Top 10 Best Man-Made Contraptions


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1 Steam Locomotive

Yes, the old iron horses. They are loved by all, favored at railroad musuems, and even appear on children's T.V. shows. People like how they look, how the sound, and especially the steam whistle echoing into the night. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

2 Diesel Locomotive

Big. Sleek. Powerful. This is the most common locomotive in the United States. Anything you can think of, it is shipped by locomotive. Diesels are pretty neat, but not as awesome as the old iron horses. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

Diesel locomotives saved the railroads and they are just that cool

Yes I love diesel locos

3 Telephone

Now the world can connect with each other! It is simple to make new friends and aquatances nowadays with the phone. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

4 Windows Computers

The formed the internet we used today and still are going strong. Fast, efficient processors allow to do multi-tasking and YouTube made it better! It is not like it was in the 1940s with the vacuum tubes and the extremely slow processing time. I'm using a computer right now! - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

5 iPod/iPhone

The iPod and iPhone are small, portable music players in which you could listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. How cool is that? - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

6 Nintendo Gameboy

An early video game system that gave children hours and hours of enjoyment and fun. With games such as Kirby, Sonic, and Pokémon, it sold quickly. I have one that is awesome. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

7 Playstation

A system that provided Americans with cool, fun, and (violent) video games. Great job, Sony! - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

8 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

One of the oldest video game systems (besides the Atari), NES provided us with fun, nostalgic games such as Super Mario Bros. , Duck Hunt, you name it. This is probably what gave video games their popularity. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

9 Television

Without a T.V. , how would we be able to watch our favorite shows? I see why Americans love their TVs; they wouldn't want to miss their favorite shows. I know you have one. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

10 Automobile

Should I even ask? - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

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11 Voyager Probe
12 Wheel
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