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1 Sour Diesel

Some of the best kush out there, and in prohibition stated it's still relatively common - ryanrimmel

Hence it's name "Sour", It's taste is amazing and cannot be matched.

2 OG Kush

Best strain ever! Indica for the win

3 White Widow

Sour diesal is a great bud, but it cannot beat the high White Widow gives. If you are looking for a total mind f***, intense trip sack high, Faded Glory is for you. It is a new strain and I can't wait until it is widely available!

4 Northern Lights
5 Grandaddy Purple
6 Blue Dream

The high is amazing I love the sweet flavor and it goes down super smooth without coughing

If you want an uplifting and really relaxing high then this is yur strain.

7 Purple Haze
8 Jack Herer
9 Ak-47
10 Khalifa Kush

A disgustingly potent hybrid created by Wiz Khalifa. It's very hard to get and very expensive - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 Gorilla Glue #4
12 Girl Scout Cookies

This stuff is my favorite. - ryanrimmel

13 Alaskan Thunderf*ck

Some rare, yet unbelievably strong strain. The buds look as though they have powder sugar on them - ryanrimmel

14 Super Sour Diesel
15 Big Buddah Cheese
16 Pineapple Express
17 Headband
18 Chemdawg
19 Super Silver Haze
20 Blueberry Kush
21 Silver Haze
22 God Bud
23 White Rhino

It’s called the white rhino because it can literally sedate a full grown rhinoceros.

24 Grape Ape
25 Ghost Train Haze
26 Blackberry Kush

The best.

27 Strawberry Cough

By far my go to bud for a bomb time!

28 Indica
29 Siteva
30 Kush
31 Pineapple
32 Faded Glory

New Strain. I have never been this high on pot in my life. White Rhino and Grand Daddy cannot overpower this

33 Critical Kush
34 Bruce Banner #3
35 Pineapple Chunk
36 Malawi Gold
37 Maui Waui
38 Tutankhamon
39 Green Crack
40 Trainwreck
41 Super Lemon Haze
42 Durban Poison
43 Blue Cheese
44 God's Gift
45 Blueberry
46 Satori
47 G-13
48 MK Ultra
49 Skywalker OG
50 Tahoe OG
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1. Khalifa Kush
2. Alaskan Thunderf*ck
3. Sour Diesel
1. White Widow
2. OG Kush
3. Ak-47
1. Sour Diesel
2. Northern Lights
3. Grandaddy Purple

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