Best Major League Baseball Rotations

The Top Ten Best Major League Baseball Rotations

1971 Orioles

They had four 20 game winners - Jman2021

2011 Phillies

It would be #1 if Oswalt was healthy - Jman2021

1995 Braves
1996 Braves
1954 Indians
2005 Astros
1998 Braves
1994 Braves
2001 Diamondbacks
1985 Mets

The Contenders

1965 Dodgers

Sandy Koufax having perhaps the finest single season of any pitcher in the history of baseball, including a perfect game, backed up by Don Drysdale.

2014 Yankees

Tanka is the man - JavierRocks

1901 Beaneaters

Amazing staff, just ask baseball genius Bill James

2015 Cardinals

On pace to give up the least runs since the 71 Orioles

2015 Mets
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