IDEA! Come on SEGA! Don't you love us?

This will be awesome like super smash bros. - Danteem

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23 Sonic and Silver

I guess it could be something and the wisp could return

24 Sonic the Fighters 2

One more character can be from the comic. Like Rosie the Rascal (Anti-Amy) Scourge the Hedgehog (Anti-Sonic/Dark Sonic) and the Anti-Knuckles (forgot his name) How about Sally Acorns and Mighty the Armadillo? We can't forget those forgotten characters? How about power-ups? Although, I think there should be a Free Riders mod including the Sonic Free Riders characters (Storm, Wave, Jet? ) And bring back the older characters like Bean, Fang, and Bark!

This would include several new characters. Vector the Crocodile, Charmy the Bee, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Jet the Hawk, Blaze the Cat, and Cream the Rabbit. Downloadable content would be other characters like Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross. Sticks the Badger, Metal Sonic, and Dr. Robotnik and Eggman will be able to be accessed with a cheat device, not as downlodable characters. Agree?

25 Sonic Generations 2

And there will be 5 Sonics.

Classic Sonic (my favorite throughout 1991 - 2014), Dreamcast Sonic (who sucks), Modern Sonic (who is bad), Boom Sonic (who is impressive) and even Sonic's Legs in 2050 Sonic. That would be epic!

Get ready for a 2031 release, that's sonics 40th anniversary.

This sounds insane! I like it. 5 Sonic's. But if your going like that there'd be at least 2-3 Shadow's, Amy's, Tails', and Knuckles. Witch would be EPIC!

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26 Guitar Hero Sonic

Why do you want Guitar Hero Sonic & not Guitar Hero Mario?! Mario is much more awesome!


It should also have seven rings in hand

27 Mecha Sonic and Metal Sonic Adventures

Cool! I hope it's a crossover!

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29 Sonic Advance 4

Sadly they confirmed the Advance saga is never continuing. - tent2

This would be good even since sonic advance was a really good game.

30 Team Chaotix

About how vector met Espio and charmy

31 Sega All Stars Tennis

What is this doing here?! There already is a Sega all stars Tennis

32 Solaris (The Flame of Hope)
33 Sonic.exe

This epitome of the Sonic franchise exists.

I don't think "Sonic.EXE" is even cannon. I think it's just fannon. But I guess you never know there's a 50-50 chance of it. Don't lose you hope!

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34 Super Sonic

Sonic turns into super sonic for all bosses if you get the chaos emeralds

35 Sonic & Sega All-Stars Orgy

What the hell!? No! - Hotheart123

36 Time Trial

I'm just pulling random ideas out of a hat now. Basically, Sonoc goes through old areas with a time limit.

37 Sonic 5 Mecha Sonic's Return

Sonic 5 Mecha Sonics Return

Its the return of Mecha Sonic you know how you battled him in Sonic 3 & Knuckles well he's coming back IN SONIC 5

I want to see hyper MECHA SONIC don't you :3

38 Knuckles the Guardian
39 Knuckle's Chaotix 2
40 Girls Rule the World!

It would be about all the sonic girls divided into teams with the best fan sonic fan made characters. And the teams would be divided into the agility group example: Rouge bad, Cream good,.
Like that and the boys would be jealous because they aren't the ones saving the girls and the world so the dress up like girls and go on the teams later the girls find out what the boys have been up too and laugh there heads off. Then boys and girls later find Baldy "MC nose hair With ALL of the boys and girls worst and some undefeated enemies they all go super and fight the bad guys but that takes major planing. And they get some help from old pals From sonic col

Sticks should be in it as an unlock able character

Girls rule the world! *continued*

From sonic colors *the wisp* Sonic Unleashed *chip* And yes Amy can use the wisp now *except for Rocket they got some beef* So 1 year later after fighting and planing they are back to normal.
P. S there are special stages to help you!

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